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Build an Adventure

A program that starts as a recruiting campaign for Cub Scouts but continues with activities in that theme from Cubs through older Scouts. Current Build an Adventure campaigns in Patriots’ Path Council are Hooked on Scouting and Rocket into into Scouting. Visit the Fishing and Rocketry program pages to find recruiting events and other programs in these adventures. Keep reading for the dates and times of recruiting events.

Hooked on Scouting

membershipfishThis fall there will be a recruiting center open to register new boys into Scouting. The evening will be for parents to get information and complete joining paperwork. The boys will have the opportunity to participate in several fishing themed activities.
Don’t forget to hold a boy talk.

Visit the Fishing page to find more adventures including information on earning new Patriots’ Path Council Complete Angler Award by fishing on at least three council properties.

A Hooked on Scouting Activities Kit is available for unit use – click here for an order form. Special flyers and yard signs are available while supplies last.

 Rocket into Scouting

Start with prospective Scouts and their parents attending Rocket into Scouting rocket build activity. While supplies last, free rocket kits are available for potential new boys. Existing Cub Scouts may purchase rocket supplies. If you don’t membershiprockethave your own connection to host a Rocket Launch, we can help connect you to an area Rocket Club for assistance contact Art Lobdell today. Visit the Rocketry program page to find other programs relating to Rockets. Don’t forget to hold a boy talk.

 View the Rocket into Scouting Resource page.


New Ethan Stand Up

Ethan is a great resource for recruiting drives. Fill out the Ethan Scout Form to reserve a date.

Giant Inflatable

Dancing Boy Scout or Cub Scoutinflatables

A great resource for recruiting drives is an
inflatable Boy Scout or  Cub Scout – guaranteed to attract attention.
Click to Click to view the Dancing Cub Scout in action.

Fill out the Dancing Scout Form to reserve a date.

Stand-Up Scout Literature Holder

A helpful CutOutsresource for recruiting drives. If you have limited access to distributing physical literature through schools, the literature distribution Cub Scout stand-up could enhance your recruiting potential. The stand-ups are about 4 feet high.
Please contact your district executive reserve the stand-ups.
Fill out the Stand-up Scout Form to reserve a date.


Pop-up Canopy

The Patriots’ Path Council has a portable, pop-up canopy, complete with roof, sides and attractive Scouting graphics. This equipment is available for units and districts use to support Cub Scout and Scouting recruitment events, and other special public-facing promotional / educational events.
Fill out the Recruitment Canopy Form to reserve a date.

PPCcanopy (1)

Annual Recruitment Incentive Program

Any Cub Scout Pack can qualify for a bonus from the Council Membership Committee, by actively engaging in Membership, Recruiting and Public Relations activities! Using the point system below, achieve a total of 10 points, and earn YOUR CHOICE of either (1) one free Camp Card for every family in your unit, OR (2) $50 credit at the PP Scout Shop! To make it easier for you to track your activities, this follows the charter & JTE time frame of November through October. So you might already be earning points! Just submit this form to your District Executive or District Membership Chair along with any backup, whenever you think you’ve hit your point total!. Click for more information and the form.

New Parent Orientation PowerPoint

for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

PowerPoint presentations that units can use for orienting new Cub Scout and Boy Scout parents that have been specifically designed as companions to the Adventures in Cub Scouting or Boy Scouting guidebook.

For Cub Scouts
View as a PDF.      Download a Power Point.

For Boy Scouts:
View as a PDF.      Download a Power Point.

Fall Recruiting Champion

Each district has a champion to spearhead the effort for fall recruiting. The Champion is a resource for packs and a catalyst of community recruiting efforts. Click for responsibilities.