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Recruit More Youth On Halloween With Candy Cards

Just when you thought you could wrap up recruiting for the Fall, there’s one more way you could gain some more youth in your pack or troop. Think about attaching a “Join Cub Scout” card on each piece of candy you hand out on Halloween. Or attach the joining card to the candy you hand out at the local Trunk or Treat.

Click here for an editable template. You can print the cards as is or edit them with your specific pack or troop information.

You may also place an order for your cards by emailing your membership executive, Javier Juarez or Al Thomas. You must submit your order at least one week in advance.

Be sure to share with all your parents and leaders. This is a really fun way of letting people know about your local Scouting program. Candy is not included.



Update Your BeAScout Pin! Get ready for Fall Recruiting

It’s so important to have an up to date BeAScout pin for your unit. Why? Well we run media ads, promotions, and direct interested families to this centralized website. New families want to know the latest and greatest about your unit. It’s also important to check to see what genders your pack is serving. Once you turn in your Family Scouting Designation Form, units accepting girls get directions on how to apply that on their pin. We all need to make sure the contact information is correct, meeting time is current, and links go to current web pages. Finally, be sure there is an active volunteer checking for new leads/ interested families. To learn how to update your pin,

For assistance please contact your unit service executive Marc Maratea at 973.900.0919 or [email protected] or Charlean Mahon at 973.524.4459 or [email protected].

2018 Recruiting Material Request Forms

Free Supplies Available to You for Spring Recruitment

Did you know the council membership committee has plenty of free supplies and materials to assist with your spring recruitment efforts? We’ll make flyers for your unit at no cost for Lions, Family Scouting, or traditional flyers in black and white. We have lawn signs, cardboard Scout cut-outs for flyer distribution, an inflatable Scout and more! You can also borrow a popcorn machine to give out free popcorn at your recruitment event. Need an activity do at your pack open house? We have STEM kits, fishing kits, and archery set up, rain gutter regatta, and a Pinewood derby track that can be borrowed to bring excitement to your recruitment. All of these materials are supplied by the many generous Friends of Scouting (FOS) donations families like you provide to Patriots’ Path Council. See the links in the right column. Click here for the CS Recruiting Materials Request Form.

Meet Your Membership Support Team 

Ever wonder what some of the most successful Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops are doing to keep their Scouts in Scouting (Retention) and bring in new Scouts (Growth)?
Have you attended a recruiting breakfast roadshow event?
Who to Call?
Click here to read more.


Fall Recruitment

Candy Recruiting Cards
Fall Recruitment web page
2018 Fall Membership Growth  Plan

Key Steps to Prepare for a Fall Recruitment
Back Dated Steps For Fall Recruiting Spreadsheet
Best Practices –  tools and tips from other Scouters
    – New Tool: Using Preschools to Recruit Lions
– New Tool: Cool Activities to Get Youth Interested & Involved in Scouting
– Using Social Media to Market Your Unit
Why Parents Should Consider Scouting
On-Boarding Envelope – Info for New Scout Families

Best Practices Blog
Past Membership Breakfast and Summit Materials
2018 Membership Plan
Cub Scout Adventure Booklet

Reservation and Order Forms
Family Scouting Recruitment materials are available.
More flyers will be made available with “Scouts Me In” this Fall.
– Cub Scout Recruiting Materials Order Form
– Family Scouting Recruitment Flyer
– Family Scouting Recruitment Flyer
– Boy Scout
– Venturing
– New Boy Scout Recruiting Program
Registration Fee Structure

Contact your Membership Team
with questions or assistance with your recruitment efforts
Al Thomas      for Black River, Fishawack, and Sussex districts 
Javier Juarez
for Raritan Valley, Munsee, and Watching Mountain districts

Trainee New Member Coordinators
Official NMC Uniform Shirts Available

That’s right!  You can now purchase your official New Member Coordinator (NMC) polo uniform shirt. The council is selling the shirts through the membership committee. As it states in the NMC training, the official uniform shirt for the volunteer service in this position is the polo shirt. This allows for a more friendly and open welcoming to families at a recruitment event. To purchase a shirt, please find the order form here: Polo shirt order form.

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends not only on having new members join the unit, but also on engaging youth and their families in the unit experiences so that they feel Welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place. For more information contact the council membership chair, John Cristadoro.

New Member Coordinator Position

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends not only on having new members join the unit, but also on engaging youth and their families in the unit experiences so that they feel Welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place.

Choose an Adventure

A program that starts as a recruiting campaign for Cub Scouts but continues with activities in that theme from Cubs through older Scouts. Current Build an Adventure campaigns in Patriots’ Path Council are Hooked on Scouting, Rocket into Scouting and STEM into Scouting. Visit the Fishing and Rocketry program pages to find recruiting events and other programs in these adventures.

Click for the Choose Your Adventure informational flier.

Hooked on Scouting


Hooked on Scouting is a Build an Adventure recruiting program that is strongly encouraged to be use during the Spring and early Summer. It is a fishing themed recruiting plan. Hooked on Scouting activities kits are available for unit use – click here for an order form. Special patches, flyers and yard signs are available while supplies last. Visit the Fishing page to find more adventures including information on earning new Patriots’ Path Council Complete Angler Award by fishing on at least three council properties.

Don’t forget to hold a boy talk.

Fill out the form and send in to rent a Hooked on Scouting Kit. Click for form. Special flyers and yard signs are available while supplies last.

 Rocket into Scouting

Rocket into Scouting can happen any time of year, but is recommended for mid-Summer through Fall as a Build an Adventure recruiting program. While supplies last, free rocket kits are available for potential new boys. Existing Cub Scouts may purchase rocket supplies. If you don’t membershiprockethave your own connection to host a Rocket Launch, we can help connect you to an area Rocket Club for assistance contact Art Lobdell today. Visit the Rocketry program page to find other programs relating to Rockets. Don’t forget to hold a boy talk.

 View the Rocket into Scouting Resource page.

Ethan Stand Up

Ethan is a great resource for recruiting drives. Fill out the Ethan Scout Form to reserve a date.

Giant Inflatable

Dancing Scout BSA or Cub Scoutinflatables

A great resource for recruiting drives is an
inflatable Scout USA or Cub Scout – guaranteed to attract attention.
Click to Click to view the Dancing Cub Scout in action.

Fill out the Dancing Scout Form to reserve a date.

Stand-Up Scout Literature Holder





A helpful resource for recruiting drives. If you have limited access to distributing physical literature through schools, the literature distribution Cub Scout stand-up could enhance your recruiting potential. The stand-ups are about 4 feet high. Please contact your district executive reserve the stand-ups. Fill out the Stand-up Scout Form to reserve a date.

Pop-up Canopy

The Patriots’ Path Council has a portable, pop-up canopy, complete with roof, sides and attractive Scouting graphics. This equipment is available for units and districts use to support Cub Scout and Scouting recruitment events, and other special public-facing promotional / educational events.
Fill out the Recruitment Canopy Form to reserve a date.

PPCcanopy (1)

Invite a Buddy

You can print buddy cards and invite a friend to join your pack. If one or more friends join Scouting, you will receive a “My Best Friend is a Scout” patch for you and your friends. You will also receive a “Recruiter” patch for yourself. After your friends join, complete the form and turn it to receive the patches. Download the Recruiting form. Download the Buddy Cards.

2018 Cub Scout Recruitment Incentive Program

Drawing for 4 Free Weeks of Day Camp & 4 Free Camping Gear Packages. 

Now’s the time to recruit new Cub Scouts! The Patriots’ Path Council membership committee has partnered with the camping and Scout Shop committees to launch the Fall Cub Scout Recruitment Incentive for 2018. A Drawing for 4 Free Weeks of Day Camp & 4 Free Camping Gear Packages will be given to those current Scouts who recruit a friend into their pack or den between September 1 – October 31, 2018 and have an opportunity to enter your name for each friend that that joins Scouting. After your friend’s official BSA application** is submitted for registration to the Patriots’ Path Council Service Center (online or paper application) please visit: and complete the entry form. It’s that simple! Current Scouts have no entry limit for new Scouts they recruit. Click here to read more:

“BRING A BUDDY” If one or more friends join Scouting, you will receive a “My Best Friend is a Scout” patch for you and your friends. You will also receive a “Recruiter” patch for yourself. After your friends join, complete the form and turn it to receive the patches. Form found here:

Fall Recruiting Champion

Each district has a champion to spearhead the effort for fall recruiting. The Champion is a resource for packs and a catalyst of community recruiting efforts. Click for responsibilities.