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Friends of Scouting is a critical annual fund-raising campaign that assists the Patriots’ Path Council in offsetting program costs and providing quality service. The true cost of Scouting is much greater that what local dues and camping and event fees cover. All packs, troops and crews are encouraged to participate in the campaign to give families the opportunity to contribute. Schedule your presentation as part of your annual calendar and encourage participation – everything helps to support a strong Scouting program. Yearly registration fees go directly to support the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Patriots’ Path Council uses the contributions made through the Friends of Scouting campaign to:

  • Maintain camp properties and a service center
  • Organize new Scouting units and support existing ones
  • Provide professional support and leader training
  • Distribute program resources and regular communications
  • Criminal background checks for adult leaders

Friends of Scouting Thank You Gifts 2019

Everyone who makes a gift of any amount will receive a car window cling.

With a gift between $75 and $499 you will receive a coupon that can be redeemed in the Scout Shop for a Camp Masters’ Carmel 8oz tin or $5.00 off a retail popcorn purchased between November 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.

Receive this Scout Law new series Patriots’ Path Council shoulder patch with your gift of $164 or more.


Receive this Founders’ series shoulder patch with your gift of $328 or more.

With a gift between $500-999 you will receive this Rainbow Pocket  Knife with 3.25″ blade. Pocket knives are one of the most versatile single-tools that you can carry – don’t go on your next camping trip without one!

With a gift between $1000 and $1,909 you will receive this LUCI color-changing party light. This light is waterproof, lightweight and
completely solar.
With a gift of $1910 or more you will receive this BSA axe. Made in the USA, this axe is the perfect companion for your next Scouting adventure. The handle is made of American hickory and is 14” long.  

A huge thank you to our units and families that have supported our 2019 Friends of Scouting campaign. See the Thank You section below for a list of our supporters.

2019 Unit Resources

We appreciate all the unit FOS champions that support Friends of Scouting by organizing a presentation, spreading the word to parents, making the first donation on the presentation night and the follow up necessary to reach your unit’s goal. As a thank you we have a recognition program for units with several levels. Check out the 2019 Recognition Program for Units (coming soon) to see what your unit can earn. Thanks again for supporting Friends of Scouting. It allows us to provide the Scout program which makes a difference in the lives of  the over 15,000 youth in our council.

How will my FOS donations be used?
Patriots’ Path Council Facts
FOS Premium Insert / Matching Gift Info 
Unit Goal Incentives
Blank Pledge Card

2019 Family FOS Resources
For Presenters
Thank you to all our presenters that make the Friends of Scouting campaign successful. Below are some resources for presenters.
Presenter Training Slides (PPTX)
Presentation Script (Full Script)
Presentation Script (Bullet Pt Script)
Audience Participation Signs (PPTX)
Example Presentation Video
FOS Video (YouTube)
Premium Inserts /Matching Gifts Info




 Friends of Scouting Contacts

Douglas Gabel              Council FOS Chair
Ozair Omarzai              Munsee FOS Chair
Linda Hogan                Sussex FOS Chair
Mike Sutherlin              Raritan Valley FOS Chair
Dennis Corbisero          Black River FOS Chair
Joe Allegra                  Watchung Mountain FOS Chair
Steve Minett                Fishawack FOS Chair
Maria Gonzalez-Yosco   Development Executive- Fishawack, Sussex and Black River
Elsie Kohl                    Development Executive- Raritan Valley, Munsee and Watchung Mountain
Art Lobdell                  Council Staff Advisor –
FOS Field Director – Fishawack, Sussex and Black River

                                  Field Director- Raritan Valley, Munsee and Watchung Mountain

Thank You

to our units and families that have supported the 2019  Friends of Scouting campaign. Click on the buttons below to see the list of supporters.

2019 Friends of Scouting Supporting Families as of 12.2.2018
Denise M. Acocella Russell D. Hill Charles E. Porter
Micah A. Adair Johanna Hoecker Christopher A. Poulos
Scott U. Adams Donald K. Hummel Catherine E. Pursell
Richard M. Afflitto Andrew J. Iaci Manju Ravula
James J. Agar Andrew J. Iaci William G. Reilly
Carl W. Andreassen Mahesh Iyer Peter Roby
Roy P. Bahrenburg Russell T. Jenkins Arlene Rodriguez
Ernest J. Barbaris Stephen C. Jennings Steven J. Rotolo
George T. Barnard Deryn T. Johnson Luigi B. Sarracino
Christy S. Barone Mark E. Jurewicz Richard S. Sayah
Joyce Barton Vijeta Kambhampati Nelson Schaenen
Joseph Basralian Peter T. Katzenbach Eileen Schicke
Daniele Basralian Thomas R. Keays Arthur J. Schmidt
Joseph E. Beasley Adam S. Kestin Frederick K. Schoenbrodt
Stuart Beck Jana R. Klosowsky Donald P. Schrope
Daniel Belenets David A. Korb Nancy Scott
Jeffrey A. Bouquio Richard M. Kurland John E. Seal
Lisa Breen Tony Kwiatkowski David E. Setzer
Nathalie S. Brogan Larry R. Lane George W. Shannon
Brian S. Burgess Mike W. Lang Brian P. Shuster
John M. Burke Mary Ruth Lareau George F. Sincox
Michael Campanile Matthew Laroche Michael A. Skalski
Nelson A. Carhart Peter N. Larsen Scott P. Smith
Dana H. Carroll Andrew J. Lipinski Robert D. Smith
David M. Christian Justin J. Lizza Barbara Sokira
Shelley L. Cincotta Richard V. Locke Ernesto Soler
Debra Cirkus Patricia A. Lucas Mary L. Speckhart
James M. Cohen Vincent S. Maddi William H. Spellman
Mary Commerton Venkat J. Malla Anna M. Stanaback
Robert J. Corcoran David E. Manchester Kirk Steimel
Christine P. Corrigan Troy Marshall Garrick J. Stoldt
John A. Cosenza Trevor H. McCarthy Kelly D. Stryker
Andrew M. Crapser Trevor H. McCarthy Jeffrey P. Stupski
Bruce M. Crowell Ryan McInerney William E. Stusnick
Cub Scout Pack 207 Christopher P. Meenan Timothy P. Sullivan
Matthew Davis Christopher G. Merring John E. Susnosky
Steven F. Davis Dale H. Mertz Teriko Suzuki
Jack S. Demetris Michiel P. Meulenberg Mark M. Tallmadge
Ken Detlet Robert Mielarczyk Kityan Tan
Rosetta Ditomasso Kenneth Milcsik David Tator
Kristin A. Dos Passos-Krieg Beth T. Miller-Porter Lorraine U. Teisch
Stephen M. Eck Stephen Minett Linda L. Telschow
Kathleen Edwards-Chase Morris Family Chiropractic Center Scott D. Thomson
Dana E. Eilertson Kevin Mulkerin Albert J. Tomaro
John J. Elam Helen Munkittrick Raymond J. Tringali
Mark W. Fabian Erynn Murray Roger Turbin
Pedro Figueroa Dana J. Nelson Nathan R. Umbriac
Edward A. Forzani Lisa Nelson Khendry Veras
Peter W. Frees Justyna Novello Kenneth L. Watkins
George Fusiak Patricia O’Brien Richard L. Weber
Douglas N. Gabel Christopher C. Obropta Robert E. West
John A. Geitner Kathleen Ohleth Steven Wetzel
Glenn W. Gerisch Darius Palia WFM Contracting
Eric Golbek Mark T. Pasko Christina M. White
Michael Gsell Chris Patino Edward J. White
Joseph Guido Denise M. Petrozziello Kelly M. Wisneski
Edward T. Guy Gail Phoebus Fei G. Yang
Christine A. Hasselmann Michael D. Poling Herbert H. Zander
Lou Hebert Andrew Zoltan

2019 Friends of Scouting Supporting Units - as of 12.2.2018
Black River Pack 62 Fishawack Pack 179 Raritan Valley Troop 83
Black River Pack 99 Fishawack Pack 215 Raritan Valley Troop 84
Black River Pack 133 Fishawack Pack 228 Raritan Valley Troop 88
Black River Pack 147 Fishawack Pack 233 Raritan Valley Troop 89
Black River Pack 150 Fishawack Pack 277 Raritan Valley Troop 90
Black River Pack 156 Fishawack Pack 513 Raritan Valley Troop 110
Black River Pack 163 Fishawack Troop 8 Raritan Valley Troop 129
Black River Pack 165 Fishawack Troop 18 Raritan Valley Troop 185
Black River Pack 316 Fishawack Troop 28 Raritan Valley Troop 186
Black River Pack 747 Fishawack Troop 74 Raritan Valley Troop 193
Black River Pack 1749 Fishawack Troop 79 Raritan Valley Troop 489
Black River Pack 54LC Fishawack Troop 144 Raritan Valley Troop 154(P)
Black River Troop 17 Fishawack Troop 155 Sussex Crew 276
Black River Troop 36 Fishawack Troop 173 Sussex Pack 85
Black River Troop 50 Fishawack Troop 228 Sussex Pack 88
Black River Troop 53 Fishawack Troop 277 Sussex Pack 96
Black River Troop 64 Munsee Pack 23 Sussex Pack 150
Black River Troop 67 Munsee Pack 47 Sussex Pack 180
Black River Troop 109 Munsee Pack 56 Sussex Pack 183
Black River Troop 113 Munsee Pack 83 Sussex Pack 276
Black River Troop 139 Munsee Pack 88 Sussex Pack 298
Black River Troop 159 Munsee Pack 145 Sussex Troop 82
Black River Troop 160 Munsee Pack 163 Sussex Troop 85
Black River Troop 163 Munsee Pack 178 Sussex Troop 88
Black River Troop 236 Munsee Troop 23 Sussex Troop 90
Black River Troop 312 Munsee Troop 73 Sussex Troop 91
Black River Troop 390 Munsee Troop 83 Sussex Troop 92
Black River Troop 436 Munsee Troop 523 Sussex Troop 95
Black River Troop 555 Raritan Valley Pack 15 Sussex Troop 96
Black River Troop 54LC Raritan Valley Pack 64 Sussex Troop 150
Fishawack Crew 8 Raritan Valley Pack 66 Sussex Troop 151
Fishawack Crew 173 Raritan Valley Pack 80 Sussex Troop 180
Fishawack Pack 5 Raritan Valley Pack 94 Sussex Troop 187
Fishawack Pack 6 Raritan Valley Pack 99 Sussex Troop 191
Fishawack Pack 8 Raritan Valley Pack 129 Sussex Troop 276
Fishawack Pack 10 Raritan Valley Pack 154 Sussex Troop 404
Fishawack Pack 20 Raritan Valley Pack 185 Sussex Troop 1150*
Fishawack Pack 24 Raritan Valley Pack 186 Watchung Mountain Pack 34
Fishawack Pack 34 Raritan Valley Pack 189 Watchung Mountain Pack 135
Fishawack Pack 40 Raritan Valley Pack 193 Watchung Mountain Pack 182
Fishawack Pack 68 Raritan Valley Pack 315 Watchung Mountain Troop 63
Fishawack Pack 142 Raritan Valley Pack 1776 Watchung Mountain Troop 68
Fishawack Pack 143 Raritan Valley Troop 5 Watchung Mountain Troop 73
Fishawack Pack 144 Raritan Valley Troop 42 Watchung Mountain Troop 104
Fishawack Pack 177 Raritan Valley Troop 44 Watchung Mountain Troop 228

Other Programs to Support Scouting


When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Boy Scouts Of America, Patriots’ Path Council.
Bookmark this link and support us every time you shop!

Investors Bank

Investors Bank offers a program called Care2Share. The program essentially aggregates Investors Bank account balances for individuals and families desiring to be affiliated with the council. Learn more.

Special Events

Planned Giving

There are an increasing number of Scouts and those touched by Scouting in their lives who are now benefiting from life income gifts, gift annuities and other plans. Gift models can provide tax benefits and even income. Thank you for taking the time to explore the benefits of gift planning.

James E. West Fellowshipjames west fellowship award

The fellowship recognizes gifts to a local council, designated by the donor to the council endowment fund.

Donors may make cumulative gifts to reach Bronze ($1,000) Silver ($5,000), Gold ($10,000), and Diamond ($15,000) member levels.

Major Gifts and Scouting

Annual gifts, product sales, and special events are important, but they only sustain a council’s current needs. For major growth, Scouting needs major gifts. They are critical to Scouting’s future, whether current or deferred, general or specific; for local, national, or international use; and for operating, capital, or endowment. We believe that major gifts, those of $25,000 and more, are worthy of recognition at a national level. Click to read more.

Lifetime Investor Recognition

Scouting now recognizes the long-term, cumulative giving of some of its most loyal donors. Lifetime Investor Awards are available above $500,000.  To qualify, a donor will have made historical qualifying gifts or made a current gift of either $100,000 (outright or pledged over five years) and an additional deferred gift commitment of $500,000.

For more information, contact the BSA Foundation at (972) 580-2219 or online at [email protected]