Friends of Scouting

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Donations made through the above link are applied to the 2019 campaign.
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Second Annual Patriots’ Family 5K Run/Walk

June 15, 2019, 8:00-11:00 am at Duke Island Park, Bridgewater

Bring your family, friends and fellow Scouts and join us for a fun day. Ready to register to run? Click here. Need a little more information? Click here for the flyer.

Sponsorship levels available – from $50 – $750. Your company name could be on T-shirts or you could promote your business at a table. Click for flyer to see the benefits at each level. Thanks for your support.

Your unit has an opportunity to collect donations to be applied towards your unit’s FOS goal. For more information and a sign up form, click here.


Friends of Scouting is a critical annual fund-raising campaign that assists the Patriots’ Path Council in offsetting program costs and providing quality service. The true cost of Scouting is much greater that what local dues and camping and event fees cover. All packs, troops and crews are encouraged to participate in the campaign to give families the opportunity to contribute. Schedule your presentation as part of your annual calendar and encourage participation – everything helps to support a strong Scouting program. Yearly registration fees go directly to support the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Patriots’ Path Council uses the contributions made through the Friends of Scouting campaign to:

  • Maintain camp properties and a service center
  • Organize new Scouting units and support existing ones
  • Provide professional support and leader training
  • Distribute program resources and regular communications
  • Criminal background checks for adult leaders

Friends of Scouting Thank You Gifts 2019

Everyone who makes a gift of any amount will receive a car window cling.

With a gift between $75 and $499 you will receive a coupon that can be redeemed in the Scout Shop for a Camp Masters’ Carmel 8oz tin or $5.00 off a retail popcorn purchased between November 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.

Receive this Scout Law new series Patriots’ Path Council shoulder patch with your gift of $164 or more.


Receive this Founders’ series shoulder patch with your gift of $328 or more.

With a gift between $500-999 you will receive this Rainbow Pocket  Knife with 3.25″ blade. Pocket knives are one of the most versatile single-tools that you can carry – don’t go on your next camping trip without one!

With a gift between $1000 and $1,909 you will receive this LUCI color-changing party light. This light is waterproof, lightweight and
completely solar.
With a gift of $1910 or more you will receive this BSA axe. Made in the USA, this axe is the perfect companion for your next Scouting adventure. The handle is made of American hickory and is 14” long.  

A huge thank you to our units and families that have supported our 2019 Friends of Scouting campaign. See the Thank You section below for a list of our supporters.

-Create an account
-Link your debit or credit credit
-The amount will be rounded up as change for purchases on the linked card
-Monthly, the rounded up change will be donated to our FOS campaign and your unit will be credited

2019 Unit Resources

We appreciate all the unit FOS champions that support Friends of Scouting by organizing a presentation, spreading the word to parents, making the first donation on the presentation night and the follow up necessary to reach your unit’s goal. As a thank you we have a recognition program for units with several levels. Check out the 2019 Recognition Program for Units to see what your unit can earn. Thanks again for supporting FOS. It allows us to provide the Scout program which makes a difference in the lives of the over 15,000 youth in our council.

How will my FOS donations be used?
Patriots’ Path Council Facts
FOS Premium Insert / Matching Gift Info 
Unit Goal Incentives
Blank Pledge Card

2019 Family FOS Resources
For Presenters
Thank you to all our presenters that make the Friends of Scouting campaign successful. Below are some resources for presenters.
Presenter Training Slides (PPTX)
Presentation Script (Full Script)
Presentation Script (Bullet Pt Script)
Audience Participation Signs (PPTX)

Example Presentation Video

FOS Video (YouTube)
Premium Inserts /Matching Gifts Info

 Friends of Scouting Contacts

Douglas Gabel              Council FOS Chair
Ozair Omarzai              Munsee FOS Chair
Linda Hogan                Sussex FOS Chair
Mike Sutherlin              Raritan Valley FOS Chair
Dennis Corbisero          Black River FOS Chair
Joe Allegra                  Watchung Mountain FOS Chair
Steve Minett                Fishawack FOS Chair
Maria Gonzalez-Yosco   Development Executive- Fishawack, Sussex and Black River
Elsie Kohl                    Development Executive- Raritan Valley, Munsee and Watchung Mountain
Art Lobdell                  Council Staff Advisor –
FOS Field Director – Fishawack, Sussex and Black River

                                  Field Director- Raritan Valley, Munsee and Watchung Mountain

Thank You

to our units and families that have supported the 2019  Friends of Scouting campaign. Click on the buttons below to see the list of supporters.

2019 FOS Supporting Families as of 06.17.2019
21st Century Fox Goldman Sachs & Co Matching Gift Program Jessica Ortega
5K Alumni Munsee Megan Goldstein Kellie T. Ortiz
5K Alumni Patriots’ Path Council Max J. Goldstein Delbert Osborne
5K Alumni Raritan Valley Elisabeth Goldstein Kevin F. O’Shea
5K Alumni Watchung Mountain Gregory Goldstein Kareem Osman
Richard Abbate Elizabeth A. Gomes Thomas A. Osmond
Jacob Abraham Michelle Gonnella Osterman Propane LLC
Joel Abraham Angela Gonzalez Michael J. Ostrom
Steven G. Abramo Marco Gonzalez Karen L. Outten
Michael G. Abramson Maria Gonzalez-Yosco Beth Pacifico
Jorge D. Abrantes Sara J. Goodman Anomynous Pack 0006
Sagar Acharya Gordon S. Gorab Anomynous Pack 0089
Daniel J. Ackerman Aaron M. Gordon Anomynous Pack 0101
Denise Acocella Hugh D. Gordon Anomynous Pack 0181
Micah A. Adair Howard I. Gordon Anomynous Pack 0451 Bernardsville
Will C. Adams Hugh Gordon Anonymous PAck 189
Kenneth J. Adams Patrick T. Gorman Darius Palia
Troy J. Adams Alan H. Gotliffe Valerie Palmieri
Scott U. Adams Ginny B. Grabinsky Adrienne Palmieri-Johnston
Aetna Foundation Inc Heather J. Gracie-Petty Kawal Pancheel
Richard Afflitto Ricci O. Granberg Marga Pandey
James J. Agar Ivana Gray Aparna Pandruvada
Filipe S. Agostinho Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Matthew P. Panek
Joseph Agostino Deborah Greco Shreyas Pani
Kelly M. Agro James J. Greener Denise L. Panicucci
Christine Aguesseau Stacy Greenhut Nicholas J. Paola
Michelle S. Aguirre Ray A. Greenidge Tim Papayianis
Thomas F. Ahearn Jeremy H. Greenman Erika Papp
Thomas D. Aiken Mark A. Gregor Robert J. Papp
Air Liquide Advanced Materials Steven Gregov Lucy A. Paradiso
Lauren Aitchison John Griffin III Robert J. Paradiso
Sai Akkapeddi Maureen Grimes Dean J. Paranicas
James Alder Karl Grogaard Philip M. Parayil
Matthew R. Alderson Eric L. Grogan Tina Park
Janette Alexander Alan H. Grossman Anthony J. Parsio
Joseph F. Allegra Timothy Grubb Gary B. Pascal
Tom Allen Michael Gsell Martino Pascale
John A. Allen Jorge Guarda Leanne J. Pasch
Andrew Allen gustavo guarin Mark T. Pasko
Thomas J. Allen Jennifer D. Guarino Marc G. Pasternak
Allstate Giving Campaign Lauren Guberer Alpa Patel
Jesus Almendral David V. Gubitosi Parag Patel
Kevin B. Alton Jeff Gudenkauf Bhavesh Patel
Amazon Smile Sunil L. Gudhka Matthew J. Paterno
Patricia L. Ambrosi Joseph Guido Chris Patino
Eyram Amenuvor Chandrakant Gundaliya Anisha Patoir
Jorge Amieva Nidhi Gupta Vincent J. Patti
Mark A. Anderl Rajesh Gurram Joseph S. Pawelczyk
Vicki A. Andersen Paul J. Guthrie Luigi Erin Pedalino
Michael A. Anderson Tom Guttridge Diane M. Pein
Scott T. Anderson Edward T. Guy John W. Pellington
Thomas Andrea Joseph C. Guziewicz Vladimir P. Penkrat
Carl W. Andreassen Curtis R. Haak Thomas A. Pepe
Gordon G. Andrew Cynthia Haak William Percell
Samuel Angelo Brian R. Haas Antonio Pereira
Christopher Angelucci David K. Haase Jose C. Pereira
Philip K. Ankel Bethel Habte Adrian A. Perez
Donation Anonymous Mikael Habte Salvatore J. Perniola
Anonymous Donor Frederic W. Haeussler Bruce Perri
Donna Antonucci Scott Hahner Lisa M. Perry
Elizabeth Apostola Jeffrey N. Haines Paul A. Perry
Kenneth W. Arida Margaret G. Hajjar Polly Peters
Melissa A. Armenti Emery J. Hall Mark A. Peterson
Daniel  J. Armento Richard S. Hamilton Diana R. Peterson
Glen Arndt Lisa Hamm Richard Peterson
Kenneth Arntzen Marlene Hampton Vincent Petitto
Douglas S. Arrigo Wayne A. Hampton Denise M. Petrozziello
Jennie A. Asaro Carolyn R. Hanington James R. Petty
Lisa Ashley Ben Hanko Ashley L. Phillips
Assuredpartners Of New Jersey Llc Joseph P. Hanlon Robert A. Phillips
Maggie Atkins Tracie Hansch-Feret Cynthia Phillips
Automatic Data Processing Warren Hanscom Gail Phoebus
Harold E. Avery Bradley Hanson Anthony Picciuti
Maria F. Avila Jeannine M. Harder Dorota B. Pietryka
Tim P. Avis Diane T. Harper Jeffrey Pikor
John R. Avis Todd W. Harrell Drew Pinelli
Mark Avondoglio Benjamin R. Harrelson Kenneth J. Pizzoli
Raymond T. Azar Richard D. Harrington Heather Platt
Vasu Babaria David Harris Thomas Plunkett
Melissa Babcock Timothy Harrison Holly A. Plut
Mike & Ellen Babinski William H. Hartley Plymouth Rock Foundation
Russell J. Baccaglini Anne-Marie Hartranft Julieta Pocomucho
BAE Systems Employee Community Fund, Inc. Chris R. Harwell Ray Poerio
Richard M. Bahlman-Girlando Kathryn Hashem Patricia L. Poland
Roy P. Bahrenburg Christine A. Hasselmann Pradeep Polavarapu
Christine V. Baird Kristen Hauser Philip R. Polchinski
Murali Balasubramanian Patricia Hawkins Michael D. Poling
James Ball Chris Hawkswell Peter F. Pollack
Laura E. Balunis Stephani Healey Meredith Pooler
Deep Bandlani Jeffrey T. Healy John T. Porada
Ken Banic Lou Hebert Wendi Porretti
Bank of America Charitable Foundation James J. Heck Gary F. Porter
Bank of America Matching Gift Program Douglas L. Heim Charles E. Porter
Mark Bankert William T. Helmstetter Gorana Poskovic
Michael W. Banko George Hemenetz Jay Post
Carolyn Banks Henkels & McCoy Inc. Janel Post
Rajat Bannerji Jim Hermes Brian Potasiewicz
Joris Banning James L. Hermes Christopher A. Poulos
Ernest J. Barbaris Kenneth Herskovitz Dennis Prestia
George T. Barnard Daiquiri K. Hetem Richard A. Preuss
Jason Barnett James Hetem Nancy A. Price
Joseph J. Baron Hewlett Packard Enterprise Catherine M. Pritchett
Nicole A. Barone Hewlett-Packard Matching Gift Program Monique Prizgar
Christy S. Barone Jay Heyman Christopher D. Proudlove
Jaime Barrett Mark Hicinbothem John J. Prout
John Barsnica Frank Higley PSE&G Power of Giving
Thomas Barthmus William R. Hill PSEG
Kelly B. Bartnicki Russell D. Hill Agnes T. Puchnowski
Joyce Barton Eric G. Hines Catherine E. Pursell
Avantika Barve Gary Hintzen Stanley G. Puszcz
Joseph Basralian Donald Hoad Ronald Quade
Daniele Basralian Hoagland Longo Moran Dunst & Doukas LLP Michael Quaglio
Stuart M. Bauer Luke J. Hodges Patrick Quay
Jeffrey Bauman Michael W. Hodgetts Robert D. Quinn
Christy A. Bause Johanna Hoecker Lucia Quinn
Christina Bavaro Andrew R. Hoeflin Raccc
BD Matching Gift Program Geniffer Hofmeister Brendan K. Raffay
Donald B. Beach John F. Hogan Denis K. Raffay
Joseph E. Beasley Glen G. Holley Russell A. Raffay
Julie C. Beck Chas J. Holloway Marie K. Raffay
Stuart Beck Jennifer Holly Wells Srinivasan C. Raghupathy
Lynn Becker Jennifer Hologounis Gregory Rak
Mark Becker Corey D. Holquist Sundar Ramalingam
Mark J. Beckert Robert J. Holzer Silvia Ramos
Ellen Beckman Edward S. Hom Douglas B. Ramsdell
Bedminster Eye and Laser Center, P.A. Honeywell Hometown Solutions Matthew T. Rankel
Susan Beebe Honeywell International Charity Matching Tammy L. Rapp Da Rocha
James J. Behnke Maryann R. Hoolahan Alumni Raritan Valley
Daniel Belenets Kim Hopkins Daniel E. Rauch
Michael A. Bell charles hoppes Stephanie A. Rauschenberger
David Bell Kathleen M. Hoppes Manju Ravula
Kenneth J. Belli Gary Horan Daniel R. Read
Janet Belock Horizon Foundation for New Jersey Glenn Rechtenbaugh
Christopher Bene Horizon Foundation for the New Jersey Matching Gifts Program Edward R. Redmond
Benevity Community Impact Fund Leah A. Horky Leo D. Redmond
Dov Ben-Shimon Jeffrey D. Hostak Susan Redwood
Bruce T. Benson Joanne H. Howden Victoria Reed
Susan Benson Muriel Hrbek Deborah A. Reidmiller
Judith Berei Orest W. Hrycak Jennnifer A. Reierson
Scott R. Berger Wenyan  Hua Susan Reilly
Catherine J. Bergquist Fei Huang William G. Reilly
Elizabeth Bernich James P. Hughes Donald L. Reinhardt
Edward J. Bernier Paul Hughes Angela M. Reinhart
Daniel J. Bernier John E. Hume Ari K. Reinstein
Amanda R. Bernroth Donald K. Hummel Amy Reithrl
Joseph J. Bertolotti Frank B. Hundley Michael J. Reno
Jennifer C. Bertram Susie Hung Denise Repak
Constantine W. Bessasparis Jeffrey D. Huppert Glenn A. Resnicoff
Thomas M. Beversluis Jonathan P. Hurley Joel Reyes
Meenu Bhalla Tara Hurley Gail R. Rhein
Matthew Biedron Brooke Huszcza Christine Richards
Mark W. Biedron Anthony Hutchenson Michael Richichi
Joshua A. Bilkis Patricia Hutchinson Stacey L. Riggert
Janice Binning Joseph S. Hyman David A. Riley
Alana J. Bird Andrew J. Iaci Linda M. Rindos
James C. Bischoff Domenic Iannaccone Felix D. Rivera
John A. Bishop Kathy Iantosca Alexander J. Rivera
Corinne E. Bittiger IBM Employee Services Center Diana Rivera Vazquez
Madeleine C. Black William J. Ilaria David E. Robbins
Black Pug Software LLC Stephen T. Inasu Raquel Roben
Lisa Blackman Richard Innella Arthur Roberts
Stephen J. Blancuzzi Intel Involved Matching Grant Program Jennifer L. Roberts
Janet E. Blaze Dylan L. Intwala Jessica Robertson
Edward C. Blevins Matthew Iovine Scott Robins
BNY Mellon Community Partnership Celia S. Iovine Christine L. Robinson
Bob’s Barber Shop Howard S. Irwin Peter Roby
Andrew J. Bockelman Danijela Ivelja-Hill May L. Rocha
Brian Bollard Nidish S. Iyer Dorene L. Roche
Bhupesh S. Bora Mahesh Iyer Carrie A. Rockette
Christopher J. Borinski Douglas E. Jackson Erica L. Rocks
Robert M. Boris William C. Jacobs Octavio Rodriguez
Ranjan O. Bose Maria Jacobs Alejandria T. Rodriguez
Jeffrey A. Bouquio Erik Jacobsen Arlene Rodriguez
Andrew V. Bourey Joseph Jaeger Eric C. Roelofs
Alan W. Bowen James A Taylor Foundation Daniel Rogers
Boy Scouts of America National Foundation Rajesh Jayakumar Ronald Rogers
Audrey Brady Ashok Jayappa Raymond A. Roggero
Robert C. Brady Russell T. Jenkins Jennifer Rohman
James J. Brady Eric G. Jenkins Alan E. Romano
Lisa Breen Stephen C. Jennings Robert C. Rooke
Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C. Christopher Jentile Margaret F. Rooney
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Matching Gift Program Jett Consulting Group Lawrence Rosello
Jeffrey S. Broadwell Gary Jimenez Joseph M. Ross
Robert L. Brobst Gerald C. Jiosi Tom Ross
Leigh Brodsky-Schubert David A. Johnson Frank Rossello
Nathalie S. Brogan Franklin K. Johnson Lisa Rossello
William J. Brottman Perry A. Johnson Victor T. Rossman
Michael S. Brown Jennifer A. Johnson Steven J. Rotolo
Timothy D. Brown Charles E. Johnson Lazara Rovira
Matthew K. Brown Deryn T. Johnson Rishit Roy
Alexander P. Brown Johnson & Johnson Shubham Roy-Choudhury
Dennis C. Brown Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Mark S. Rozek
James R. Brown Frank A. Johnston Rupert N. Ruefenacht
Seth L. Brugger Andrew J. Joiner Agustin Ruela
Erica Brunton William E. Jonat Emil S. Rufolo
Matthew W. Bryan Stephen Jonathan Erik Ruiz
Gregory M. Bubniak Russell A. Jones Charles T. Rush
Ronald J. Bubnowski Bruce D. Jones Edward P. Rush
Eileen A. Bufe Lawrence Jordan Michael A. Russo
Edward J. Bumiller Candis Joseph Wendy S. Ruta
Maureen E. Buono Judith J. Joshua Timothy F. Rutka
Raymond J. Burett Jonathan C. Joshua Amy Ryan
Brian S. Burgess Paul C. Josling Deborah Ryan
Seth W. Burgin JP Morgan Chase & Co. Gregory R. Ryan
Richard E. Burke Javier Juarez Robert J. Rydzewski
Francis J. Burke Sandor G. Juhasz John Rydzy
John M. Burke Kimberly J. Jurevich Rupert Sabale
Katherine G. Bursack Mark E. Jurewicz Kelly Sachs
Harry Buttito Mindy S. Kahn Peter W. Sachs
Frank M. Caccavale Colin L. Kahn James A. Saltzman
Jessica Caldwell Creton Kalfoglou Ryan T. Salvi
Frank Caldwell Mark A. Kamakaris Dylan Sanchez
John Calia Jeffrey J. Kambak Shane Sanders
Edward D. Cama Vijeta Kambhampati William T. SanFilippo
Lori Camaya Curtis A. Kamichoff Sanofi Foundation for North America
Rosa M. Cameli Andrew Karp Anthony Santora
Paul Campanelli Peter T. Katzenbach Steven J. Santos
Saveria A. Campanile Elizabeth J. Kaugerts Cristy L. Sanuto
Michael Campanile Daniel N. Keane Stephen Sarao
Colin Campbell William J. Keane Anthony B. Sarao
Paul J. Campos Melissa R. Kearstan Luigi B. Sarracino
Hugo A. Cancela Douglas E. Keating Michael E. Sass
Michael A. Cantone Thomas R. Keays Jonathan Sassi
Mary L. Capen Michael P. Keever Richard S. Sayah
Capital Group Companies Adela Keller Shereen Sayre
Maria S. Carew Jennifer A. Kelly Joseph Scalia
Nelson A. Carhart Laura R. Kelly Teresa Schaefer
Joseph J. Carney James R. Kelly Nelson Schaenen
Tara Caron Kara Kelly-Puttre Ann R. Schaub
Glenn Carrascoso John W. Kennedy Brian C. Scheidle
Judith A. Carrillo-Advensky Theresa Kerekgyarto Len Scherer
Dana H. Carroll Brian J. Kerwin John J. Scheri
James Carson Adam S. Kestin Robert X. Scheurer
Pam Cartaya Janice Kildea Joseph F. Schiavone
Susan P. Carter John M. Kimack Eileen Schicke
Andrew Carter Robert Kingsbury William C. Schmidt
Nicholas J. Caruso Laura Kingsbury Paula M. Schmidt
Eileen Carvalho Eric J. Kinney Arthur J. Schmidt
Tammy L. Case Sara E. Kirsch Eric A. Schmitz
Carl J. Casertano Kiwanis Club of The Chathams Schneider Electric North America Foundation
Tommy Cashin Arnold Klein Frederick Schoenbrodt
Anne Caso Michael Klem Frederick K. Schoenbrodt
Melissa D. Casper-Garrison Jana R. Klosowsky Donald P. Schrope
Robert M. Cassidy Edward Klug William J. Schulz
George P. Castellitto KMP Management Inc Kristina A. Schumacher
Alice Catalan Knights of Columbus Edward A. Schunk
Kevin T. Catallo Katharine E. Kociancic Barbara Schuszler
Michael T. Catapano Keith E. Koenig Amy J. Schwartz
Deborah S. Caulfield Teresa Kohl Science Management Company LLC
James F. Cavalieri Dennis J. Kohl David M. Scott
John Cavanagh Elsie Kohl Alfred Scott
Winifred C. Cavazini Glenn J. Kolker Nancy Scott
Joseph J. Celentano Christian Kolmodin John E. Seal
Mikal A. Celentano John Koneski William W. Sedlazek
Joseph M. Centra Maryjane Koperwhats James Seeger
Andre E. Chabanel David A. Korb Jo Ann Seely
Tammy L. Chafos Nancy Korsun Raymond K. Seidel
Laxminarayan Chakrapani Lisa Kosinski Jim Sekelsky
Steven P. Chamberlain Pankaj Koul Selective Insurance
Amy Chan Ashley L. Kouo James Sellers
Kenneth Chao Jacqueline Kovacs Adam D. Sena
Noel A. Chapkowski KPMG Gives Donna J. Senkiw
Swarna Chatterjee Bryan D. Kraft Audrey Serban
Tulika Chaturvedi Elizabeth M. Kraft Gerard J. Serpico
Anil Chaturvedi Lynn M. Kral Amy E. Servidio
Alexander Chen John Krapf Dennis Serwick
Chun-Hui Chen Anne B. Krasny Stephanie Setzer
Ying Chen Andrew Kraus David E. Setzer
Harold Chen Ron Krauskopf Kerry E. Seugling
Yee Ming Cheng Stanley M. Krieger Jacqueline D. Seys
Megan Chesin Robert J. Krimmel Rajat J. Shah
Gerard J. Chiara Theodore J. Krisanda Girish Shahri
Michael Chiong Gopal Krishna Rebecca Shannon
Harry Chiovarou Deborah M. Krog George W. Shannon
Stephanie Chiu Larissa J. Krul Rajesh Sharma
Kevin M. Chmura Jon R. Krunnfusz Joseph J. Shatynski
Bhavana Chopra Scott J. Krupa Debra E. Shay
Susie Christensen Terri M. Kuhn Todd Shepherd
Kenneth J. Christensen James P. Kukucka Robert Sheppard
Jan Marie Christensen Jacqueline O. Kulakowski Maria L. Sheridan
David M. Christian Dinesh Kumar William Sherman
Vito Christiano NAGARAJAN KUMARAPPAN Philip J. Sherratt
Noreen Chua-Kasak Steven H. Kurland Rakhee Sheth
Chubb Insurance Richard M. Kurland Purvika Sheth
Dennis L. Ciemniecki Andrew R. Kursar Eric J. Shick
Michael Cincotta Scott Kuzma Amit M. Shinde
Shelley L. Cincotta Tony Kwiatkowski Elisabeth Shohen
Leonard Cipkins Massimiliano La Falce Brian P. Shuster
Margherita Cirelli Emily La Jeunesse Jonathan Sidhu
Jason J. Cirillo Ronald F. Labau Nicholas R. Sidorovich
John Cirillo Mario P. Labot Lillian E. Sidorovich
Debra Cirkus Yvonne LaForge Anthony Sileo
Salvatore A. Ciurleo Jose Laforteza Alexandre A. Silva
David A. Clark Katherine B. Lambiaso Craig Simon
Brendan Clarke-Magrab Kevin R. Lami Kenneth Simone
William M. Clayton Danielle Lamont Mary Ann Simonenko
Eileen J. Cleary Larry R. Lane Ian G. Sims
Natasha L. Clerihue Robert A. Lang Maria H. Sinchi
Michael J. Cobucci Mike W. Lang George F. Sincox
Manuel S. Coelho Angela Lange Aparna Singh
James M. Cohen Susan Lanza Michelle M. Sipple
Ruth A. Coles Ben F. Lanza Sumithra Sivaprakasam
Colgate Palmolive Co Adrianne M. Lapilusa Michael A. Skalski
Colgate-Palmolive Co Katherine A. Lapus Brian K. Skyta
Colgate-Palmolive Company Mary Ruth Lareau Eric C. Slabaugh
Gary S. Colin Matthew Laroche John H. Slye
Joan M. Collins Jennifer A. LaRosa Margot Small
Stephen Collins Kristin E. Larsen Michael D. Smargiassi
Teresa Collins Peter N. Larsen Donald L. Smith
Columbia Bank Catherine R. Larson Andrew F. Smith
Thomas L. Comer Meg A. Latham Willard F. Smith
Elissa Comer Melanie Latham Katherine Smith
Mary S. Comerford Dana K. Lauducci Catriona J. Smith
Mary Commerton Law Office Of Susan M. Day Schilp Charles R. Smith
Constituent\Name Janice Lawner Scott P. Smith
Melissa Conturso James Lawrie Robert D. Smith
Tara Conway William G. Lawson Carlos Soares
John A. Cook Kathleen L. Lazo-Thompson Barbara Sokira
Carol Cooke Angela Lazzari Jennifer Solberg
Patrick J. Coppola Michelle Lazzarotti Ernesto Soler
Robert J. Corcoran Adam Lee Solix
Richard C. Corney Bryant B. Lee Yonathan Solomon
James M. Coron Howard M. Lee Russell F. Somma
Christine P. Corrigan Jason J. Leffler Sagar Sonar
Joanne Cort Stuart M. Lefkowitz Michael A. Soriano
John A. Cosenza Philip Leitner MaryEllen Spada
Costco United Way Gregory Leo Mark A. Spaldo
County College of Morris Julie C. Leone Dawn Sparone
Richard Cowper John Lepes Victoria Spataro
Brian E. Cox Victoria Lepore Mary L. Speckhart
Andrew M. Crapser Nathan Leung William H. Spellman
Jason Crea Tina M. Levorse Alice J. Spina
Pete J. Crefeld Lori Lewy John T. Sponauer
Christina J. Creighton John B. Libby Brandon J. Springer
Tony P. Cretella Richard P. Libretti Nicole St. Pierre
Joseph S. Criscione John T. Lichtenberger Mary F. Stadelmann
John F. Cristadoro Jenny A. Lichtenwalner Anna M. Stanaback
Douglass Crouse Charles S. Lichtenwalner Michael D. Stanzilis
Bruce M. Crowell Howard E. Liebmann Starbucks Coffee Company
Crum & Forster Insurance Michael J. Liguori Eugene Stark
Cub Scout Pack 207 Joseph A. Limone State Farm Companies Foundation – Volunteer Grant
Laura Cubbage-Draper Mary Rose Lin John V. Staunton
Andrea L. Cuellar Lynn Lin Mary Stawicki
Linda M. Cummings Jian P. Lin Thomas G. Stearns
Joshua J. Cummis Peter Lin Annmarie Stecher
James P. Cunningham Mark A. Linderman Laurie J. Steen
Seamus Cunningham Deborah Lindsay Radenko Stefanovic
Richard Cunningham William R. Lindsay Rebecca Stehman
Brian D. Cunningham Michael J. Linenberg Kirk Steimel
Jeremy M. Curcio Jai Lingampalli Henry Stein
Christopher M. Curley Andrew J. Lipinski Zinovia Stellakis
Vidoushi Curtil Helen Lippencott Alisa J. Stephens Schleif
David R. Curtis George H. Lippencott Melissa Stevens
Lynn A. Cutler Diane E. Litwinko David A. Stevens
Robin Cutro David Liu Kent L. Stewart
John A. Cwikla Justin J. Lizza Suzanne M. Stiles
Darren Dachisen Donald L. Lloyd Thomas C. Stoddard
Carol Dadaian Katherine W. Loatman Eileen M. Stokes
Mary M. D’Agostino Arthur W. Lobdell Garrick J. Stoldt
Sean T. Dailey Steve Lobosco Stonemore Farm
Linda D’Alessio Richard V. Locke Steve M. Storch
Susan M. Dalton Lisa Locurcio Jennifer Stout
Laura D’Andrade Karen L. Lodato Scott R. Strauss
Matt Dangle Joseph Logozzo Daniel Stringham
Rosemary M. Dangler Christopher Lohrmann Michael F. Strobel
Holly W. Daniel Elio J. Lombardi Karen L. Stroever
Paul Dankers Stephen J. Lombardo Mark R. Strona
Patricia A. Dannhardt Paul J. Lomelo James W. Stroup
Sarah David Sharon London Christopher F. Struben
Robert E. Davidson Janet M. Long Kelly D. Stryker
Thomas Davis CheriLynn Longcore Edward N. Stulak
Brett W. Davis John C. Lopes Jeffrey P. Stupski
Matthew Davis Anthony Lorenc Chris Sturm
Steven F. Davis Gina M. Loschiavo William E. Stusnick
Andrew Davlouros Michael J. Loughman Jing Su
Marcy Dean Alexandra Loureiro Mary Sue Suber-Hughes
Philip O. Deane Christopher Lowry Ponram Subramanian
Christine L. Deary Stefan Lublin Daniel J. Sullivan
Patrick Deaton Patricia A. Lucas Neil Sullivan
Christine DeBang Anthony D. Luis Timothy P. Sullivan
Gerard Deboey Jason K. Lukes William Sumba
Eric J. Decker Marlene P. Lupo Jorge A. Suris
Steven Decker Barry F. Lydon Sharon E. Sushko
Stephen G. Deduck Shawn F. Lynch John E. Susnosky
Kenneth J. DeGraw Cheryl Maas James D. Suter
Jeffrey N. Deisher Scott Macaluso Robin Suydam
Sheila DeKuyper Susan P. Macarios Teriko Suzuki
Amy Del Coro Thomas T. MacEwen Ronald J. Swanson
Benjamin T. Del Coro Bernard J. Macones Daniel L. Swass
Glenn M. Del Grosso Cheryl Macri Jessica Sweet
Brenda Del Toro Kenneth L. MacRitchie Eda Sweetman
Kevin A. Delancer Macy’s East Paul W. Swiderski
Cynthia Delane Macy’s Foundation Carol Szalus
Leah DelGuercio Vincent S. Maddi Izabela M. Sztolberg
Delta Mechanical Systems, Inc. Barbara Maderas Robert J. Szwarc
John V. Demetrio Richard S. Mager Chris L. Szymczak
Jack S. Demetris John J. Maguire Lars P. Taavola
Wendy L. Denmead Robert C. Maier Douglas J. Tabish
Deana DePete Mark Maire Jay Tadinada
Barbara A. Derenzo Venkat J. Malla John R. Tadros
Carmen Derosa Jane B. Maloney Victor J. Tagliaferro
Robert R. Des Ranleau David E. Manchester Keith W. Talbert
Jignesh A. Desai Rebecca A. Mancini Mark M. Tallmadge
Nikhil Desai Michael P. Mangano Brian Talmadge
Rupal J. Desai Varsha P. Manjrekar Eric Tam
Gregory Desalvo Jennifer Manna Kityan Tan
Miriam Destra Durgaprasad Manne Shilpi Tandon
Ken Detlet Mario Manniello Bob Tang
Sarah DeTraglia Stacey Manning Christopher D. Tango
Eric M. Deutchman Eileen Manning David Tator
Dana L. Devery Kathryn L. Mantell Bernadette J. Taylor
Lisa Devine Marc Maratea Dan L. Taylor
Patricia Devita Mario A. Marcano Gary Taylor
Victoria M. Devlin Steven Margosian Te Wire & Cable, Llc
John R. Dew David H. Marihugh Lorraine U. Teisch
Melynda Dewey Harish K. Mariyappa Andrew C. Tell
Michele Di Sanza Erin Markan Linda L. Telschow
Gregory Diamond William F. Markert George M. Telschow
David Dias Patricia Marquez John R. Terracciano
Kellyann C. Diaz Troy Marshall David T. Theoclitus
Ralph L. DiDomenico Amber N. Martin Timothy W. Thew
Michael DiDonato Donna M. Martin Dellane Thomas
Wayne A. Dieckmann Paul T. Martin Jonathan Thomas
Amy Dietz Michael Martin Alexander C. Thomas
Marie B. Dilatush Alejandro Martinez Scott D. Thomson
Patrick D. Dillon Lloyd W. Martinson Afsaneh Thursfield
Suzanne L. Dimontova Timothy M. Marvin Laura R. Tirpack
Matthew S. DiQuollo Michael A. Mason Annette Tiso
Judith D. Diringer PETER S. MASONIS Stephanie A. Tistan
Robert Disko Jennifer Mathews Stephen Tizzoni
Rosetta Ditomasso Wayne Matus T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
Keith R. Dlugosz Robert Mauro Jonathan Tobias
Melissa Do Susan Mayer Kevin B. Todd
Robin P. Docwra Elayne A. Mayes Dennis M. Toft
Jennifer M. Dodd Maylin S. Mays Albert J. Tomaro
Jeanne S. Doherty Cynthia M. Mays Mark Tomczak
Michael H. Doherty Kenneth J. Mayti Maryann Topping
Andrew Dolson Joseph McAndrew David A. Torell
Michele Domash Chotai Mark V. McArthur Jonathan W. Torres
John B. Donnelly John P. McBride Michael J. Toscano
Nina Dorey Sherryl McBride Christian Tovar
Michael Doroshuk Scott B. McBride Tom Tracy
Christopher Dorsett Steven P. McCabe Monica L. Tramontin
Kristin A. Dos Passos-Krieg Scott W. McCabe Glenn Treier
Debbie Downs James J. McCabe Gary R. Treubig
Elizabeth M. Draper Thomas G. McCann Raymond J. Tringali
Mirian Rejane d. Drehmer Lynnette McCarthy Stephanie Trizinski
William B. Dreitlein Terry McCarthy Michael J. Trofinoff
Brett Dreyer Christopher McCarthy Anomynous Troop 0032
David Dreyfus Dennis C. McCarthy Anonymous Troop 0101
John E. Driscoll Trevor H. McCarthy Anonymous Troop 0112
Michael A. Drobny Kenneth E. McCartney Anomynous Troop 0125
James G. Drozd Jim McClure Anomynous Troop 0390
Carolyn Duarte John T. McCullen Anomynous Troop 0436
David M. Dubois Gary McElvany Douglas P. Trump
Merritt Duffy Becky McFarland Jessica Trumper
Heather Duffy Jamie McGaha Sudhakar Tumu
Christopher Dumpert Tanya L. McGinniss Belinda Tuneblom
William J. Dunne John McGoey Daniel J. Turano
Marc R. Durante Joseph J. McGovern Roger Turbin
Richard W. Dworak Anne Marie McGuinness Turner Construction Company
Sheila  M. Dwyer Robert J. McGuirk Albert W. Tuttle
Ian Eccles Ryan McInerney William M. Twentyman
Stephen M. Eck David W. McIntyre Marco Ucciferri
Heather Eckel Darren A. McKeever Nathan R. Umbriac
Ed Evanowski Daniel McKinney Union County American Legion
Kathleen Edwards-Chase Michael J. McMullen United Way of Central Jersey, INC.
Erin E. Egan Kathleen M. McNeil UnitedHealth Group Employee Giving Campaign
Peter J. Ehmann Jody L. McNulty UPS
Dana E. Eilertson Irene L. McShane Lauren Ur
John J. Elam Kathryn E. McSorley Robert Urbanik
Paula W. Elejalde Virginia McVeigh Nancy Vaidya
Patricia A. Elgarten Christopher S. Meditz Siva Vaithiyalingam
Romerl Elizes David M. Meehan Michelle L. Valentine-Rubalcava
Angela Ellis John Meek Valerian Masonry Inc
Thomas C. Ely Christopher P. Meenan Cindy M. Van Carpels
Robert Engle Aseem Mehta Patricia Van Duyne
Heather L. English David S. Meier William P. Van Saders
Gregory Erdman John Mellage Advik R. Vanam
Degan Eric Linda Mellina Elizabeth K. Vanderbeek
Mitchell D. Erickson Lawrence C. Melone Vanguard Charitable Endowment Fund
William A. Erickson Barbara Meltz Melanie J. Vanni
Colleen M. Erickson Magda A. Menner Jessica Vanzetta
Alfredo Escudero Christopher Mentone Anush A. Vardazaryan
Markus E. Etter Emil J. Meny Rajesh K. Vattavila
Mark W. Fabian Nicholas Menzorio Srinivas K. Veeragoni
Sinibaldo Fabiano Merck Gives Back Employee Giving Program Sriram Venkatraman
Evelyn M. Fales Merck Partnership for Giving Frank J. Ventura
Glenn J. Fannick Lisa Mercurio Khendry Veras
Lindsay M. Fanning Merrill Lynch & Co Verizon Foundation
Taciene Fantin Sabedot Christopher G. Merring Verizon Foundation Matching Gifts
Melissa Fanuel Michael Merritt Anita Verma
Timothy P. Farrell Dale H. Mertz Kim Vernon
Lisa Fechhelm Salvatore J. Messana Howard A. Vex
Stuart K. Feenstra Joseph M. Messinger Liza Viana
Craig H. Feldman Michiel P. Meulenberg Christine Vidal
Eric S. Fellen Sally Meumann Curtis C. Villars
Katherine D. Ferrante Cynthia Micheludis Lisa Vintzel
Kimberly A. Ferrara Robert E. Michie Lisamarie Virola-Banko
Vincent Ferraro Shaun P. Mickus Tom Vollers
Laura Ferreira Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Thomas Vollers
Donna R. Fetherston Frederick H. Midlige Denise Vollert-Parrotto
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Robert Mielarczyk Dorota Vrhovc
Andreana Field Melyssa A. Miele-Vukovich Dipak Vyas
Samuel F. Fiesseler Peter E. Migliorini Chandrashekhar Vyas
Pedro Figueroa Stanley E. Miklas Lisette Wade
Steve Finnie Kenneth Milcsik Matthew P. Wagner
FirstEnergy Foundation Matching Gifts Program Andrew Miller John R. Wagner
Henry A. Fischer Matthew Miller Amy Wagner
Walter Fischetti Susan D. Miller Margaret M. Wainscott
Jamie Fiscus Ann Marie M. Miller Heather Walker
Kathleen M. Fitzgerald Beth T. Miller-Porter Karin Walker
Kelly A. Fleidner Kenneth Minenna Bruce Wallace
Jack Flood Paul A. Minenna Eric Waller
Alejandro P. Flores Steve Minett Antoinette T. Walsh
FM Global Foundation – Matching Gift Program Stephen Minett Deborah A. Walsh
Carl S. Foerster Thompson H. Mitchell David Walsh
Michael T. Fogarty Leroy Mitchell Karen S. Walter
Kiernan Foley Tiffany Mitchko Robert J. Walto
Mark Folkart William P. Mitreuter Douglas Ward
Daniel J. Fonder Marc L. Mizrachy Alicia M. Warner
Justin J. Footerman Robert Model Hattie A. Warren
Russell Ford Christopher R. Modin Charles J. Wasilewski
Matthew A. Fordahl Walter Moeller Todd Waters
Walter Forrester Anthony J. Moglia Kenneth L. Watkins
Gregg F. Forsbrey Andrew J. Monka Heather J. Watson-Kramer
Kelli Forte Michael J. Monroe Wayne Engel Sole Prop DBA Wayne Angel CPA
Mary Beth Forte Rita Montoya-Sorsch Richard L. Weber
Edward A. Forzani Skylar S. Moore Kirk A. Weber
Jon Fourre William Moran Robert A. Weber
Paul D. Fox Eileen M. Moran Bruce E. Weigel
Donna Fox Robert J. Moravsik Ira H. Weiner
Martin T. Foy Lorna J. Morehead Gina Weir
Jerry P. Frade Morgan Stanley Roger Weisbeck
Landon D. Fraley Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal Campaign Karl Weiss
Audrey Francis Elizabeth A. Morgan-Mattiassi Adrienne D. Weissman
David A. Franczak Lori F. Morris Richard D. Wellbrock
Lucas A. Frank Lawrence G. Morris BJ Welsh
Theodore F. Frankenbach Morris Family Chiropractic Center Griffith Welton
David J. Franz Marie Mosca David R. Wernsing
Lawrence L. Fredella Joseph Moschella Cecille West
Peter W. Frees Eduard W. Mostert Robert E. West
John Freiheiter Waldemar I. Mucha Tobie Westward Milone
Christopher M. Freund Michael A. Mueller Steven Wetzel
Holly L. Friedman Amitavha Mukherjee Alejandro Weyersberg
David T. Fritz Edward L. Muldoon WFM Contracting
Robert A. Fromtling Kevin Mulkerin Natalie Whalen
Wei Fu Peter Mullaney Wallace Wheeler
Joseph M. Fucito Frederick C. Mundhenk Stuart White
Andrew N. Fuls Helen Munkittrick Newton B. White
Fulton Bank of New Jersey Teresa Munoz Christina M. White
Christine Fung Matthew T. Murello Edward J. White
Christopher Funicelli Tom F. Murphy Robert M. Whitehead
Roy T. Furtado Michael L. Murray Cheryl A. Whitney
George Fusiak John D. Murray Thomas W. Whittle
Douglas N. Gabel Erynn Murray Debbie I. Wickham
Holli Gabler Judith Musa Scott A. Wien
Joseph E. Gadomski Eileen C. Musser David J. Wiessel
Marc Gallagher Abdelaziz Mzili Barry S. Wilbur
Beth Gallagher Sai K. Nadella Scott A. Wilkinson
Peter Gallagher Elizabeth S. Nader Arlia M. Wilks
Robert Galli Mahesh Nagapurkar William E. Simon Foundation
Amin Gangji Kumar Nagarajan Owen H. Williams
William R. Gannon Randy L. Nagy Pamela E. Williams
Michael Garavaglia Becky J. Nagy Robert K. Willmot
Andrew B. Garcia Phillips Kathleen I. Nagy-DeRosa Jeffrey S. Wills
Susan E. Garner Praveen Nair William Winfrey
Anthony Garofalo Lawrence V. Najarian Jennifer P. Winkelman
Michael D. Gaudio Kudiarasu Nalliannan Jeffrey C. Winkler
Diane L. Gaudio Sandeep K. Nandy Jerald F. Wirzman
Patrick T. Gaughan Kathleen Nangle Kelly M. Wisneski
GE Foundation Michael P. Napoli WithumSmith+Brown, PC
Alexander Geddes Nancy A. Nardi Douglas G. Witkowski
Lascelles A. Geddes Nancy Nastawa Karen M. Witthohn
Hiroko Geertsma Venkatesh Natarajan Kenneth K. Wojtak
John Geitner Paul Nazzaro Sasha A. Wolf
John A. Geitner Patricia M. Nelson Kathy Wolsko
Timothy L. Gelsinger Scott D. Nelson William R. Wood
Genentech Inc. Robert S. Nelson Melissa Woodard
Cheyenne Gensel Dana J. Nelson Adam J. Woods
Briana B. George Lisa Nelson Daniel J. Woods
Timothy M. Geraghty Kathieen B. Nemerofsky John M. Worthington
Glenn W. Gerisch Nora Nerses Janice N. Woznicki
Robert Germinder Jennette S. Neske Kathy S. Wright
Torin Gersh Mark J. Nester Paul Wright
Eric Gerstner New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign Kerri L. Wszolek
Kosta Getov Wayne T. Neyman Lesley J. Wu
Debasis Ghosh Norman Ng Muying E. Wu
Gary Giampino Phong Nguyen Kurt Wulfekuhler
Matthew Giangrante Jim Niezgoda Qing Yang
Patrick Giblin Gina Nigara Fei G. Yang
Thomas P. Giblin Melanio J. Nistal Wei(Chris) Yao
William Gibson Manuel Nolau Sreekanth V. Yedla
William S. Gibson Joseph Novak Sunny Yip
Adrian Gibson Justyna Novello Tracy R. Yocum
Janine M. Giganti Carlos Nunes Richard W. York
Nicole M. Gill Lisa Nunes Karen Young
Patrick W. Gilligan Timothy J. O’Brien Richard A. Yurch
Alan P. Gilson Patricia O’Brien Pam Zachowski
Jeffrey B. Ginsburg Christopher C. Obropta Nathaniel J. Zaidel
Enrique Giralt Brian A. O’Connell Ahmed A. Zaidi
Giuliano Giudici Ryan P. O’Connor Herbert H. Zander
Give With Liberty Employee Donations Timothy J. O’Connor Catherine M. Zanotti
Mark E. Givens Dawn OFlaherty Peter J. Zarras
John H. Glander Jack O’Gorman Douglas J. Zavoda
Delores Glaser Kathleen Ohleth Armen Zaybekian
Peter J. Glaser Robert E. Okell Danielle Zdanowicz
GlaxoSmithKline Herbert J. Olbrich Scott B. Zederbaum
Margaret M. Gleeson David S. Oleyar June M. Zeringue
Bradley A. Glick Elisabete M. Oliveira Bing Zhao
James Gloster Margaret M. Oliveira Philip C. Ziegler
Denise Goble Richard W. Olson Keven G. Ziegler
Christopher P. Godziela John E. Olson Adrienne Zimmermann
Janet P. Goetke William S. O’Neil Erin Zirkel
Eric Golbek Zarah Lee P. Opitz Geoffrey W. Zoeller
Jill Goldberg Tara L. Orlando Konstantine Zoganas
Patrick Golden Jennifer E. Orlowski Andrew Zoltan
Fintan P. Orsini Matthew Zuberko
Daniel Zuckman
Robert W. Zuffi
Shawanna Zuick-Eugene
2019 Friends of Scouting Supporting Units - as of 06.17.2019
District Unit Unit # District Unit Unit #
Black River Crew 50 Munsee Troop 47
Black River Crew 156 Munsee Troop 63
Black River Pack 4 Munsee Troop 68
Black River Pack 31 Munsee Troop 73
Black River Pack 36 Munsee Troop 75
Black River Pack 45 Munsee Troop 80
Black River Pack 47 Munsee Troop 83
Black River Pack 49 Munsee Troop 145
Black River Pack 50 Munsee Troop 523
Black River Pack 53 Raritan Valley Pack 5
Black River Pack 54LC Raritan Valley Pack 12
Black River Pack 54R Raritan Valley Pack 15
Black River Pack 60 Raritan Valley Pack 64
Black River Pack 62 Raritan Valley Pack 66
Black River Pack 99 Raritan Valley Pack 67
Black River Pack 109 Raritan Valley Pack 69
Black River Pack 111 Raritan Valley Pack 80
Black River Pack 133 Raritan Valley Pack 89
Black River Pack 136 Raritan Valley Pack 94
Black River Pack 147 Raritan Valley Pack 95
Black River Pack 150 Raritan Valley Pack 96
Black River Pack 156 Raritan Valley Pack 99
Black River Pack 159 Raritan Valley Pack 100
Black River Pack 160 Raritan Valley Pack 113
Black River Pack 165 Raritan Valley Pack 129
Black River Pack 166 Raritan Valley Pack 154
Black River Pack 316 Raritan Valley Pack 185
Black River Pack 451 Raritan Valley Pack 186
Black River Pack 747 Raritan Valley Pack 189
Black River Pack 1749 Raritan Valley Pack 193
Black River Troop 1 Raritan Valley Pack 207
Black River Troop 17 Raritan Valley Pack 315
Black River Troop 36 Raritan Valley Pack 318
Black River Troop 49 Raritan Valley Pack 1776
Black River Troop 50 Raritan Valley Troop 5
Black River Troop 53 Raritan Valley Troop 12
Black River Troop 54LC Raritan Valley Troop 17
Black River Troop 54R Raritan Valley Troop 42
Black River Troop 64 Raritan Valley Troop 44
Black River Troop 67 Raritan Valley Troop 46
Black River Troop 109 Raritan Valley Troop 66
Black River Troop 111 Raritan Valley Troop 67
Black River Troop 113 Raritan Valley Troop 83
Black River Troop 118 Raritan Valley Troop 84
Black River Troop 139 Raritan Valley Troop 88
Black River Troop 150 Raritan Valley Troop 89
Black River Troop 156 Raritan Valley Troop 90
Black River Troop 159 Raritan Valley Troop 100
Black River Troop 160 Raritan Valley Troop 110
Black River Troop 163 Raritan Valley Troop 124
Black River Troop 188 Raritan Valley Troop 125
Black River Troop 236 Raritan Valley Troop 129
Black River Troop 249 Raritan Valley Troop 154(P)
Black River Troop 312 Raritan Valley Troop 185
Black River Troop 351 Raritan Valley Troop 186
Black River Troop 390 Raritan Valley Troop 193
Black River Troop 436 Raritan Valley Troop 489
Black River Troop 555 Sussex Crew 276
Fishawack Crew 8 Sussex Pack 85
Fishawack Crew 28 Sussex Pack 88
Fishawack Crew 101 Sussex Pack 90
Fishawack Crew 144 Sussex Pack 96
Fishawack Crew 155 Sussex Pack 98
Fishawack Crew 173 Sussex Pack 150
Fishawack Crew 314 Sussex Pack 151
Fishawack Pack 2 Sussex Pack 153
Fishawack Pack 5 Sussex Pack 180
Fishawack Pack 6 Sussex Pack 181
Fishawack Pack 7 Sussex Pack 183
Fishawack Pack 8 Sussex Pack 276
Fishawack Pack 10 Sussex Pack 298
Fishawack Pack 20 Sussex Troop 48
Fishawack Pack 24 Sussex Troop 82
Fishawack Pack 34 Sussex Troop 85
Fishawack Pack 40 Sussex Troop 88
Fishawack Pack 68 Sussex Troop 90
Fishawack Pack 101 Sussex Troop 91
Fishawack Pack 124 Sussex Troop 92
Fishawack Pack 125 Sussex Troop 95
Fishawack Pack 142 Sussex Troop 96
Fishawack Pack 143 Sussex Troop 98
Fishawack Pack 144 Sussex Troop 150
Fishawack Pack 177 Sussex Troop 151
Fishawack Pack 179 Sussex Troop 180
Fishawack Pack 201 Sussex Troop 187
Fishawack Pack 215 Sussex Troop 191
Fishawack Pack 226 Sussex Troop 276
Fishawack Pack 228 Sussex Troop 283
Fishawack Pack 233 Sussex Troop 404
Fishawack Pack 277 Sussex Troop 1150
Fishawack Pack 513 Watchung Mountain Pack 4
Fishawack Troop 1 Watchung Mountain Pack 17
Fishawack Troop 7 Watchung Mountain Pack 32
Fishawack Troop 8 Watchung Mountain Pack 34
Fishawack Troop 18 Watchung Mountain Pack 56
Fishawack Troop 25 Watchung Mountain Pack 98
Fishawack Troop 28 Watchung Mountain Pack 99
Fishawack Troop 39 Watchung Mountain Pack 103
Fishawack Troop 41 Watchung Mountain Pack 135
Fishawack Troop 74 Watchung Mountain Pack 176
Fishawack Troop 76 Watchung Mountain Pack 177
Fishawack Troop 79 Watchung Mountain Pack 182
Fishawack Troop 101 Watchung Mountain Pack 268
Fishawack Troop 112 Watchung Mountain Pack 273
Fishawack Troop 121 Watchung Mountain Pack 277
Fishawack Troop 144 Watchung Mountain Pack 301
Fishawack Troop 155 Watchung Mountain Pack 360
Fishawack Troop 173 Watchung Mountain Pack 363
Fishawack Troop 277 Watchung Mountain Pack 368
Munsee Pack 23 Watchung Mountain Troop 1
Munsee Pack 26 Watchung Mountain Troop 32
Munsee Pack 30 Watchung Mountain Troop 33
Munsee Pack 47 Watchung Mountain Troop 56
Munsee Pack 56 Watchung Mountain Troop 59
Munsee Pack 68 Watchung Mountain Troop 63
Munsee Pack 72 Watchung Mountain Troop 67
Munsee Pack 73 Watchung Mountain Troop 68
Munsee Pack 75 Watchung Mountain Troop 72
Munsee Pack 83 Watchung Mountain Troop 73
Munsee Pack 88 Watchung Mountain Troop 77
Munsee Pack 103 Watchung Mountain Troop 104
Munsee Pack 145 Watchung Mountain Troop 177
Munsee Pack 148 Watchung Mountain Troop 228
Munsee Pack 163 Watchung Mountain Troop 235
Munsee Pack 523 Watchung Mountain Troop 272 LDS
Munsee Troop 88 Watchung Mountain Troop 273
Munsee Troop 23 Watchung Mountain Troop 368
Munsee Troop 40

Other Programs to Support Scouting


When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Boy Scouts Of America, Patriots’ Path Council.
Bookmark this link and support us every time you shop!

Investors Bank

Investors Bank offers a program called Care2Share. The program essentially aggregates Investors Bank account balances for individuals and families desiring to be affiliated with the council. Learn more.

Special Events

Planned Giving

There are an increasing number of Scouts and those touched by Scouting in their lives who are now benefiting from life income gifts, gift annuities and other plans. Gift models can provide tax benefits and even income. Thank you for taking the time to explore the benefits of gift planning.

James E. West Fellowshipjames west fellowship award

The fellowship recognizes gifts to a local council, designated by the donor to the council endowment fund.

Donors may make cumulative gifts to reach Bronze ($1,000) Silver ($5,000), Gold ($10,000), and Diamond ($15,000) member levels.

Major Gifts and Scouting

Annual gifts, product sales, and special events are important, but they only sustain a council’s current needs. For major growth, Scouting needs major gifts. They are critical to Scouting’s future, whether current or deferred, general or specific; for local, national, or international use; and for operating, capital, or endowment. We believe that major gifts, those of $25,000 and more, are worthy of recognition at a national level. Click to read more.

Lifetime Investor Recognition

Scouting now recognizes the long-term, cumulative giving of some of its most loyal donors. Lifetime Investor Awards are available above $500,000.  To qualify, a donor will have made historical qualifying gifts or made a current gift of either $100,000 (outright or pledged over five years) and an additional deferred gift commitment of $500,000.

For more information, contact the BSA Foundation at (972) 580-2219 or online at [email protected]