2020 Cub Scout Camping

Flexible Programs for the Summer

Camp need Scouts, just as Scouts need camping. Scouting is designed to encourage youth to get outside. The best way is to go camping, have new and exciting experiences, and explore the world around us. At Patriots’ Path, our camps are the best place to practice Scout skills, and discover all that Scouting has to offer.

Join us this summer at Camp Wheeler in Stanhope, and the Watchung Reservation in Mountainside. Enjoy a summer of program on a schedule that works for you! Small group sizes means space is limited, so discover your next adventure at a Patriots’ Path Council camp today!

Still have questions about the program available this summer? Watch the Cub Scout Day Camp Webinar to hear the answers to some of the common questions from Leaders and parents.

Outdoor Academy

Scouting from Anywhere!

The Outdoor University is a virtual course of merit badges and programs brought to you by Patriots’ Path.

Participants get to work on the merit badges or programs of their choice in an a la carte style schedule. Participants can join up to eight classes a week, or choose to participate in only one or two.

Five one-week sessions will be available from July through the beginning of August, but space is limited.

Scouts BSA Resident Camp

Unit Camping for the 2020 Summer Season

Due to New Jersey executive order, Patriots’ Path Council will not be operating a week-long Scouts BSA resident camp for the 2020 camping season. Please take a moment to read the full Monday Message for details.

Camp With Confidence

Explore all of the opportunities that Patriots’ Path has to offer!

Patriots’ Path Council if proud to offer a wide variety of camping options for your and your family. We have summer day camp and resident camp programs for all youth, as well as numerous year-round camping activities and programs! Safety is paramount at all of our camps. All camps are nationally accredited and our lifeguards are certified. Our camp staff are all trained in CPR and first aid, and all of our summer camps have a certified EMT or nurse on staff. Patriots’ Path Council camps and facilitates are available for rental to outside organizations and programs too! if you have any questions please call us at (973) 765-9322.

COVID-19 Information

Planning Safe Programs, to Protect Scouting’s Future

The current COVID-19 crisis has changed plans for everyone, and shown each of us all what is truly important us.

Patriots’ Path Council is dedicated to providing the best possible outdoor programs, in the safest way possible. If you have any questions about summer camp, or camping with Patriots’ Path Council in the future, please take a moment to read through the Frequently Asked Questions below, and review the Councils updates on the situation.

In the next two weeks we anticipate having State guidelines and will share them. It’s a very interesting time for everyone but our goal is, and always has been, to get our Scouts outdoors and safety is our #1 priority. We will not operate this summer if it is unsafe and we will do everything possible to keep every Scout safe and healthy during their stay at camp.

Will the rules change for camp this year?

The CDC and the state health department have not issued guidelines or rules yet, but yes things will certainly be managed more strictly to protect campers, leaders and staff. We will have to be licensed by the state to operate as well as pass an inspection. We have attended several webinars with the American Camping Association, the NJ Camp Directors association, the NJ Department of Health, as well as the Boy Scouts of America. All information was in depth but inconclusive. Camps are phase two in the federal plan and the states plan so we will continue to prepare for camp while monitoring the latest developments. In the meantime, below are some answers (as of today) to frequently asked questions we have received from leaders and parents.

Will kids need to wear masks?

CDC says they will not be required, but we encourage each family to make that decision individually.

Will social distancing be required?

Yes. Class sizes will be limited, and large camp wide gatherings will be adapted or canceled to allow for safe social distancing.

Will it be one camper per tent?

We anticipate two Scouts to a tent however we are awaiting official guidelines. If you are uncomfortable with your Scout sharing a tent, talk to your unit leadership about alternative arrangements.

Will testing be required?

Some states say “yes”, other States say “no”. We are leaning toward yes.

Will temperatures be taken?

Yes, upon check in and on Wednesday (midweek).

Will there be a sanitizer team like the supermarkets have?

Yes, we plan to have a dedicated cleaning team and have developed SOP’s for sanitizing public spaces.

Will there be hand sanitizer stations?

Yes, all Patriots’ Path Council camps have had sanitizer stations for the past decade. We will be adding additional stations in high-traffic areas, as well as making sure that there is adequate signage and marking to the existing stations are easily recognized.

What happens if there is an outbreak at camp?

Based on the duration of the Scouts stay in camp, it is unlikely an outbreak will occur with Scouts. Our concern is for our staff, who will be staying at camp all summer. Staff will wear masks and have specific policies to adhere to. We do have a communicable disease plan in place. All of these policies are to ensure that our staff are safe and healthy, and are available to keep your Scouts safe and healthy.

Will the medical form policy be adjusted to not require a health provider signature?

No, the BSA Health and Medical Record will still be required for all Scouts, leaders, and staff, and will require parts A, B, and C. However, an E-signature will be acceptable from a virtual doctor’s visit.

Will visitors be allowed in camp?

No, visitors will not be allowed in camp. Sunday check in will be a scheduled drop-off and Saturday will be scheduled pick-up only, and only those persons staying in camp for the week will be allowed past the parking lot.

Will the staff be tested?

The staff will be tested prior to attending camp, and will be quarantined on the camp property for the duration of the camping season (subject to State guidelines changing).

Will there be more Health Lodge staff?

Our plan is to have more trained health care providers on staff. We plan to have at least one Registered Nurse or Physician’s Assistant on duty, as well as our EMTs and Paramedics.

Will the dining hall be practicing social distancing and what about food service?

Our plan is to not utilize the dining hall for meals, and instead have all meals in the campsites. Some meals “grab-and-go”, where a staff member or leader will pick up the prepared meals from the dining hall for the unit, while other meals will be delivered for the unit to prepare in the campsite. Our food service staff is fully trained by Servsafe and we will employ a fulltime Servsafe food protection manager to oversee the food service operation.

Will Swimming be allowed?

We are waiting on guidelines from the state as to the swimming restrictions.

How will Shooting sports handle sharing eye protection, and other shared materials or equipment?

All equipment that is shared by participants will be sanitized by the staff after each use, prior to the next person touching the equipment. We will add more safety equipment to accommodate sanitization.