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As a leader, you are among the thousands of adults that make the Boy Scout program possible for youth. You also represent the program’s best sales force. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned. Every family should receive the message that Scouting is alive and well and available in their neighborhood. From outdoor adventures to character building, now is the time to invite new families to experience all that Scouting offers. Our Membership Plan blends traditional and new campaign strategies to help your pack welcome new members, all while showcasing the adventure of Scouting.

PPC Membership Plan

This plan has been put together to assist units in recruiting new families. We challenge you to use these ideas in your recruitment efforts, use your imagination, and help spread the excitement. Download the latest PPC Membership Plan which provides Council’s key goals and suggested tactics on how to achieve them.

VIP Info for All Unit Leaders

The following are the key actions you need to take to successfully recruit youth to your unit.

  • Ensure that your Unit ‘Pin’ information is up to date. Find out how here. 
  • Help promote and reinforce Scouting SafelyThe BSA’s Commitment to Safety and reasure parents how safe scouting is.
  • Utilize Safety Moments during your meeting and recruitment events.
  • Identify a parent willing to serve as your unit’s New Member Coordinator (i.e. recruiting / membership chair) and have them take the position specific training. Provide your NMC contact info to your District Executive.

Recruiting For Cub Scouts

The following presentations and resources will provide Pack Membership Chairs and New Member Coordinators with the knowledge and tools to successfully recruit new youth to their units.


Recruiting For Scouts BSA

New Member Coordinator Position

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends not only on having new members join the unit, but also on engaging youth and their families in the unit experiences so that they feel Welcomed and want to stay. The role of the New Member Coordinator is to ensure that both keys to success take place.

James Agar

VP, PPC Membership


Lawrence Morris

PPC Recruiting Chair

Michelle Blanchfield

Fishawack Membership Chair


Paul Muzeni

Pioneer Membership Chair


Raritan Valley Membership Chair



Skylands Membership Chair

"I knew Cub Scouts was the right place for us, when during our first Pack event my son was being goofy and flipped himself off his camp chair. Another Cub Scout (who never met us before) came running over to help my son pick up his chair; asking if he was OK. It was just the sweetest thing to witness. We started Cub Scouts not knowing anyone and now we have found a Den, a Pack and a second family!"
Tiger Parent
Pack 145

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