Hikes and Historic Trails

Patriots’ Path Council has several historic trails within our council area that allow Scouts to explore New Jersey’s rich history. Our historic trail hikes have options suitable for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venture Scouts. Historic hikes not only give Scouts the opportunity to learn about the history of the area they are hiking, they also provide opportunities to complete advancement and merit badge requirements. Scouts can learn how to prepare for an outing, safety and the Buddy System, how to apply Leave No Trace principles as well as learning about the environment they will be exploring. The Victory Trail Historic Hike and Walking Tour provide Scouts these learning opportunities in an urban setting.

Patriots’ Path Council is pleased to announce that in August 2018, The Victory Trail joined the Jockey Hollow Trail on the list of BSA National Historic Trails.


Spend the day exploring Jockey Hollow and learn about General Washington’s winter encampment in historic Morristown during the harsh winter of 1779/1780.

Consider pairing the Jockey Hollow Trail and the Victory Trail as part of your program year. Hike the Jockey Hollow Trail in the late fall or winter for a taste of what Washington’s Army experienced in that bitter winter of 1779/1780. The following spring, hike the Victory Trail and once again, experience the events as they unfolded for that same army in June 1780.

Follow the events of the “Forgotten Victory of Springfield” in the spring of 1780 when New Jersey Militiamen and Continentals successfully turned back a British Invasion, saving the colonies from certain defeat.




Venturers can hike the Appalachian Trail to complete requirements for the Venturing the Appalachian Trail Award. 


Visit Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation and learn about the fascinating history of our very own camp property first inhabited by the Lenne Lenape and later by Joseph Frenche for whom Frenche’s Pond was named.

Cub Scouts can spend the day hiking at Winnebago Scout Reservation on a 2 mile trail that explores our camp while learning about the history that includes the Lenni Lenape, an iron forge, a bank in Linden, NJ and the first Scouts to camp at what will later become Winnebago Scout Reservation.

Scouts BSA and Venturing Crews can visit Winnebago Scout Reservation to complete one of four hikes that explore historic Hibernia and Rockaway. With hikes varying in length from 8.5 miles to 19.8 miles, we have something for everyone.

Please see the tabs below for more information on these hikes for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venture Scouts

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