One Car One Difference

The official vehicle donation program of the Boy Scouts of America allows you to donate a vehicle to Patriots’ Path Council. The proceeds from its sale will support youth in northern and central New Jersey (note: due to IRS rules, donating to a specific Scout unit is not an option).

It is easy to donate! Set up an appointment with One Car One Difference on their website or by calling them at 855.272.1227.

Thank you very much for donating your vehicle to the Patriots’ Path Council and making an impact on the 17,000 Scouts we serve!


How much does IAA retain for services?
The pricing structure for the Boy Scouts of America is a flat fee of $180 per vehicle.

How much does the BSA National Council retain for services?
The National Council will take 5 percent of the proceeds to process the payment back to the local council.

Does IAA handle the donation of boats and trailers? If so must a boat be trailered?
In most cases, boats need to be trailered. Generally speaking, most of the boats that are not trailered would cost more to process than they are worth. Exceptions would be boats that are of higher value (e.g., a functional sailboat that is still in the water). There is simply not a competitive market for fiberglass hulls lacking a motor and a trailer. Each boat is treated uniquely and measured for its return vs. costs.

Can a donation made from our council page be designated to us regardless of ZIP code?
The donor must know the specific council name or council identifying number. If the donor does not know this information, the donation will go to the council in the donor’s ZIP code.

Upon sale, how quickly are proceeds sent to the council?
Proceeds are processed by IAA and electronically transferred twice a month to the National Council.  The National Council will process payments to local councils one time per month, so local councils can expect payment within 60-days of IAA selling the donated vehicle.

Is there a link for our website so donors can process their donation directly with IAA?
Yes, a website link was provided in the email sent on September 8, 2011, by the Boy Scouts of America’s National Development Office to all local councils. These instructions and additional materials are available on the Brand on Demand site as well.

Once a vehicle is donated, how quickly does IAA pick up the vehicle, and is the cost for transportation included in the flat fee?
Within 100 miles of our 160 locations, we pick up within 24 hours. Farther than that is typically two days. Yes, towing is included in the flat $180 rate.

Does IAA handle airplanes, campers, trailers, etc.?
Yes, we handle and sell it all—from a moped to a tractor trailer, farming and construction equipment, and everything in between.

Does IAA generate the 1098-C?
Yes, we manage all the tax reporting, donor tax forms and provide the donor with the sales receipt. We also take care of the charity’s responsibility to the IRS at the end of the year.

What additional information or materials can I expect to receive?
Materials will be offered on the Boy Scouts of America’s Brand on Demand site, and communication will continue from the National Development Office.