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Cedar Knolls Service Center Staff Directory

Phone: (973) 765-9322   –   Fax: (973) 267-3406

Name: Position: Ext: E-mail:
Adams, Will Program Executive 234 [email protected]
Acaro, Lisa Program Specialist – Field 239 [email protected]
Andreo, Marc Scout Executive 245 [email protected]
Ardry, Deb Scout Shop Associate – Cedar Knolls 233 [email protected]
Baskopf, Robert Mailroom Specialist 243 [email protected]
Beirach, Steve Scout Shop Manager – Cedar Knolls 241 [email protected]
Capen, Bridget Administrative Assistant – Outdoor Program 222 [email protected]
Byrne, Ryan Accounting Specialist 254 [email protected]
Dadaian, Carol Registration Assistant 221 [email protected]
Dlugosz, Keith Camping Director 412 [email protected]
Dlugosz, Lori Program Specialist – MASR 414 [email protected]
Ernest, Zachary Administrative Assistant – Development 231 [email protected]
Foster, Greg Ranger – Sabattis S [email protected]
Gonnella, Joseph Director of Development 242 [email protected]
Haak, Curt Reservation Director/Ranger – Winnebago Scout Reservation 415 [email protected]
Haak, Cynthia Program Specialist – Winnebago Scout Reservation 416 [email protected]
Hawkins, Richard Program Specialist – Outdoor Program 225 [email protected]
Hemenetz III, George Development Director 235 [email protected]
Joiner, Andrew Program Director 252 [email protected]
Juarez, Javier Membership Executive 257 [email protected]
Kelly, Joshua Development Assistant 244 [email protected]
Lake, Greg Ranger – MASR A [email protected]
Lobdell, Art Field Director 228 [email protected]
Loughman, Michael Program Executive 226 [email protected]
Maratea, Marc Unit Service Executive 240 [email protected]
Miller, Jeff Unit Service Executive 263 [email protected]
Miller-Porter, Beth Executive Administrative Assistant – Field Service 259 [email protected]
Moore, Patrick Scout Shop Assoicate – Mountainside M [email protected]
Neyman, Wayne Scout Shop Manager – Mountainside 243 [email protected]
Peterson, Richard Field Director 227 [email protected]
Porter, Camila Accounting Specialist 237 [email protected]
Sass, Mike Team Leader Accounting 248 [email protected]
Schwartz, Amy Team Leader Council Operations 246 [email protected]
Sonzogni, Brenda Program Specialist – Field  253 [email protected]
Spaldo, Mark Director of Field Service 251 [email protected]
Stoddard, Tom Assistant Ranger-Allamuchy 413 [email protected]
Suffy, Desiree Program Specialist – Field 261 [email protected]
Thomas, Al Membership Executive 229 [email protected]
Treubig, Gary Scout Shop Associate – Cedar Knolls 233 [email protected]
Van Carpels, Cindy Customer Service Representative 232 [email protected]
Volz, Jennifer Senior Development Director 249 [email protected]
Wellech, Mike Council Registrar 256 [email protected]