Welcome New Scouting Families

Welcome to Scouting! This page has information to start you on your Scouting journey. To learn more about the Scouting program and structure, start with the Cub Scout Adventures Booklet. This booklet will explain our mission, the structure of Scouting (what is a den, a pack, a district etc), activities in Scouting (ever hear of a Pinewood Derby), the different levels of Scouting and the ranks in those levels, awards that can be earned and much much more!

Our camping committee also has great programs including summer camps and year round activities for Scouts and families. Check out the camping page.

Below are articles to help you get started on learning about the Scouting program and structure, purchasing a uniform and activities to do with your Scout.

Things for Parents To Do

A parents’ primary role is to be a cheerleader for your Scout. However, parents are also needed to fulfill volunteer roles to ensure the Scouts receive the best program possible. Some parents become a leader and run a den or have another role in the pack, others organize an event or outing, others bring snack. There are many ways to be involved. Once you do, you’ll be surprise how rewarding it is for you. For any role you choose, it is important that you receive training.

Cub Scout Opportunities

Check out these great activities for Cub Scouts and their families, den, or pack. Visit Cub Opportunities.

Scout Shop

Visit our Scout Shop for uniforms, pinewood derby supplies, patches, gifts, camping supplies and more.

Cub Scout Adventures

New to Scouting? Unsure of how Scouting works? Learn all about Scouting in our adventure booklet.

Cub Scout Adventures Booklet

memBoys Life  Boys’ Life magazine http://boyslife.org/ (Get 50% off if you order through your Cub Scout Pack). Scouts who receive the Boys Life magazine earn more awards and stay in Scouting longer than those who do not.

Boys’ Life Parents Poster
Boys’ Life Message to Parentsfishboyslife
Check out Fishing info in the April 2016 issue of Boys’ LIfe and their Fishing Page.

Where do I get a Uniform?

You can purchase your uniform and other Scouting related items at the Council Scout Shop. They will help you pick out what you need for your level. The uniform checklists below are also a good resource.  Click here for Scout Shop Hours.

  •  Lion Flyer coming soon –kindergarten
  • Tiger Flyer first graders
  • Wolf Flyer second graders
  • Bear Flyer– third graders
  • Webelos Flyer-fourth & fifth graders
  • Scouts BSA Flyer
  • Cub Scout Leader Flyer

Cub Scout Opportunities

Check out our Cub Scout Opportunities Page for activities, programs, shows, sporting events and much more that you can do with your family or Scout unit. Many activities are offered by a group within Patriots’ Path such as the camping group, the STEM group as well as outside groups that have programs for Scouts or minor league and national sports teams that have Scout nights. These programs and events have a discount for Scouts or specific dates.

National Summertime Pack

Your new Scout can earn an award and the summertime pin by doing activities during the summer (one each month). It’s a good opportunity to check out the Cub Opportunities page and see what ball games and other activities Scouts and their families can do.



All parents would benefit from taking Youth Protection Training to learn the rules all must follow when working with Scouts in order to keep them safe. It is a required training if you want to be a leader. It is offered online or in person. We suggest you take it in person the first time to learn more and have all your questions answered.

Cub Scout Leader Training is offered to all leaders for the specific role they are undertaking; den leader, cubmaster, committee chair, etc. 

University of Scouting occurs each December and has over 100 courses to help you increase your Scouting knowledge and provide a great program for your Scouts. Scroll through our council’s training page for training opportunities.