Council Policy and Procedure for Limited Exceptions to Swimming Requirements

Effective August 1, 2017, the BSA Executive Board has approved an exception to the Second Class and First Class swimming requirements, allowing Scouts who live prohibitively far from safe swimming areas to substitute other requirements.

In some geographically large or predominately rural councils, Scouts might live many miles from an indoor swimming pool or safe outdoor swimming area. This exception allows those Scouts to continue their advancement in a way that is practical but still challenging.

One note: This opportunity isn’t for Scouts who are unable to complete the swimming requirements because of an aversion to water.

Patriots’ Path Council swimming exception policy and procedure:

Exceptions for our population would be highly unusual and due to unique circumstances.  If such circumstances pertain, the parent or unit leader shall write a request explaining the hardship, for review by the District Advancement Chair, who will make a recommendation to the Council Advancement Committee for a final decision.