Sussex District Eagle Scout Projects

This list is a compendium of ScoutsBSA Eagle Projects completed in Sussex District, Patriots’ Path Council since 2000. The Eagle Project was added as a requirement in 1965, and as many of the units in Sussex District have histories that go back at least that far, this list is a small fraction of the service that Eagle Scouts have performed in our local communities.

This list is also intended to be a reference for new Eagle Scouts to get ideas for their own projects.

Due to the records being incomplete and damaged, plus ongoing projects that the current class of Eagles are doing, this list is a work in progress.

To add new projects or to update entries, please complete this form. If a unit would like to bulk add/update their Eagle Project records, they can download this spreadsheet and email it to ppcwebmaster[at]

First NameLast InitalTroopTroop TownDistrictTroop Charter OrgBenefiting OrganizationEagle BoR DateProject DescriptionDistrict AdvisorScoutmasterBenefiting Org Rep        
TimD48MSussexHamburg Public SchoolConstructed outdoor Classroom. donated log desksJack Ruckel
GrantM48MSussexFranklin Borough RecreationRefurbished signage at Franklin PondBob CarlsonJack Ruckel
JacobR48MSussexSt. Judes ChurchConstructed flag pole and gardenPaul GJack Ruckel
JohnR48MSussexWallkill Valley Regional HSRefurbished Sen Frank Trail; Overgrown, eroded, lost planks. Removed overgrown weeds. Moved, repainted benches. Refurbished plaqueBob HaideJack RuckelMr Bolcar
TrevorA81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchAndover Borough2019-12-04 00:00:00Refurbished Andover Borough records room.Ed ConradsBernard KapuscinskiJohn Morgan
RyanB81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchAndover Township Environmental CommitteeBuilt rain garden at Hillside Park.Bob CarlsonAl Bills
KyleB81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchLong Pond School (Andover Regional School District)2015-12-18 00:00:00Restored rain garden and constructed a kiosk.Tom OlsenBernard KapuscinskiAnthony Macerino
SamB81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchAndover Borough Fire Department2017-11-29 00:00:00Mapped and marked all fire hydrants in Andover Borough and Township.Tom OlsenBernard KapuscinskiJessie Casella
NickC81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchAndover TownshipFieldside park - Restored fence and benches, and repaired and refurbished pavers underneath.Ron MaugerlTom Howard
BrettC81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchNewton High SchoolConstructed a storage shed for Newton lacrosse team.Al BillsKurt Weaver
TylerC81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchAndover BoroughConstructed a gazebo on Rt. 206 and Rt. 517 dedicated to past mayors.Tom OlsonTom HowardArthur Copcutt
ChrisD81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchStokes State ForestN/ARefurbished an old fire road for 1 1/2 miles; placed trail signs and geocache.Bob CarlsonAl Bills
Matthew H81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchByram Township2020-03-24 00:00:00Built storage shed at Tamarack Park for soccer equipment.Bob BradyBernard Kapuscinski
MichaelH81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchByram Township2020-03-24 00:00:00Built storage shed at Tamarack Park to house water pumping equipment.Bob BradyBernard Kapuscinski
FrankH81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchNewton High SchoolConstructed a ticket booth for the main athletic field.Paul G.Al Bills
DaltonH81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchTownship of Andover2018-09-06 00:00:00Constructed benches and birdhouses at boat launch at Lake Iliff.Frank WallaceBernard Kapuscinski
KevinK81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchNewton Braves Youth Football League2019-10-22 00:00:00Constructed observation platform/press box.Frank WallaceBernard KapuscinskiGreg Heller
BrendanK81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchUnion County Sheriff's Office2016-11-20 00:00:00Built storage shed for K-9 gearBill MacGrayBernard Kapuscinski
LoganK81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchPequest Fish HatcheryConstructed park benches.Karl GrogardBernard Kapuscinski
LukeK81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchKittatinny State ParkConstructed kiosk for hikers.Bob CarlsonAl BillsStephan Ellis
CharlesK81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchSunset Vista Community Garden2015-03-10 00:00:00Revamped nature trail; lined with rocks, logs, and mulch.Bill DebiecBernard KapuscinskiLinda Grinthal
NicholasK81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchSparta Evangelical Free Church2016-04-30 00:00:00Constructed two gaga courts in courtyard.Bob HoudeBernard KapuscinskiDoug Thuen
GunnerN81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchMorris County Sheriff's Office2016-05-23 00:00:00Built and installed scent detection training obstacles for K-9.Bob CarlsonAl BillsMark Chairddanza
MikeQ81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchLakeland Emergency SquadReplaced and relocated flagpole; cleaned up area and wall.Al BillsBill Debieu
DennisR81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchConstructed athletic benches for Sussex VoTech soccer, baseball and track and field.Bob DuncanDoug Rupp
KeithR81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchHidden Valley Lake Association2015-07-18 00:00:00Built shed and benches, and restored four picnic tables.Bob HoudeAl Bills
ChrisS81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchMaster Gardens of NJRenovated a therapy garden at Homestead Nursing Home.Bob DuncanTom Howard
BenS81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchBristol GlenRepaired a walking trail.Bill SpicigerAl Bills
SeanS81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchAndover Township School District2019-04-09 00:00:00Constructed a garden at FMB school.Karl GrogardBernard KapuscinskiMatt Beck
JohnW81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchPope John High SchoolConstructed benches for high school track.Bill SpicigerAl Bills
JustinW81MAndoverSussexAndover United Methodist ChurchBristol Glen2015-03-10 00:00:00Constructed a block patio.Bill DebiecAl Bills
JeffA82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaFather John's Animal ShelterInstalled cat walk, repaired molding and painted.Bill SpicigerWarren Potter
ChristopherA82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSparta Fire Dept.Built a rooftop simulator for fireman rooftop drillsBob BradyFrank Wood
BrendonB82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSparta Historical SocietyInstalled patioBill DebiecTodd Schmidt
PatB82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaKnoll HeightsConstructed three benches and 1/8 mile markers on trail with a kiosk at beginningBob CarlsonRoger RowanLinda Pinto
AlexC82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSparta Methodist ChurchConstructed an arbor with fenceKarl GrogardTodd Schmidt
TomC82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaLake Mohawk Country Club - Toboggan BeachDrainage stream - cleaned out stream added landscape tiesBob CarlsonWarren Potter
JackD82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSparta townshipConstructed a shed behind Mohawk Avenue High SchoolKarl GrogardWarren Potter
MarkD82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSparta Parks and RecConstructed 30x30 picnic area at White Lake field. Bordered with timber and covered with mulch. Constructed five picnic tables and grills.Bill SpicigerWarren Potter
DevinG82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaFather John's Animal ShelterConstructed a dog walking path. 400 yards. MulchPaul G.Roger Rowan
KyleG82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSparta German Christmas MarketConstructed a hutBill MacGrayWarren Potter
LyamG82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaStation Park, SpartaRefurbished and moved Station Park sign and landscape around itPaul G.Warren Potter
ThomasH82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaCranberry Lake Community ClubPaved stone path from the gateway to the bridge and dock. Cleaned weeds added pavers and mulchBob CarlsonRoger Rowan
WillK82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSparta Parks DeptImproved trails system on Sparta MountainEd ConradsFrank Wood
EvanL82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSparta RecEdison Road Park - Constructed new sign and landscaped. Built two benches near tennis courtsBill SpicigerRoger RowanGinny
StevenM82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaManna HouseRemodeled a pantry, built shelves, installed new floor (25'x10')0Roger RowanLinda Zwart
SeanM82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaOur Lady of the LakePainted two rooms and constructed a shedBob DuncanWarren Potter
BradN82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaToboggan BeachRemoved a tree and overgrown brushRon MauerWarren Potter
MattN82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaToboggan BeachConstructed 8x12 shed. Painted shed and removed a tree that was in the wayPaul BoreWarren Potter
SamP82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaFather John's Animal ShelterReconstructed a footbridge 20' over creek bed leading to exercise areaBill GannonWarren Potter
GarretP82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaConstructed a meditation gardenBill SpicerWarren Potter
JaredP82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSterling Hill Mining MuseumInstalled patio pavingJeff HostakTodd Schmidt
MichaelS82MSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaMorning Glory Storage ProjectBuilt cubbies for art supplies, display case and pillow holderBill DebiecFrank Wood
JoeS82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaCatholic CharitiesRebuilt fence for Catholic Charities in Oak Ridge. Part of Monastery on Glenn Road. 1800'Paul BoreRoger Rowan
RobertT82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaManna House / First Presbyterian Church of NewtonPerformed renovations. Repaired floor and shelves, painted wallsBill DebiecRoger RowanLaura Lippencott
PatrickT82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaProject Self SufficiencyConstructed meditation garden. Mulched, planted 3 boxwoods, paved 6x6 path to 12' circlePaul BoreWarren Potter
ReedT82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaOgdensburg Mine / Sterling Hill MineRestored equipmentBob CorcoranWarren Potter
EvanT82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaSparta Historical Society / First Presbyterian Church of SpartaDocumented and organized list of the tombstones in cemetery. Also, noted Civil War graves.Bill SpicigerWarren Potter
GregU82MSpartaSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaRebuilt playground and variety of stations including Sandbox, SlidesBill SpicigerRoger Rowan
EvanG83MSussexOur Lady of Mt. CarmelRenovated cry room for kidsFrank WallaceHarold Bork
BrianP83MSussexSwartswood State Park?Constructed two kiosks and signs for township parksRon MaugoriEric Pfunke
BrianP83MSussexVeteran's Memorial ParkRemoved invasive plants. Added pond and bird bathPaul G.Eric Pfunke
LukeP83MSussexHelping Horseshoe Riding ClubRebuilt autistic child riding ringGeorge LippencottHarold Bork
JamesT83MSussexKittatinny Regional High SchoolConstructed shelving units for bandFrank WallaceHarold Bork
McKenzieA84MSussexSussex Wantage School DistrictConstructed a nature trail and benches by Wantage SchoolBob DuncanBrian Bell
JoeB84MSussexNORWESCAPOrganized and managed a book driveBob CarlsonJason Hilbert
DanB84MSussexSussex United Methodist ChurchConstructed a patio and meditation area 12'x8' with concrete paversGeorge EidamBrian Bell
EthanB84MSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of BranchvilleReplaced drainage pipe with french drainBob CorcoranKeith Hellman
BenH84MSussexSussex United Methodist ChurchBuilt pathway to chapel for elderly parishionersFrank WallaceJason Hilbert
AnthonyM84MSussexHigh Point State ParkAdded trail markingBill MacGrayRandy Shorr
JoeM84MSussexHigh Point State ParkConstructed nesting boxes for bluebirds. Constructed a kioskPaul G.Brian BellMrs. Fitzgerald
TimM84MSussexSussex Wantage PoundConstructed a garden and dry pond for catsBob CarlsonBrian Bell
TylerS84MSussexClove CemeteryConstructed flagpole ring with paversKarl GrogardJason Hilbert
MikeS84MSussexColesville Fire Dept.Repaired sign and replaced roofBob HoudeJason Hilbert
PatrickS84MSussexWantage Dog PoundRenovation of patio and gardenJohn ForrestRandy Shorr
RyanW84MSussexColesville Fire Dept.Installed flagpole, fence, walkway, wall and plantingsBill MacGrayJason Hilbert
RyanB85MSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of SpartaRefurbished food pantry, built shelves. Held food drive to stock shelvesBob CarlsonBob Gerdes
MichaelB85MSussexAmerican Legion Post 86Painted lines in parking lot. Enclosed fire pitBob DuncanJeff Haines
MattB85MSussexLong Pond School in AndoverLandscaped front of school and around flagpoleTom OlsenJeff HainesMr. Sinclair
DaveC85MSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of NewtonConstructed a raised planter garden for church signBill SpicigerBob Gerdes
MarshallC85MSussexAndover TownshipConstructed 150 bat boxesBill SpicigerJeff Haines
StevenD85MSussexFlorence M Burd School in AndoverPlanted trees, installed walkway, repaired flag pole0Bob Gerdes
EricD85MSussexSCARCClearview Group Home Newton - scraped off paint and repainted 30'x9' deck. Installed walking path 3' x 13'Paul BoreJeff Haines
RichG85MSussexFirst Presbyterian Church NewtonHung shelves, painted closet. Built flower garden around signGeorge EidanJeff Haines
JesseG85MSussexOne Step Closer Animal RescueConstructed an adoption roomEd ConradsJeff Haines
ThomasG85MSussexNewton VFWBeautification in front of building to flagpoleTom OlsenJeff Haines
PhilH85MSussexNewton First Aid SquadConstructed a handicap RampPaul G.Jeff Haines
TimH85MSussexAndover TownshipConstructed walkway and circle around flagpole at police headquartersRon MangeriBob Gerdes
TylerH85MSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of NewtonConstructed shelving in garage cargo baysPaul G.Jeff Haines
BrianH85MSussexNorthern NJ Veterans cemeteryConstructed bat housesBob DuncanJeff Haines
BillyK85MSussexSussex County Dept for People with DisabilitiesPower washed and restained deck, planted flowers. Replaced weatherstripingBill SpicigerJeff HainesBill Rudolph
JohnK85MSussexAndover TownshipHillside Park- Repaired sheds and repaintedBob CorcoranJeff Haines
ConnorK85MSussexFlorence Burd School AndoverConstructed a butterfly gardenJeff HostakJeff Haines
CalebM85MSussexLakeland-Andover SchoolConstructed 2 retaining walls and plantersGeorge EidanJeff Haines
ChrisM85MSussexLong Pond School in AndoverConstructed outdoor area for teaching and action socialization classesPaul BoveBob Gerdes
DanielM85MSussexStokes State ForestRepaired trail signs and bench. Planted flowers.Ed ConradJeff Haines
KeithM85MSussexAndover Regional High SchoolRenovated mile long nature and fitness track through woods.Tom OlsenBob GerdesMr Sinclair
GregoryN85MSussexWild Baby Rescue CenterBuilt baby squirrel and possum enclosure for rescue center in BlairstownJeff HostackJeff Haines
LoganP85MSussexAmerican Legion Post 86Painted windows, doors, and handrails. (23 windows, 6 doors, 1 garage door)Paul G.Jeff Haines
KyleP85MSussexSussex County LibraryConstructed two benchesPaul G.Jeff Haines
BrendanR85MSussexNewton First Aid SquadReplaced deckEd ConradsJeff Haines
MIchaelR85MSussexVernon EMSCleaned, painted, constructed shelvesBob CarlsonJeff Haines
JohnR85MSussexSt. Joseph's RC Church, NewtonTiled floor and moved baptismal fontFrank WallaceJeff Haines
SeamusR85MSussexSt. Joseph Church, NewtonPainted wall and statue in mausoleum. Planted shrubs. Installed benchesTom OlsenJeff Haines
KevinS85MSussexVeterans cemeteryConstructed benchesPaul G.Jeff Haines
EricS85MSussexNewton American Legion Post 86Renovated the Legion Hall. Spackled and paintedTom OlsenBob Gerdes
CharlesS85MSussexTown of DenvilleConstructed a message center at the poolBob CarlsonJeff Haines
StevenS85MSussexTown of NewtonFour "Welcome to Newton" signs. Added plants, solar lighting and mulchPaul G.Jeff Haines
BillW85MSussexFirst Baptist Church of NewtonRefurbished room, Constructed shelves and coat racks, paint roomsPaul G.Jeff Haines
MikeW85MSussexFirst Baptist Church of NewtonRepaired porch and steps for sunday school building . Painted porchBill SpicigerJeff Haines
ChristopherB88MSussex0Jeff HostackPhil Rauchbach
ChristopherB88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Sussex Count Library SystemReading bench and sitting area at LibraryJeff HostackPhil Rauchbach
PatrickC88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
AndrewC88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusSt. Judes Church, HopatcongRefurbished ladies' room and classroomTom OlsonMandy Fernandez
KyleC88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Borough of HopatcongMoved gazebo. Rebuilt roof and floorBill MacGrayPhil Rauchbach
JohnC88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusMandy Fernandez
TylerC88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Boro of HopatcongRepaired playgroundPaul G.Phil Rauchbach
MikeC88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
ChristopherD88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
StephenD88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
TimothyF88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
ChristianF88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
Matthew F88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
NickK88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Lake Hopatcong FoundationDesigned and constructed rain garden at the old railroad stationEd ConradsDon Wolfe
MattK88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Lake Hopatcong Environmental CommissionPut up signs on trails in HopatcongPaul G.Phil Rauchbach
KevinK88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
AnthonyK88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
D.JL88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusHopatcong High SchoolRefurbished a walkway and planted trees for memorialBob Scanlon
BillL88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
NathanM88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
DavidM88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusStevens State ParkRemoved a garden wall. Built a new wall with pavers and old wall stones. Built a flower bed and fencePaul GBob Scanlon
JeffM88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
JabobM88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3St. Michaels ChurchLay pavers at St Michaels Church RectoryPhil Rauchbach
ParaicO88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusStevens State ParkConstructed a foot bridge on the Highland Trail by Waterloo VillagePaul BoveBob Scanlon
JamesP88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
CraigP88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusSt. Kateri, SpartaRefurbished Stations of the Cross behind church. Cleared trail, restained posts, repaired benches.Bob CarlsonDon Wolff
ZacharyR88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Westside Methodist Church Pre-SchoolConstructed a fencePaul G.Don Wolfe
RickR88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
MikeS88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
RobertS88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusHopatcong SchoolExpanded decomposition farm at Hopatcong High School, making it 4 times as large. Built tables and chairs.Tom OlsenBob Scanlon
SamS88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Boro of HopatcongRestored bocce and horseshoe courts and benchesFrank WallaceDon Wolfe
ChrisS88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Town of HopatcongConstructed a bus stopBill MacGrayPhil Rauchbach
MikeS88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusSt. Judes Church, HopatcongRefurbished men's roomTom OlsenBob Scanlon
TomS88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusSt. Judes Church, HopatcongRemodeled entranceway to church. Upgrades included electric wiring, floor, ceiling, wall paneling. Repaired sheetrock, retiled ceilingPaul BoveBob Scanlon
ChristianS88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusWestside Methodist Church Pre-SchoolRemoved invasive vegetation and build kioskBill SpicerDon Wolff
Matthew S88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Camp CaspersenImprovements to Camp CaspersonPhil Rauchbach
JoshuaS88MHopatcongSussexDefiance Engine Company #3Hopatcong RecGarden 20x8Ed ConradsPhil Rauchbach
JosephS88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
MarkT88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
ChrisW88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
ChaseW88MHopatcongSussexKnights of ColumbusKnights of ColumbusConstructed ramp in Hopatcong High SchoolBob HoudeBob Scanlon
DarrinW88MHopatcongSussexKnights of Columbus
CameronB90MSussexUnited Methodist Church of Warwick New YorkRebuilt a 12x16 shed.Bill DebiecGary Hintzen
ErikF90MSussexCASAAcquired and filled duffle bags with supplies for childrenBob CarlsonJoe HendershotErica Fisha-Kaslander
BrianG90MSussexFranklin RecreationConstructed two benches and three tables. Refurbished tables at Franklin PondTom OlsenKarl Grogard
JosephG90MSussexAndover RehabilitationConstructed a GardenBill SpicigerGary Hintzen
TimH90MSussexSt. Jude's ChurchRepaired sign in front of church. Added landscapingBill DebiecJoe Hendershot
JaredH90MSussexFranklin Senior CitizensConstructed four raised garden boxes by senior citizens centerBill SpicigerGary Hintzen
SeanI90MSussexFranklin Recreation/Franklin BoroughCleared trail for gazebos at shoreline by island. Constructed benches.Bill SpicigerGary Hintzen
KrystianK90MSussexFranklin BoroughConstructed bat housesHal Avery
RyanK90MSussexHardyston TownshipConstructed a sign at Wheatsworth ParkBill MacGrayJoe Hendershot
JustinL90MSussexFranklin BoroBuilt covers for 55 gallon garbage drumsKarl GrogardJoe Hendershot
MichaelM90MSussexWantage Dog PoundPlanned an animal adoption driveBob CarlsonJoe Hendershot
LoganM90MSussexWallkill Valley Regional High SchoolConstructed benchesKarl GrogardGary Hintzen
BenM90MSussexBoro of Franklin Recreation DeptRefurbished picnic area behind baseball fieldTom OlsenGary Hintzen
NickO90MSussexFranklin Recreation/Historical SocietyConstructed signs for Franklin PondBill SpicigerGary Hintzen
GrantP90MSussexImmaculate Conception ChurchConstructed a meditation and sitting area. Including benches and planter boxesBill SpicigerGary Hintzen
AndrewS90MSussexFranklin Recreation/Franklin BoroughConstructed a bird observation structure by pondPaul G.Gary Hintzen
StevenS90MSussexFranklin BoroughConstructed wood duck boxes at Franklin PondTom OlsenGary Hintzen
MattA91MSussexAmerican Legion of StanhopeModernized bathrooms and renovated. Walls, ceilings, toilets, sinksBill SpicerDave Barnish
MatthewA91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278American Legion Post 278 of Stanhope2015-11-16 00:00:00Modernized womens bathroom and renovated. Replaced floor and fixtures, repaired leaks in vanity. Installed a new ceiling, completed painting of the room, for the American Legion Post.Bill SpicerDave BarnishCarl Beale
NicholasA91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Hopatcong Environmental Commission2014-03-07 00:00:00Cleaned up one mile of trail at the Roland Ewes Bird Sanctuary, removed debris and overgrown weeds on the trail. Replaced a water tank in observation hut and installed marker posts along the trail.Bill SpicerBob DuncanJan Scanlon
MatthewB91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Hopatcong Borough School District - High School2008-03-12 00:00:00Constructed an Observation Pond for use by the Biology Department in the High School. Created and Installed pond, water circulation pump, indigenous plants and stone border.Dave BarnishHopatcong Board of Education
MarkC91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278American Legion Post 278 of Stanhope2015-07-14 00:00:00Complete Refurbish of Men’s bathroom. Demo Room down to the studs. Replaced all plumbing, sheetrock, toilet, urinals, sink, fixtures, lights, repaired walls and tiled the walls, for the American Legion Post.Bill MacGrayBob DuncanCarl Beale
Thomas D91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278St. Therese Roman Catholic Church2014-10-06 00:00:00Created a refelection area in the front of the Church. Cleared out bushes and overgrowth added bench and pavers. Added new plants and mulched the area.Ed ConradsDave Barnish Rev. Richard D. Kilcomons
Robert D91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Hopatcong Borough School District - Hudson Maxim School2008-08-28 00:00:00Completely rebuilt Safety Town for incoming Kindergartners at the school. Constructed 7 buildings, street signs, and street layout to teach children safety measures by creating a town.Dave BarnishHopatcong Board of Education
StephenD91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Hopatcong Police Dept2012-04-16 00:00:00Constructed a specially designed K-9 dog house. Construction cosisted of installing concrete slab, fence and insulated multi-chamber dog house to be used all year round. Paul GryzwaczDave BarnishDetective Mike Luciani
NickF91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Borough of Hopatcong2016-06-16 00:00:00Refurbished first 50 fire hydrants coming into Hopatcong- Fire Hydrants needed to have overgrowth cut back, needed to be painted, and flagged (new reflective code compliant flagmarkers were added for visibility). Bill SpicerDave Barnish
AlexF91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Hopatcong Community Garden2013-11-30 00:00:00Constructed a shed from the ground up and completed landscaping around base of shed to house all garden equipment for the Community Garden.Bill GannonDave BarnishJenn Barone
Michael G91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church2019-02-21 00:00:00St. Michael's Food Pantry - Onsite Garage was designated for installation of a new food pantry. Room was cleared of all Church supplies and prepped for installation of shelves. 25' of shelving was added increasing the capacity for storage. Shelves were constructed and designed to specifications of the pantry volunteers. Robert CorcoranTom LupoFather Mike Lee
WyattG91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Hopatcong Borough School District - High School2012-12-18 00:00:00Rehabilitated the old cross country course, which was overgrown. Regraded the pathways and cleared all debris and overgrown weeds and vines. Constructed two bridges over small waterways. Bill DebiecDave BarnishHopatcong Board of Education
WilliamK91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Borough of Hopatcong2015-07-27 00:00:00Rehabilitated the Roland Ewes Bird Sanctuary main parking area. Concrete parking barriers were installed, removed overgrown weeds and vines. Installed plants, removed fenceBill MacGrayDave BarnishRon Jobbless
AlexL91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Borough of Hopatcong2020-01-07 00:00:00Hopatcong Animal Shelter - Donation box was constructed and installed on a new gravel pad. Flower beds were repaired and new plants added. Overgrown vines on fences at entry were removed. Sidewalks were mulched and new plants added. Jeff HostackGerard SerpicoMayor Michael Francis
DerekL91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278St. Jude's Roman Catholic Church2020-10-20 00:00:00St. Jude's Church Sacristy Renovation - Vanity Area was renovated with a new vanity, cabinet and mirror. Main closet holding Priest vestments was restructured, doors were refinished with new tracking system and new handles installed. Shelves were added, closet was painted, PA system relocated, new hanging bar installed. James HermesGerard SerpicoFather Peter Wierzbicki
ConnerM91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Hopatcong Community Garden2015-11-08 00:00:00Built a new Garden plot, added a Fence, constructed a Bench with Trellis for shade and cleared area of weeds and debris.Frank WallaceDave BarnishJenn Barone
SeanM91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Allamuchy State Park2010-03-25 00:00:00Constructed four benches and a kiosk for State Park Trail in Andover. Tom OlsenDave Barnish
JustinP91MSussexHopatcong Senior CenterRemoved and reconstructed sign, flower box, and landscaped around flower boxBill GanonDave Barnish
BrandonR91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Hopatcong Borough School District - High School2014-08-06 00:00:00Restructured Hiking Trail from High School to the Civic Center in Hopatcong. Regraded and cleared pathways to make a safer trail. Installed trail markers.Tom OlsenDave BarnishHopatcong Board of Education
RyanS91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Borough of Stanhope - Lake Musconetcong State Park2016-09-15 00:00:00Repaired and stained fence and benches in the park. Cleaned out overgrown weeds and mulched areas around the benches. Removed weeds from both park areas. Made 2 additional benches in addition to repairing the existing ones.Bill MacGrayDave BarnishBrian McNeily
Tyler S91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Borough of Stanhope2018-08-15 00:00:00Furnace Pond Park - Re-marked Basketball court, added nets for hoops and painted the backboards. 2 benches were constructed and added to the area. Cleared walking path of all overgrowth and debris and removed all debris from water dam and river in the walking area.Dave BarnishMayor Rosemarie Maio
DominicS91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Borough of Hopatcong2018-01-07 00:00:00Evaluated 60 Fire Hydrants in the Borough for Flag marking. All Hydrants in the area had overgrowth cut back and removed. All Hydrants were repainted, and 55 Hydrants were flagged with new reflective code compliant flag markers for visibility.Jeff HostakDave BarnishFire Marshall Franklin Steinberg
DonS91MStanhopeSussexHopatcong Fire MarshalPainted and cleaned flagpoleJeff HostakDave Barnish
AlexT91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278House of Good Shepherd Retirement Home2009-11-19 00:00:00Repaired screenhouse Gazebo and retrofitted new interior. Added new roof, landscaping and handicap ramp. Bill SpicerDave BarnishJennifer Sills
EvynT91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Hopatcong Senior Center2012-07-26 00:00:00Removed and reconstructed large identification sign, repaired flower box, and regraded the landscaping around flower box. Bill GanonDave BarnishSue Parichuk
AlexT91MStanhopeSussexHouse of Good Shepherd Retirement HomeRepaired screenhouse. Added new roof, landscaping and handicap rampBill SpicerDave BarnishJennifer Sills
AnthonyT91MStanhopeSussexAmerican Legion Post 278Borough of Hopatcong2014-06-19 00:00:00Repaired memorial at Veterans Field. Cleaned and repaired the memorial Wall, added benches, repaired Flagpole, regraded and aligned pavers. Added Flower beds and bushes. Ed ConradsBob DuncanRon Jobbless
ChrisA92MSussexFredon Township Recreation CommitteeConstructed a nature trail 1.3 miles long. Three benches, eight points of interest with informational sign.Bill GannonAndy Simonis
NickB92MSussexKittatinny Regional High SchoolRefinished a picnic table, constructed benchesBob CarlsonBill Erickson
JimC92MSussexLodestar Park – Fredon RecConstructed three paved walking pathsPaul G.Andy Simonis
DerekC92MSussexFairview cemeteryInstalled 600 feet of new fence. Painted posts and schoolhouseKarl GrogardBill Erickson
MatthewC92MSussexStillwater TownshipCreated a memorial for first responders at town hallKarl GrogardBill Erickson
AdamD92MSussexAppalachian BowmanRebuilt five picnic tables and benches. Rebuilt stairs to 2nd storyBob CorcoranAndy SimonisJohn Kriso
ChrisD92MSussexKeepers of Coursen CornerHistoric House-Constructed a fence (300ft). Removed old fence, cleared out brushPaul G.Andy Simonis
BillyE92MSussexFredon SchoolOutdoor classroomJeff HostackBill Erickson
GeorgeG92MSussexCamp SacajaweaRemoved trees and constructed two walkways. Cleared brush from buildingsTom OlsenAndy Simonis
ZachG92MSussexFredon RecreationConstructed an information kioskBob DuncanFrank Wallace
LesG92MSussexMasonic Lodge – Rt 206Constructed a sidewalk from entrance to flagpole. Cleaned and refurbished flagpole, installed floodlightsBob CarlsonAndy Simonis
MikeJ92MSussexFredon Elementary SchoolConstructed a bell house (belfry)Paul G.Andy Simonis
MattK92MSussexOur Lady of Mt. Carmel – Food PantryBuilt and painted shelvingBill SpicerFrank Wallace
NickK92MSussexOur Lady of Mt. CarmelRepaired cracks in parking lot and cleared out vegetation around edgesPaul G.Andy Simonis
BrendanL92MSussexVietnam VeteransCollected discarded bicycles and refurbished them for distributionBob CarlsonDave DiPietro
TylerR92MSussexFredon RecreationCleaned and stained wooden rails in Lodestone ParkPaul G.Frank Wallace
PatrickT92MSussexSt. Joseph’s Catholic SchoolFixed up playground – Constructed stepping stones, ramp, benches, prayer gardenBill SpicerAndy Simonis
BrianW92MSussexMasonic Lodge – AndoverRemoved old chairs, replaced with new onesBill MacGrayFrank Wallace
PaulA95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWTownship of SpartaSparta Library playground. Repaired fence and benchesGeorge EidamMike Stenderowicz
DavidB95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWFirst Presbyterian Church of Sparta2008-12-30 00:00:00Removed broken pavers and planted shrubs. Built a new benchBill GannonDave Wamsley
StephenC95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta Historical Society2017-02-24 00:00:00Restored patio,repaired staircaseTom OlsenDon Fowler
ColinC95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta Fire Dept.2014-06-19 00:00:00Constructed a retention wall around flag pole with stone, built path and picnic tableBill SpicerMike Stenderowicz
TimothyC95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWNew Jersey Forestry ServiceAdded memorial to fallen state forest firefighters. Restored landscaping for flagpole in front of district office. Improved drainage.George LippencottDon Fowler
BrianD95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWLady of the Lake Church2016-01-14 00:00:00Removed weeds, mulched, repaired and painted fence. Placed park benchesBob CarlsonDon Fowler
NickD95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWShepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church2009-04-08 00:00:00Built 45 foot long retaining wallBob CarlsonDave Wamsley
JustinD95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWDept. for People with DisabilitiesRenovated 100x25 garden. Installed a bookcaseBob DuncanMike StenderowiczScott Milkerr
EdwardD95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWJefferson Township2019-11-13 00:00:00Built nature path leading to Lake HopatcongJeff HostackDon Fowler
SeanF95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta Township2011-03-30 00:00:00Sparta Glenn – constructed two picnic tables, installed traffic mirror, cleared areaRon MaugeriMike Stenderowicz
StevenF95MSpartaSussexSparta VFW2006-12-06 00:00:00
DouglasF95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSaint Kateri Church2019-09-11 00:00:00Restored trail through prayer garden. Cleared weeds and trees, re-graveled, repaired stations of the cross and stairs. 1000'x4' trail.Bill DebiecDon Fowler
MichaelF95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWCamp Auxilium2020-12-09 00:00:00Rebuilt mini golf course. Repaired and repainted 600' of fence. Powerwashed and stained 4x4 hole borders; replaced damaged border. Replaced turf on holes. Repainted golf shed and repaired broken windows. Repaired and repainted golf course obstacles and decorations.George LippencottDon Fowler
DylanG95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWCatholic Community and Family Center in Franklin2018-01-30 00:00:00Constructed three raised garden beds and fence to allow food pantry to grow fresh food.Bob CorcoranDon Fowler
JoeI95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSt. Kateri Church, Sparta2015-10-28 00:00:00Leveled area and constructed utility shed. 8X12Karl GrogardMike Stenderowicz
AllenL95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWCatholic Family Community ServicesBuilt an 8x8 wooden shedTom OlsenDave Wamsley
JackL95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSCCC2009-12-23 00:00:00Constructed a fitness trail with four exercise stationsPaul BoveDave Wamsley
KevinL95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSussex County Friends of Animals2012-02-08 00:00:00Painted two rooms, build wall shelves and a benchBill GannonMike Stenderowicz
AlexM95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWShepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church2016-07-05 00:00:00Repaired and painted fence, added bushes and mulchPaul G.Don Fowler
RyanM95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWNorthwest Christian School2019-06-06 00:00:00Built a butterfly garden. Built path with stone paversBob CarlsonDon Fowler
DanielM95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWOur Lady of the Lake Church2016-03-22 00:00:00Collected lightly used sports equipment, cleaned and shipped to HaitiEd ConradsDon Fowler
PatrickM95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta Fire Dept.2015-04-17 00:00:00Installed flag pole and platformTom OlsenMike Stenderowicz
RyanN95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWShepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church2008-12-12 00:00:00Constructed a meditation area, 200 sq foot paved patioTom OlsenDave Wamsley
WilliamN95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta VFW2017-09-27 00:00:00Built 16x16 pergola in rear of VFWBill DebiecDon Fowler
RobertP95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta Fire Dept.2014-06-19 00:00:00Cleared driveway, repaired exterior, added plants and bushesBill SpicerMike Stenderowicz
ZacP95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta Rec2011-06-01 00:00:00Sparta Glenn – Installed trail markers, constructed picnic tables and park benches. Installed benches along trail.Bob DuncanDave Wamsley
MattS95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWOur Lady of the Lake Church2017-09-21 00:00:00Constructed benches that convert to tables. Shipped to HaitiBill MacGrayDon Fowler
BrianS95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWAlpine School2017-07-27 00:00:00Constructed park bench around gardenBob DuncanDon Fowler
JamesS95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWHelen Morgan School2014-10-19 00:00:00Restored nature trail damaged by storms. Cleared brush, removed trees, rebuilt border.Bob CarlsonMike Stenderowicz
SeanS95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta Fire Dept.2014-10-19 00:00:00Replaced strip of asphalt with grass and fencing. 100 feet longBob HoudeMike Stenderowicz
AlexS95MSpartaSussexSparta VFW2006-03-22 00:00:00
DonaldS95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta Fire Dept.2016-06-09 00:00:00GPS located 800 Sparta fire hydrantsTom OlsenMike Stenderowicz
WillS95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWReverend Brown School2017-11-15 00:00:00Renovated Lady of Grace garden. Cleared area. Rebuilt flower gardens, removed tree.Bob DuncanDon Fowler
RobertS95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWNewton Free ClinicRefurbished clinic. Spackled and repainted walls.George LippencottDon Fowler
MichaelS95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWFredon Township2016-08-16 00:00:00Lodestar Park – Remove and replace fence and main gate. Extended fenceKarl GrogardMike Stenderowicz
IanT95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta Township2018-08-15 00:00:00Leveled area and built patio with pavers around Town Hall flagpoleTom OlsenDon Fowler
NateW95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWBlessed Beginnings PreschoolConstructed a sandbox, chalk boardPaul G.Mike Stenderowicz
JohnW95MSpartaSussexSparta VFWSparta VFW2018-03-22 00:00:00Restored veterans memorial monumentBob CarlsonDon Fowler
MarkB96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Hampton Township2009-09-23 00:00:00Paved 146’ path near municipal buildingBill GannonGeorge Lippencott
ScottC96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Kittatinny Regional High School2010-04-21 00:00:00Renovated storeroom for the marching band. Cataloging musicBob CarlsonGeorge Lippencott
BryceC96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Hampton Township2014-02-27 00:00:00Built bocce ball court in town parkBob CarlsonGeorge Lippencott
NilesC96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Sacred Heart Retreat Center2009-02-09 00:00:00Built meditation Labyrinth. Circle 22’ of granite slabs0George LippencottSr. Nidia
ChrisG96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Hampton Township2014-03-07 00:00:00Built handicap walkway at pavilion. Also added a drainage pipeBob HoudeGeorge Lippencott
SeanG96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion 4H Camp at Stokes State Forest2009-02-04 00:00:00Removed pathway and flagstone. Rebuild after area leveled. Extended patio and wall 28’Paul BoveGeorge LippencottJim Tazppes
TrevorH96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Baleville cemetery2013-12-17 00:00:00Constructed 10x10 paver base, new flagpole. Added bench, shrubs, grave markersBob HoudeGeorge Lippencott
DavidL96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Northwest Christian School2008-09-25 00:00:00Added pavers around flagpole, two memorials and pathwayTom OlsenGeorge Lippencott
ChrisL96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Township of Hampton2009-02-16 00:00:00Excavated asphalt walkway, replaced with brick pavers.Paul G.George Lippencott
ColeL96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion YMCA camp Linwood McDonald2018-08-06 00:00:00Expansion for art programBob CorcoranGeorge Lippencott
KevinP96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Branchville United Methodist Church2010-07-26 00:00:00Cleaned out room. Painted wall, ceiling. Built shelves and cabinetPaul BoveGeorge Lippencott
DavidR96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Camp Auxilium2012-10-23 00:00:00Restored amphitheatre, replaced benches, rebuilt fire pit, refurbished platformBob DuncanGeorge Lippencott
ThomasS96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Camp Auxilium2013-11-15 00:00:00Built new sheds, repaired bench and fenceTom OlsenGeorge Lippencott
ChristopherS96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church2012-05-18 00:00:00Constructed six picnic tables.Tom OlsenGeorge Lippencott
EdT96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Manor House2010-09-01 00:00:00Renovated a basement room including paneling and FloorBob CarlsonGeorge Lippencott
PaulT96MHamptonSussexBranchville American Legion Hampton Township2009-09-02 00:00:00Labeled storm drains and recording GPS coordinatesPaul BoveGeorge Lippencott
ChrisE97MSussexWalnut Ridge Elementary School00Mark Wallace
RichardF97MSussexSussex ElksRelocated and restored flag pole. Landscaped, walkway, flower beds, lights, patioBob CorcoranMark Wallace
AnthonyH97MSussexAvian Wildlife Center, WantageBuilt two large bird cages 8x12x8, 9x16x10Bill SpicerMark Wallace
BrandonJ97MSussexHope Evangelical Free ChurchInstalled a flagpole with a retaining wall, mulch and flowers. Added an additional two extra mulch beds with plantsBll DebiecMark Wallace
LukeL97MSussexWantage RecreationBuilt and installed new sign for Woodbourne ParkBill GannonMark Wallace
SeanP97MSussexHigh Point State ParkConstructed a kiosk for monument trailGeorge EidanMark Wallace
RobertR97MSussexPrince of PeaceRestored meditation area including benches. Clearing brushTom OlsenMark Wallace
JakeW97MSussexAmerican LegionConstructed a fire pit for flag retirementPaul G.Mark Wallace
BuddyA150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Soccer, White Lake Fields2017-12-21 00:00:00Constructed and placed three benches and installed
shade trees by each bench along the walking path.
Joe Fucito
GregA150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaFederal Wildlife Refuge, Wallkill Preserve, Sussex2011-02-13 00:00:00Constructed and installed 40 bird houses.Bill GannonJoe Fucito
RexA150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Middle School2016-11-30 00:00:00Constructed outdoor classroom including seating and weather resistant whiteboard.Ed ConradsJoe Fucito
RyanB150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Township2003-11-14 00:00:00Constructed handicapped accessible picnic area at Sparta Glenn, includes picnic bench and grill.Karl GrogardJoe Fucito
BillyB150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaAlpine School, Sparta2008-08-20 00:00:00Constructed benches for outdoor classroom area along the nature trail.Joe Galley
JulianB150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Soccer Club2013-06-25 00:00:00Constructed four park benchesBill SpicigerJoe Fucito
ScottB150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaOur Lady of the Lake Church2012-11-29 00:00:00Designed and built sitting area for use by students,
teachers, and parents.
0Joe Fucito
MaxC150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSt. Mary’s Church in Sparta2016-12-19 00:00:00Removal of existing brick patio, re-level base,
construct new patio using new pavers.
Bob CorcoranJoe Fucito
FredC150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Township2013-11-13 00:00:00Restored and improved picnic site at Sparta Glen damaged by Hurricane Irene. Including new table and grill.Bob CarlsonJoe Fucito
TimC150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaLake Mohawk Preservation Foundation2016-03-01 00:00:00Constructed a rain garden with gravel. Planted bushes.Bill DebiecJoe Fucito
ElijahC150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta High School2026-06-08 00:00:00Constructed sign for Veterans Memorial FieldBill DebiecJoe Fucito
SebastianC150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Township2014-01-10 00:00:00Constructed two welcome signs for White Lake fieldsBob HoudeJoe Fucito
AnthonyD150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaLake Mowhak2020-08-17 00:00:00Designed, graded, and constructed picnic table platforms using material from deconstructed existing wood dock.Joe Fucito
MikeD150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaHunters Helping Heroes2013-10-18 00:00:00Improved three wheelchair accessible blinds at Picatinny Arsenal. Cleared shooting lanes, painted blinds. For Wounded Warriors.Bob HoudeJoe Fucito
JoeD150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaBridgesoutreach.org2015-11-30 00:00:00Bob CarlsonJoe Fucito
RohanD150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaHappiness is Camping, Hardwick2013-04-24 00:00:00Constructed lifesize board games. Two checkerboards and four Connect-4Bill GannonJoe Fucito
CameronE150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta United Methodist Church2020-02-26 00:00:00Constructed 12' x 16' storage shed. Design and
construct shed for use by church and youth groups.
John ForrestJoe Fucito
EdwardE150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2004-05-12 00:00:00
BrandonE150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaCamp Marcella, Rockaway2011-04-17 00:00:00Installed concrete ramps behind five cabinsBob CarlsonJoe Fucito
JackF150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaFather John's Animal Shelter2012-12-19 00:00:00Renovated second floor to house and examine cats. Included shelving, cages and food storage.Paul G.Joe Fucito
KyleF150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaPope John High School2016-08-24 00:00:00Constructed half life-size manger that can be
disassembled for easy storage including the purchase
of nativity figures.
Bill DuncanJoe Fucito
MattG150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaKnoll Heights Senior Citizens Center2010-07-16 00:00:00Constructed 50 8"x54" window flower boxesBob CarlsonJoe Fucito
MichaelG150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaApline School2007-05-29 00:00:00Constructed concrete stairs for safe access to the nature trailJoe Galley
AlexG150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Historical Society2009-04-08 00:00:00Cataloged private collection of historic items, set up
display cases with items selected in coordination with
Bob CarlsonJoe Fucito
MatthewH150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2002-11-11 00:00:00
TylerH150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Little League2013-05-29 00:00:00Constructed a batting cage 66x12 feetBob CarlsonJoe Fucito
JonathanH150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2001-10-22 00:00:00
AlexH150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaKnoll Heights Senior Center2018-02-27 00:00:00Constructed and installed window box planters.Karl GrogardJoe Fucito
TylerH150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaImmaculate Conception RC Church2017-05-18 00:00:00Removal and replacement of main church sign and
surrounding garden area.
Karl GrogardJoe Fucito
JonathanI150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaAlpine School, Sparta2015-07-14 00:00:00Restored and added new playground icons that included a world map, box ball and hopscotch courtsJoe Fucito
JacksonJ150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Township2020-05-31 00:00:00Design and construct ADA compliant walkway and sitting area at town bandshell facility.Joe Fucito
ZachK150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Soccer Club2014-08-20 00:00:00Constructed announcement pin board with plexiglass doors at White Lake fieldsPaul G.Joe Fucito
JeffK150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaKnoll Heights Senior Citizens Center2009-02-04 00:00:00Constructed stairs and railings to a gardenRon MaugeiJoe Fucito
BenjaminK150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2004-04-21 00:00:00
RyanK150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2006-08-22 00:00:00
ZachK150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaOur Lady of the Lake Church2016-12-11 00:00:00Constructed three large mobile blackboards for use at a sister church in Haiti.Bill MacGrayJoe Fucito
HenryK150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaShepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church2006-12-06 00:00:00Created outdoor chapel areaJoe Galley
SeanL150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta GlenRestored picnic areas and sign. Spread mulchGeorge EidamJoe Fucito
JosephL150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2002-01-23 00:00:00
RaymondL150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2006-11-01 00:00:00
JohnL150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaLake Lackawanna2019-02-09 00:00:00Constructed four canoe/kayak storage structures in two locations at Lake Lackawanna.Bob CarlsonJoe Fucito
BradM150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaMohawk Avenue School, Sparta2014-05-14 00:00:00Relandscaped front entrance. Constructed stone wall.Tom OlsenJoe Fucito
DanM150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Parks and Rec2009-04-08 00:00:00Mapped trails in the area of and adjacent to Sparta GlenJoe Fucito
SteveM150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Glen2006-11-29 00:00:00Using GPS mapping technology, created map with accurately located trails and associated waypoints.Joe Galley
NickM150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Parks and Rec2007-06-20 00:00:00Benches and tablesJoe Galley
ChrisN150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Soccer Club, White Lake fields2011-10-27 00:00:00Designed and constructed three handicap access bridges over drainage culvertRon MaugeriJoe Fucito
BrendanO150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaStation Park, Sparta2007-11-28 00:00:00Construct a large wooden soccer bounce wallJoe Galley
ConorO150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Rec.2010-11-14 00:00:00Added trail markers in Sparta Glen on three trailsPaul BoveJoe Fucito
EvanO150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2007-01-08 00:00:00Joe Galley
AndreasO150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Historical Society2017-10-25 00:00:00Constructed information plaques on nature walk.Jeff HostackJoe Fucito
RyanO150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2005-10-18 00:00:00
DylanP150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Township2013-10-17 00:00:00Constructed a concrete rebound wall for Sparta LacrosseBill DebiecJoe Fucito
EvanP150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaStation Park, Sparta2019-01-22 00:00:00Create new signage (3) to replace outdated signage
for ball fields and other highlight of the Station Park
Joe Fucito
ChristopherP150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaPrinceton Battlefield2020-11-01 00:00:00Evaluate, plan, and lead reconstruction of 250+ feet
of historic Sawmill Road near the Clarke House.
Clearing, filling, install snake rail fence.
Joe Fucito
AnthonyP150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaLake Mohawk2018-11-16 00:00:00Restore island rain garden by boardwalk entrance.Joe Fucito
BrendanP150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSt. Kateri Church2016-02-24 00:00:00Refurbish existing entry garden adding large, rustic Easter Red Cedar cross.Bill SpicigerJoe Fucito
GregoryP150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSt. Kateri Church, Sparta2018-11-19 00:00:00Construction of rustic cross and large turtle (symbol of
St. Kateri) and installation onto courtyard wall to
create reflection area.
Hal AveryJoe Fucito
JohnP150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaBlessed Kateri Church2011-12-21 00:00:00Refurbished stations of the cross trailBill SpicigerJoe Fucito
HunterR150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSt. Kateri Church, Sparta2018-10-13 00:00:00Refurbished back deck, added table and seatingBill MacGrayJoe Fucito
RaymondR150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSt. Kateri Church2016-01-21 00:00:00Rebuilt prayer garden, benches, mulch, trees and support wallBill MacGrayJoe Fucito
ChrisR150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaAndover Township Rail Trail2013-12-06 00:00:00Constructed information kiosks at both ends of a new hiking trailBob HoudeJoe Fucito
StephenR150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Township2013-12-03 00:00:00Constructed bat houses at Station ParkBill SpicigerJoe Fucito
MattS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSussex Country Trails Partnership Committee2013-10-24 00:00:00Constructed and installed 10 map stands along Sussex Rail TrailBob CarlsonJoe Fucito
ThiagoS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaMorris County Parks2012-12-17 00:00:00Constructed four benchesGeorge EidamJoe Fucito
LiamS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta United Methodist Church2014-11-05 00:00:00Constructed picnic area in rear lot with four tables and two grillsKarl GrogardJoe Fucito
IanS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2005-12-07 00:00:00
BenS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta United Methodist Church2017-11-01 00:00:00Paved path to pavilionBob CarlsonJoe Fucito
JoeS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaShepherd of the Hills Church2016-11-16 00:00:00Constructed a memorial garden, plants, mulch and pergolaBill DebiecJoe Fucito
ErichS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaShepherd of the Hills Church2017-02-01 00:00:00Construct and install three large raised planting beds.Bob CarlsonJoe Fucito
ThomasS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaShepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Sparta2020-02-20 00:00:00Constructed patio/garden area. Clear old material
and construct new surfaces
Bill MacGrayJoe Fucito
JosephS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2005-06-02 00:00:00
JonathanS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta United Methodist Church2011-02-17 00:00:00Renovated outside chapel. Cleared overgrowth, installed new benches, cleared new walkwayBob DuncanJoe Fucito
AndrewS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta High School2013-11-21 00:00:00Constructed memorial garden including shrubs, trees, flowers. Constructed two new benches.Tom OlsenJoe Fucito
SamS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta VFW2017-05-13 00:00:00Removal of existing flooring, level concrete base
floor, install new tile floor and baseboards.
Frank WallaceJoe Fucito
JamesS150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaRockaway Township2020-03-12 00:00:00Municipal Sign Relpacement/Upgrade. Remove and
replace two municipal signs including upgrade to
surrounding landscaping.
Bob CarlsonJoe Fucito
MatthewT150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of Sparta2002-10-09 00:00:00
AJT150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaKnoll Heights2013-09-25 00:00:00Constructed 40 window boxes for residents' homesBob CarlsonJoe Fucito
BenT150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaFirst Presbyterian Church of Sparta2016-09-09 00:00:00Constructed 10x10 shed for pastorTom OlsenJoe Fucito
PeterV150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaHelen Morgan School2015-12-15 00:00:00Reconstruct outdoor trail including removal of
downed trees and overgrowth, reconstruct new foot
bridge, add mulch and new signage.
Ed ConradsJoe Fucito
QuinnV150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Police Dept.2017-02-23 00:00:00Organized drive go fingerprint and photo children and place on flash drive for Child Safety Day.Bob DuncanJoe Fucito
ZachV150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaHope Thru Care Homeless Shelter, Clifton2014-10-06 00:00:00Filled 100 backpacks with toiletries, socks and other necessities.Paul G.Joe Fucito
JoshuaW150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta United Methodist Church2018-10-25 00:00:00Patio and landscaping outside of the new entrance to
Demarest Hall.
Joe Fucito
ThomasW150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSussex Rail Trail Association2016-03-28 00:00:00Constructed kiosk at Warbasse Junction trailheadBill SpicigerJoe Fucito
ChristopherZ150MSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSparta Historical Society2017-09-25 00:00:00Refurbish historic garden area with historically
accurate fencing and plant material.
Tom OlsenJoe Fucito
CameronB151MSussexStevens State Park, StanhopeConstructed horseshoe pits,Karl GrogardDavid Matthews
KyleB151MSussexForest Lakes ClubCoordinated teams to remove invasive water chestnut plantsBill SpicigerDavid Matthews
RossE151MSussexCrandon Fire Dept.Refurbished planter. Installed brick wall and shrubs. Built pathRon MaugeriDavid Matthews
MaxF151MSussexLenape Valley High SchoolInstructed CPR to individuals, acquired mannequins, coordinated and lead CPR classesBill SpicigerDavid MatthewsMr. Demaris
NickoliF151MSussexStevens State Park, StanhopeRepaired picnic area from stormBill SpicigerDavid Matthews
JamesonK151MSussexByram Intermediate SchoolConstructed a 4x8 foot sign. Constructed a gardenBill SpicigerScott Koenig
KyleK151MSussexShepherd of the Hills Lutheran ChurchRefurbished the kitchen and painted the hallBill GannonDavid Matthews
MilesK151MSussexLake LackawannaConstructed a barrier between the grass and the beach area. Moved the fenceBill SpicigerScott Koenig
AlexL151MSussexByram TownshipConstructed a trail 2.5 miles long. Cleared fallen trees and brush.Tom OlsenScott KoenigMargaret McGarrit
AlexM151MSussexStanhope United Methodist ChurchRefinished stage, including floor, spackle and paintGeorge EidamDavid Matthews
VincentM151MSussexOur Savior of Mercy Nursery SchoolConstructed 3 garden plotsBill DebiecDave Matthews
AlexM151MSussexSt. Therese RC ChurchConstructed wood cabinets for art teacherJeff HostakDavid Matthews
TylerP151MSussexStevens State Park, StanhopeConstructed a grass volleyball court including benches and PVC pipes for postsBob CarlsonDavid Matthews
MichaelS151MSussexSt. Therese School, SuccasunnaRemoved tires and replaced benches and plantersFrank WallaceDave Matthews
JohnZ151MSussexLenape Valley High SchoolRepainted concession stand at LVHS Football FieldDavid Matthews
BrianD153MSussexSussex First Responders
Check if completed
Coordinated General Motors presentation on electric car safelyBob CarlsonSteve Dely
ChristopherD153MSussexTownship of WantageRefurbished basketball court and constructed benchesBob CarlsonSteve Dely
WilliamS153MSussexAbian Wildlife CenterConstructed bird sheltersBob CarlsonSteve Dely
IanV153MSussexnoneConducted a bike rodeo. Instructed participants in bike safety. Tested skill, taught bike maintenance.Bob CarlsonSteve Dely
BradfordV153MSussexSterling Hill Mine MuseumRepainted and replaced floor for three rooms. Restored pavilionBob HoudeSteve Dely
AIdanB180MSussexTown of BranchvilleLandscape and park beautification at Branchville town centerAri Reinstein
ChristianB180MSussexBenedictine AbbeyTrimmed trees for firewood. Constructed a firewood shelter.Bill DebiecAri Reinstein
MattB180MSussexYMCA Camp Linwood McDonaldWorked with forester to revise map. Restored the trails, placed signsBob CarlsonSteve Nucci
TristanC180MSussexGreater Culver Lake Watershed FoundationConstructed a rain garden at the clubhouseBob CarlsonAri Reinstein
SchuylerC180MSussexHigh Point Regional High SchoolConstructed a stone obelisk and benches for veterans. Constructed a brick patio and garden.Bill SpicigerEd Blevins
GregD180MSussexYMCA Camp Linwood McDonaldRebuilt archery range. Built stands, enlarged fence and backstopBill DebiecEd Blevins
NoahF180MSussexFrankford Township SchoolConstructed a gaga pitBob CorcoranAri Reinstein
DakshinK180MSussexHumane Society of Port JervisConstructed a cat pen 8’x11’Jeff HostackAri Reinstein
KalinL180MSussexMeals on WheelsSet up food drive. Assembled 110 emergency food packsBob CarlsonEd Blevins
RyanM180MSussexFrankford Fire Station #2Constructed flagpole, plant box and lightBill GannonEd Blevins
CarsonM180MSussexYMCA Camp Linwood McDonaldConstructed two trailhead kiosksBob HoudeEd Blevins
AlexN180MSussexYMCA Camp Linwood McDonaldConstructed four horseshoe pits and scoreboards.Bob CarlsonEd Blevins
TravisP180MSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of BranchvilleConstructed a prayer garden with raised gardens, benches and bushes.Paul G.Ed Blevins
JackR180MSussexFrankford Township School2020-04-16 00:00:00Created stop bleeding trauma kits to save student lives during an emergency situation such as a school shooting.Frank WallaceAri Reinstein
ShaneR180MSussexYMCA Camp Linwood McDonaldConstructed five picnic tablesBob CarlsonEd Blevins
DenonR180MSussexYMCA Camp Linwood McDonaldConstructed steps to shed, storage for wood. Cleaned beachPaul G.Steve Nucci
JustinR180MSussexYMCA Camp Linwood McDonaldConstructed five raided platforms on trail. Repaired bridge, placed trail markers and extended trailTom OlsenEd Blevins
TerryS180MSussexMontague GreensConstructed a watering station at the community garden. Constructed a 20x20 seating area with two benches and picnic tables.Tom OlsenEd Blevins
BillS180MSussexYMCA Camp Linwood McDonaldReconstructed nature trail. Constructed bridges, nature plaques, and benchesPaul BoveSteve Nucci
EricR183MSussexVernon PALConstructed five picnic tablesTom OlsenBrian Monton
AustinB184MSussexSt. Michael's School, NetcongConstructed a libraryBob CarlsonJake Mull
JohnB184MSussexGreen TownshipConstructed trail kioskEd ConradsJake Mull
MichaelB184MSussexGreen TownshipConstructed two park benches and two tables.Ed ConradsJake Mull
JoshuaC184MSussexNewton First Aid SquadRefurbished the First Aid Squad building. Painted bays, labeled containers, logged equipmentBill GannonArt Elwell
JonathanC184MSussexNewton Fire MuseumRenovated the museum for 175th anniversary. Spackled, repaired, painted.Bill SpicigerJake Mull
AshishD184MSussexWestern Hills ChurchConstructed gaga pitFrank WallaceJake Mull
JamesF184MSussexSt. Joseph's ChurchConstructed shelves and partitions in the shop0Jake Mull
JustinH184MSussexNewton High SchoolConstructed five benches for Newton field hockey teamBob CarlsonArt Elwell
RyanH184MSussexGreen Township Historical SocietyRestore and renovate and Huntsville cemetery. 400 feet of fence, cemeteryBill DebiecJake Mall
DevonM184MSussexGreen TownshipConstructed a fitness course in the town parkGeorge EidamJake Mull
EthanM184MSussexWinakung at WaterlooConstructed a garden athe historical site. Constructed beds and fence, planted.Bill DebiecJake Mull
BenS184MSussexAntoerli Ridge Wildlife SanctuaryRenovated outdoor pensBob HoudeJake Mall
GavinS184MSussexBristol Glen Retirement CommunityConstructed path and benchesBob DuncanArt Elwell
IsaacZ184MSussexSt. Joseph's Church - Food PantryBuilt shelves for the food pantry, repaired the stairs, painted walkwayBob CarlsonSteve Mull
JohnPeterZ184MSussexBert HavenConstructed new patio, painted porch, removed old wallBob HoudeJake Mall
TomZ184MSussexTranquility United Methodist ChurchLandscaped. Constructed benches for prayer gardenEd ConradsJake Mall
KyleB187MSussexWarwick Conference CenterConstructed two large firewood boxesBob CarlsonMatt Edwards
KennethC187MHardystonSussexHamburg FDHardyston Township1/28/21Refurbished Community Garden and Donated Food Grown to Catholic Charities.Jim HermesJim Coffaro
CoryE187MSussexFirst Presbyterian Church of FranklinConstructed two picnic tables, one bench. Spread of mulch.Paul BoveMatt Edwards
OwenI187MSussexClifton Lawrence in WantageBuilt nature trail behind schoolPaul G.Jim Coffaro
ChrisP187MSussexBoro of OgdensburgRefurbished the pavilion at Heaters Pond.Bob HoudeMatt Edwards
ThomasP187MSussexNational Wildlife RefugeConstructed an observation blind at the refugeRon MaugeriMatt Edwards
ColinS187MSussexSussex County YMCARenovated the archery rangeHal AveryJim Coffaro
JamesD191MSussexElks Lodge - Lake HopatcongConstructed a flagpole area with paversBill MacGrayBob Corcoran
KevinF191MSussexWestside Methodist ChurchConstructed 10 cubbie units. Constructed fence by parking lotBill SpicigerBob Corcoran
MattF191MSussexUnited Methodist Church, Lake HopatcongReplaced wood over playground area with synthetic coveringPaul G.Bob Corcoran
ThomasH191MSussexElks Lodge - Lake HopatcongReinstalled a playground and built sign0Bob Corcoran
DevanH191MSussexHopatcong ElksConstructed a walkwayHal AveryBob Corcoran
AlexanderM191MSussexElks Lodge 782Built paving wall and walkwayKarl GrogardBob Corcoran
JustinM191MSussexBoro of HopatcongConstructed an observatory for astronomy - 8'x10' shed with roll off roofKarl GrogardBob Corcoran
RyanM191MSussexBoro of HopatcongCoordinated no texting while driving campaignBill SpicigerBob Corcoran
ZacharyM191MSussexHopatcong State ParkBuilt walkwayKarl GrogardBob Corcoran
MattP191MSussexUnited Methodist Church, Lake HopatcongInstalled and wired spotlight flagpole. Reroofed, resided and repainted shed.Bob CarlsonBob Corcoran
MichaelP191MSussexElks Lodge - Lake HopatcongRefurbished, repainted rusty trailers. Cleaned up siteBill SpicigerBob Corcoran
DanR191MSussexWestside Methodist ChurchRenovated prayer garden and garden boxes. Removed dead plants and replantedPaul G.Bob Corcoran
RonnieR191MSussexHopatcong Boro - Dog PoundStripped and repainted walls. Removed vines and weeds. Spread mulch. Collected supplies.Bob CarlsonBob Corcoran
JaredS191MSussexBorough of HopatcongPlant 500 trees on township propertyFrank WallaceBob Corcoran
LukeS191MSussexUnited Methodist Church, Lake HopatcongCovered existing ties with texture protective siding. Placed edging along side fence.0Bob Corcoran
JacobS191MSussexLake Hopatcong ElksConstructed walkway from patio to barnBob CarlsonBob Corcoran
IanW191MSussexMt. Arlington ConventRestored sidewalks. Installed lights and garden for St. Mary.Tom OlsenBob Corcoran
JamesB276MSussexWaterloo United Methodist ChurchPainted 900 foot railing that had flaking paint.Bob CarlsonMr. Wheekane
AlexD276MSussexLenape Valley High SchoolRebuilt stairs behind school. Removed old railroad ties, replaced with new tiesBill SpicigerAndrew Joiner
AustinF276MSussexByram TownshipRepaired broken emergency sign and construct a wellHal AveryHolly Plat
NatanialG276MSussexEquine Tranquility Wellness Center, AndoverConstructed a running shedBill SpicigerRussell Raffay
TravisH276MSussexCranberry Lake Community ClubConstructed a water retention basin. Stones to catch garbage. Nature plants.Tom OlsenAndrew Joiner
SteveP276MSussexByram Recycling CenterRebuild battery boxes and the office.Ron MaugaiDon Weeken
BrendanR276MSussexByram Township SchoolsConstructed a gaga ball pit.Paul G.Russell Raffay
DenisR276MSussexByram Township Intermediate SchoolConstructed a classroomJeff HostackHolly Plat
EvanR276MSussexPope John Middle SchoolStarted a robotics teamJohn ForrestHolly Plat
JoshaR276MSussexByram Township SchoolsRestored trails on propertyBob BradyHolly Plat
DanS276MSussexByram Intermediate SchoolLandscaped and replaced bushesBob CorcoranDon Weeken
PeterS276MSussexByram TownshipConstructed a kiosk at CO Johnson Park. 6' x 6' map of the town and parkBill SpicigerDon Weeken
JonothanS276MSussexForest Lakes CommunityRenovated trails connecting two beaches.Paul G.Andrew Joiner
JeffW276MSussexForest West HomeownerRebuilt signs in front of Forest WestBill SpicigerDon WeekenKen Caufold
MikeY276MSussexByram TownshipConstructed a Bocce court in CO Johnson Park including benches and scoreboardBill SpicigerDon Weeken
LucasA283MSussexVernon Animal ShelterConstructed a rabies vaccination and examination workbenchKarl GrogardPete Sensbach
SeanA283MSussexSt. Francis De Sales Church, VernonInstalled path from Church to garden. Path was 42' of pavers and 74' in the woods.Bob HoudePete Sensbach
JeremyB283MSussexVernon TownshipBuilt mile markers on trail a Maple Grange ParkEd ConradsPete Sensbach
JoshD283MSussexLusscroft Farms / High Point State ParkConstructed a kiosk for Lusscroft FarmsBob CarlsonRuss Williams
PeterF283MSussexVernon TownshipRepaired veterans memorialBill DebiecCindy Raue
EthanK283MSussexSt. Francis De Sales Church, VernonRemoved old hedge and installed statueKarl G.Pete Sensbach
VinnieL283MSussexClaws Cat ShelterGeneral repairs. Paint, waterproof, landscape.Bob DuncanRuss Williams
SteveM283MSussexSCARCLandscaped group home in LafayetteBob CarlsonBill Debiec
DavidM283MSussexWallkill Wildlife RefugeConstructed two hunting blindsBill MacGrayGene Brendle
TimM283MSussexGinny's HouseRefurbished storage area. Added shelvesBill MacGrayPete Sensbach
ZachM283MSussexHope Evangelical Free ChurchCleared out area near parking lot. Mulched area and constructed tables.Tom OlsenBill Debiec
ChaseS283MSussexSt. Francis De Sales Church, VernonInstalled flag pole.Bill MacGrayPete Sensbach
MorganS283MSussexVernon United Methodist ChurchReplaced fenceBill DebiecJamie Brendle
MichaelW283MSussex0Karl GrogardCindy Raue
BrianW283MSussexVernon Township Animal ShelterInstalled pavers and border by municipal buildingBob HoudePete Sensbach
JoeB404MSussexMcAfee Fire DeptConstructed a memorial flagpole at McAfee firehouseBill GannonBob Houde
JeffB404MSussexSt. Thomas Episcopal ChurchRevitalize memorial garden and dog patio.Paul G.Bob Houde
KyleH404MSussexVernon Dog ParkClear area and Constructed a benchBob CarlsonBob Houde
KyleH404MSussex?Repair donated tents and send to Haiti?Bob Houde
ZacheryL404MSussexDogs of VernonConstructed a meditation area 30'x90'. Installed benches, flowers, walkway and mulch.Bill GannonBob HoudeBarbara Green
MarkR404MSussexOur Lady of Fatima ChurchConstructed a shedBob CorcoranBrian Scheidle
RobertR404MSussexLady of Fatima RC ChurchConstructed plantersKarl GrogardBrian Scheidle
MattR404MSussexWaywayanda State ParkOrganized removal of invasive water chestnutsBill SpicigerBob Houde
MattR404MSussexSt Thomas Episcopal ChurchRepainted vestibule and restroom. Repaired the walls.Bill SpicigerBob Houde
BrianS404MSussexSt. Francis De Sales Church, VernonRepaired and refurbished playground. Installed new benchGeorge EidamJoe Heardon
DylanS404MSussexSt. Francis De Sales Church, VernonConstructed campfire ring with seatingBill DebiecBrian Scheidle
EdS404MSussexSt. Thomas Episcopal ChurchRebuilt path and walkway to roadBob CarlsonJoe Heardon
StevenS404MSussexBarry Lakes Assoc.Refinished floors in the clubhouse, Refurbished paneling entrance, foyer and main hall.Bob DuncanJoe Heardon
CarlS404MSussexMaple Grange - Vernon Rec.Constructed five picnic tables in pavilionTom OlsenBob HoudeMrs. Seeger
TimS404MSussexWantage Dog PoundBuilt fence around the dog pound. Built patio with picnic table.Tom OlsenBob Houde
BelaV404MSussexVernon United Methodist ChurchConstructed two benches and planted a tree.Bob CarlsonBob Houde
AndrewC482MSussexDASIRefurbished the inside of the safe house. Paint, wallpaper, shelves, cupboards, furnitureRon MaugaiDustin TownsendLinda Meek
BraydenJ482MSussexSparta Historical SocietyPaved driveway for the barnBob CarlsonColin Walker
KyleK482MSussexJefferson TownshipConstructed gravel parking area at Liffy IslandBill MacGrayTimothy Avery
NathanaelK482MSussexLinwood McDonald YMCA CampConstructed hiking signsPaul G.Dustin Townsend
EricM482MSussexStokes State ParkGren Anderson Shelter - Replaced the privy with eco friendly materials.Tom OlsenDustin Townsend
TylerM482MSussexLinwood McDonald YMCA CampConstructed bat boxesBill GannonDustin Townsend
RichardM482MSussexNewton High SchoolConstructed a walkway with brick paversBill MacGrayMr Normington
JohnP482MSussexSparta GlenConstructed and installed bat boxesTom OlsenDustin Townsend
RJP482MSussexMorris Parks CommissionConstructed bat boxes for Berkshire Valley golf course wetlandsBill SpicigerDustin Townsend
NicholasS482MSussexAmerican Legion Post 213Constructed 8'x3' signBob HoudeJamie Shrope
BenT482MSussexLDS Church, SpartaConstructed a 6'x3' brick BBQ Grill and tablesBob CarlsonDustin Townsend
CodyF850MSussexLafayette TownshipReplaced welcome signs to townshipBob CarlsonEdward Munoz
JustinF850MSussexLafayette Federated ChurchInstalled benches and crosses outside of church for meditationBill GannonMike McGinnis
NickF850MSussexLafayette Township Fire Dept.Designed and constructed 13' display case with sliding glass doorsKarl GrogardMike McGinnis
AdamG850MSussexWaterloo VillageConstructed bat boxes and removed invasive speciesBob CarlsonMike McGinnis
StephanG850MSussexLafayette Township Fire Dept.Painted rear of firehouse, power washed buildingGaree EidamMike McGinnis
ChristopherH850MSussexLake Mohawk Preservation FoundationConstructed a kioskEd ConradsMike McGinnis
BrandonK850MSussexLafayette Township Fire Dept.Painted hall and replaced curtainsPaul BoveMike McGinnis
DustinK850MSussexLafayette EMSBuilt barrier in front of propane tank. Flagpole walkway, Installed signRon MaugaiMike McGinnis
AndrewM850MSussexLafayette Township Fire Dept.Removed RR ties and retaining blocks. Added new plantsPaul BoveMike McGinnis
JoshaM850MSussexLafayette Township Fire Dept.Installed gear locker and truck bayBill SpicigerMike McGinnis
DanM850MSussexLafayette SchoolsBuilt outdoor bulletin board, retaining wall, plantsBob CarlsonMike McGinnis
MattM850MSussexLafayette Preservation FoundationRefurbished the Lafayette Cemetery. Cleaned tombstonesPaul G.Mike McGinnis
PatrickM850MSussexLafayette Preservation FoundationRestored gravestones in cemetery. Repaired fence and wallBob CorcoranMike McGinnis
XaviorM850MSussexOur Lady Queen of Peace ChurchConstructed a prayer garden.Jeff HostakMike McGinnis
DevinR850MSussexVeterans CemeteryConstructed soldiers cross statuePaul G.David McMillian
DillonR850MSussexOur Lady Queen of Peace ChurchRebuilt signBill DebiecDavid McMillian
RyanR850MSussexFranklin Township SchoolsConstructed picnic tables for pavilionBob DuncanMike McGinnis
VincentC912MSussexCedar Mountain School, VernonImprove school playgroundHal AveryDave DiPietro
DominickD912MSussexWalnut Ridge Elementary SchoolConstructed walkway to the flagpoleJeff HostackDave DiPietro
DanielD912MSussexAdult Day Care CenterConstructed and installed two benchesBob CarlsonDave DiPietro
JosephD912MSussexSterling Hill Mine MuseumOrganized and cleaned room, set it up as a science labGeorge EidamDave DiPietro
ChrisD912MSussexVernon Fire Dept.Installed picnic tables and benches, planted trees and shrubs around the pondPaul BoveDave DiPietro
MatthewF912MSussexWallkill Wildlife RefugeConservation project to build chimney swift towersRon MaugaiDave DiPietro
SeanG912MSussexLounsberry Hollow Middle SchoolCleared grass, replaced with sod and seedBill DebiecDave DiPietro
MichaelG912MSussexWallkill Wildlife RefugeConstructed amphitheater seating 100 with 15'x15' stage and 16 12' benchesBill SpicigerDave DiPietro
RobbieK912MSussexWallkill Wildlife RefugeConstructed a bench with a roof for the rest areaPaul G.Dave DiPietro
ThomasK912MSussexLakeland Baptist Church, FranklinConstructed bookshelves and bins for book storage. Installed four flower boxesBob CarlsonDave DiPietro
PaulM912MSussexVernon Township RecreationConstructed park bench for Maple Grange parkEd ConradsDave DiPietro
BridgetB1150FSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaSCARC2020-11-04 00:00:00Managed drive for activity items tailored to the specific needs of residents of SCARC's group homes. Advertised and collected donated items. Organized and sorted into 23 forty gallon plastic boxes.George LippencottBob BradyMegan McMullin
Emily B1150FSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaAndover Boro. Fire Department2020-11-27 00:00:00Refinished basement of Andover Boro Firehouse.Jef HostakBob Brady
Brianna C1150FSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaWalkill River Wildife PreserveBuilt Little Libraries to set in park to contain maps, nature, bird watching books, etc. Jim HermesBob Brady
KatelinH1150FSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaJohnsonberg Swamp PreserveLandscaping and planting of indigenous plants at preserveHal AveryBob Brady
Jasmine L1150FSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaLake LackawannaBuilt benches and planted trees at Lake Lackawanna beach.Karl GroggardBob Brady
Zoe R1150FSpartaSussexUnited Methodist Church of SpartaStanhope TownshipBuilt Little Libraries for Stanhope TownhshipJohn ForrestBob Brady
PeterY2678MSussexSparta Ecumenical Free ChurchBuilt walking and biking trails.Paul G.Joe Nunez