Venturing Exploring Xperience – VEX

Patriots’ Path has formed its very own VOA-like structure called the VEX (Venturing Exploring Xperience)! VOA is an acronym for Venturing Officers Association. The purpose of this structure is to support Venturing on a council level. The VEX is also open to Scouts from the Sea Scout and Exploring programs. By adapting the traditional VOA structure to support Sea Scouting and Exploring as well, we hope to use the VEX to grow and support the older youth programs within our council.

There are a few key positions in this structure, but most of it is made up of representatives from each unit. The VEX is here to support our crews and help them out whenever they need. To do that, we need youth from each crew at our meetings! The representative doesn’t have to be the same person at each meeting, and while it would be preferable to have a crew officer there, they don’t need to be one. There can even be multiple representatives from each crew.

Our meetings will be the 3rd Sunday of the month, 6 PM – 7:30 PM, at the council service center! We will be planning some exciting events and would like input from the youth in council. Please pass this information on to the youth in your unit.

We hope to see representation from all the crews, posts, and ships!

Venturing & Exploring Awards

Patriots’ Path Council is proud to have achieved gold level for the 2017 Council Standards of Venturing Excellence award.


2019 Youth Leadership Award Recipients
We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Youth Leadership Award on behalf of the Patriots’ Path Council.  The Youth Leadership Award is presented to youth members in the Patriots’ Path Council for their leadership and service on a council level. We will celebrate and recognize the recipients at our Youth Leadership Brunch on February 24, 2019.

Charles Foy- For his outstanding leadership to the Youth Executive Committee
Katie Reidmiller- For her outstanding leadership with the Venturing/Exploring Committee and the Youth Executive Committee
Brad Rindos- For his outstanding leadership with the Order of the Arrow and the National Youth Leadership Training Program
Christopher Rozek-For his outstanding leadership to the Venturing/Exploring Committee
Colin Sabol-For his outstanding leadership to the Youth Executive Committee


2019 Venturing Leadership Awards
Venturing Leadership Award for outstanding service to the Venturing program of the Patriots’ Path Council.
We are pleased to announce our 2019 recipients:

Youth Members
Brooke Lynne Dernier
Carson Monks
Adult Members
Marty Foy
Charlean Mahon

Venturing / Exploring Email List
As part of this process, a  Google group has been created. The purpose of this group is to share information and ideas between the various units (crews, ships and posts) in our council. To join, visit:!forum/venturing_exploring

You must have a Google account to join through the link. Alternately, send a request to join email with your name, email address and unit information to [email protected]

FORUM National Newsletter
The FORUM is a National cluster concept and a friendly way to help Scouting Leaders exchange ideas and programs among our Troops, Crews, Ships, Posts, Councils, Areas, Regions, and National and International organizations.  The FORUM is shared by Scouters and Professionals across the country.  The FORUM has been published monthly since 2003 and is not an official publication of any Council, Area, Region or National. It is the Scouters and Professionals newsletter. Help support our teenage program by sending the FORUM your stories, newsletters. Council articles, unit By-Laws and questions, to share with others.

The current FORUM and all attachments can be found on the FORUM Website maintained by Scouter Bernie Suess, Web Editor.

The current FORUM newsletter:

The FORUM Attachments

FORUM Back Issues

Marketing Toolbox

Marketing Toolbox

Sharing your experiences of the amazing adventures you’ve completed and posting exciting pictures on social media can definitely help to get the word out to your peers. To assist with this effort, a Venturing Recruiting Toolbox has been put together with helpful resources you may need to recruit new members. They are intended for an individual crew member to hand flyers or brochures to prospective members. Councils and crews may use these materials to promote recruitment.

AdVenturee Photos

VEX Volleyball Tournament