Share Your Story

In Scouting, we are building memories of a lifetime.  We encourage you to submit pictures of our events or local activities featuring our own Scouts and families so we can share them across various platforms and outlets.  Below, please find a list of upcoming activities run or partnered by the Council or Districts.  If your event is not listed, please use the “General Story” link.

We thank you for being a big component of Scouting and we can’t wait to both see and hear the great things happening in our Scouting communities and programs.

Camporee Story

A great camporee is matched with amazing stories and smiles.  Let us know your story!

General Story

Have a great Scouting story with your family, unit, or friends?  Let us know!

Camp Story

Have a great camping story this summer?  Share with us your priceless memories.

Community Service Story

We want to see all of the wonderful cheerful service!  Let us know your project!

Eagle Project Story

An amazing journey is often well recorded.  What was your project?