Scouting Forward,  the Adventure Continues….

Just as that statement says, Scouting moves forward in many ways, and we thank you for visiting the Patriots’ Path Council Scouting Forward, the Adventure Continues Fund 2021 appeal page.

As we continue to face the extraordinary challenges brought on by COVID-19, we’re thankful for the generosity we continue to receive from our supporters. Even through the wake of a global pandemic, the Scouting program continues to serve more than 11,000 Scouts and their families. Scouting has never been more important to our community! Thank you for helping us provide programs that make a difference. The investment that you make will help to build the next generation of leaders by instilling character development, citizenship training, and growth in physical, mental and spiritual fitness in our youth.

Like many organizations, Scouting continues to be impacted by COVID-19, and continued support is still urgently needed. The goal of the Scouting Forward, the Adventure Continues Fund is $1.8 million to be raised by December 31, 2021.

Last year’s successful COVID-19 Emergency Relief – Campaign for Scouting provided the funding to continue the Scouting program through 2020, and it’s important that this year’s Scouting Forward, the Adventure Continues Fund does the same so that we can ensure continued operations. Our council depends on your financial support; this appeal is one of the largest single sources of funding for the Scouting program.

Our Scouts are a welcome beacon of joy. No matter the adversity we’re faced with in 2021, by demonstrating a cheerful spirit, creativity and kindness, our youth show the power of Scouting to improve lives. Our volunteer leaders exhibit a passionate dedication to serving Scouts through innovation and adaptation. Scouts continue to do a good turn daily, and our local communities are made better by the skills and values instilled thanks to donors like you. As a supporter, your contribution is vital to Scouting’s success. It is an important part in helping us deliver lifelong memories for our Scouts.

Please take a moment to view this year’s campaign video and click on the above link to see how you can support the fund and make a gift to the Scouting Forward, the Adventure Continues Fund. 

We know there are better days ahead, but we also know that without identifying sources of funding to bridge the gap, Scouting programs and services will not be delivered in the future at the same level as in the past.

Your support will help ensure that doesn’t happen!


For more information and how you can support this year’s fund, please contact:
Joseph A. Gonnella – Patriots’ Path Council
[email protected] or 973.765.9322 x242