Build an Adventure: Rocket into Scouting

A Cub Scout Recruiting Program

Rocket into Scouting can happen any time of year, but is recommended for mid-Summer through Fall as a Build an Adventure recruiting program. While supplies last, free rocket kits are available for potential new boys. Existing Cub Scouts may purchase rocket supplies. If you don’t have your own connection to host a Rocket Launch, we can help connect you to an area Rocket Club for assistance contact Art Lobdell today. Check out information below to find other programs relating to Rockets. Don’t forget to hold a boy talk.

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Competitive Rocketry Explorer Posts & Clubs Now FormingTARC 2!


In 2016 the Patriots’ Path will be the home of several new Competitive Rocketry Explorer Posts/Clubs. Each post may only have six youth members. The youth will participate in a national competition with other high school/middle school aged youth.  The posts are forming now to begin planning for program in early May.  Activities will begin as soon as each post registers. Each team will design and build their own rocket.  Several criteria based on times and distances must be met to qualify for the finals to be held next March in Virginia.  Official qualifying flights will be documented by a TARC representative. Click for flier

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For more information, contact Exploring Executive, Bill SanFilippo at 973-765-9322 x227. 


Rocket Safety Reminder

Rocket Academies have traditionally been a one-day event for communities and neighborhoods. They are a good way to show the broad spectrum of activities and learning associated with Scouting, and can educate participants and attendees about the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program. has published several articles about Rocket Academies.

Safety is always a paramount consideration and the BSA wishes to re-emphasize the following as unit, district, and council rocket activities are considered. 

  1. Review and be familiar with the National Association of Rocketry safety code, which can be found at  the National Association of Rocketry.  rocketpause
  2. Determine if there are any local rules and regulations regarding the type, size, and launching of rockets within your community.
  3. Be aware of and guided by the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety.    
  4. Complete a Program Hazard Analysis (PHA) in an effort to identify and be familiar with the hazards and risks associated with this activity.
  5. Take a PAUSE for safety prior to a launch.

Rocketry Posts & Clubs

Information Sheet – PDF
Download Open House Presentation:
Power Point  or  PDF

Member Benefits:

  • Build self-confidence & character
  • Leadership & social skills development
  • Unique career experiences & internships
  • Volunteer service opportunities
Special thanks to our Club sponsor: Radical Rocketeers!  

Boy Scout Merit Badge – Space Exploration

Check out the requirements for earning the Space Exploration merit badge.

Rocket Launch – Raritan Valley

July 15, 2017

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