Starting A New Unit

Interested in Starting a new Unit?

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Applications and Forms

Steps to Organize a Scout Unit

  1. A community organization agrees to consider using the program to help meet its youth objectives.
  2. An organizer confers with the community organization head, explaining how Cub Scouting and the organization can serve youth together.
  3. An organizing committee, selected by the organization head, meets to plan the next steps.
  4. The organization formally adopts the program and confirms the appointment of a chartered organization representative and key pack leadership.
  5. The organizer conducts two orientation meetings for parents and prospective leaders. A unit commissioner is assigned by the district to help the unit.
  6. The registration of the unit committee, unit leaders, and youth is completed.
  7. The charter application is completed and submitted to the council.
  8. The new leaders are trained in program planning and the first month’s program is developed.
  9. The unit begins its meetings.
  10. The unit is installed, with a presentation of the charter to the organization leadership.

Contact Art Lobdell at [email protected] if you would like to start a new unit in your community.


Requirements for Organizing a Unit

Adult Leadership (ages 21 and above)
There must be five adults to charter a Troop, Pack or Post. Youth age requirements are determined by school grade level. Visit the Current Members page to view the different Scouting groups and ages.

All adult leaders must complete Youth Protection training before registering. Click for Youth Protection training information.

CC- Committee Chairman
*CR- Chartered Organization Rep.
MC- Member of the Committee
MC- Member of the Committee
**CM- Cubmaster
DL- Den Leader (if any 2-3rd grade Scouts)
WL- Webelos Leader (if any 4-5 grade Scouts)

CC- Committee Chairman
*CR- Chartered Organization Rep.
MC- Member of the Committee
MC- Member of the Committee
SM- Scoutmaster
** Youth Protection Training required for all positions.

CC- Committee Chairman
*CR- Chartered Organization Representative
MC- Member of Committee
MC- Member of Committee
NL- Venture Advisor

* May also be a Committee Chairman or Member of the Committee.
Both men and women can hold all positions in the units,
There must be ten youth to charter a unit.


SK- Skipper
MT – Mate
CC – Committee Chair
CR – Chartered Organization Representative
MC – Member of Committee
MC – Member of Committee
** Youth Protection Training required for all positions.

CC- Committee Chairman
MC- Member of Committee
MC- Member of Committee
**EA- Explorer Advisor **

Youth Protection Training is required for all positions.


CC Committee Chairman
NL – Explorer Advisor
** Youth Protection Training required for all positions.

Youth and adult registration fees are collected. (fees are prorated)

Council/Chartered Organization Responsibilities


Conduct the program of the Boy Scouts of America as an integral part of its program for the youth and families in accordance with its own policies and those of the Boy Scouts of America.

Select one adult citizen to serve as chartered organization representative/Scouting Coordinator.

1. Select an adult leader, 21 years of age or older who will meet the leadership Requirements established by the Boy Scouts of America.

2. With the approval of the unit leaders, select one or more assistant leaders who will take training and will serve the unit regularly.

3. Encourage the unit to participate in outdoor experience, which are vital parts of the Scouting program.

4. Provide advancement and recognition opportunities.

Provide adequate facilities where its pack, troop, or post can meet on a regularly scheduled basis with the time and place reserved for the units.

Provide opportunities for the boy or young adult to recognize responsibility to God and Country and to fellow and itself.

Organizer Award

To recognize volunteers who have organized a new unit.

Who Can Earn This Award?

Presented to volunteers who organize a new, traditional unit

How To Get the Award

Download the form