Membership Summits – Prior Years

Membership recruiting and retention resources are a collection of tools and methods designed by volunteers through a process of volunteer engagement over time. The cornerstone of the process is a council Membership Summit – the products of which include – a council Den Chief plan, a council Arrow of Light to Scout Transition plan, a School Week for Scouting plan, a website for Cub Scouts and family activities, a website of best practices and a website full of resources for membership volunteers in units. The Membership Summit gathers volunteers from around the council and across functional areas to examine membership plans and challenges to produce innovative solutions to overcoming barriers and plan for the implementation of those strategies.

New Member Coordinator Info – Table #1

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends not only on having new members join the unit but also
on engaging youth and their families in the unit experience so that they stay. The role of the New Member
Coordinators is to ensure that both of these keys to success take place.

Position Description

Introduction Brochure

Business Card Example – PDF

Business Card Example – Word

Welcome Picture Download

Planning Your Recruitment – Table #2

Cub Scout Sign-Up Timeline

Online Resources

Cub Scout Sign-up Timeline


  • Select the date, time and location for your Sign Up Night


  1. When is your preferred location available? How soon can a reservation be confirmed?
  2. When are your volunteers available?
  3. If a local troop will assist, avoid their usual meeting night.
  4. Ideally, allow at least 4 weeks for spreading word of your event.
  • Ask your PTO to include info on your Sign Up Night in any announcements that will go out prior to the event.
  • Update your pack’s info. Your Cubmaster, Committee Chair and Charter Rep have access to this through their accounts at

4 Weeks Before your Sign Up Night

  • Ask all members in your pack to post your Sign Up Night info on their Facebook pages, mentioning fun from last year and benefits of Scouting.
  • Members who Tweet or Instagram to other parents in town should also promote your Sign Up Night.
  • Request flyers from our council – digital version and hard copies.
  • Request permission from your schools to send home hard copies of flyers with boys in grades 1-5. Even if schools have refused in the past, it does not hurt to ask again this year.
  • If the schools will only post digital flyers, submit the pdf version as early as possible. Ask the school to give the pdf a name that will lead parents to click on it, like “September 22 – Boys in Grades 1-5 Visit Cub Scout Pack X”.
  • Ask for permission to have a presence at Back To School Night. Schools will probably refuse giving you time on the agenda but may allow a table in the hall or our Cub Scout stand-up with flyers.
  • Ask local CCD, Sunday schools, or other religious ed programs to send home hard copies of flyer.
  • Post window posters in stores that families frequent.
  • Post lawn signs along approaches to schools.

2 Weeks Before your Sign Up Night

  • If addresses are available, mail an invitation to every boy entering 1st
  • If your town has Patch, TapInto or other website, ask them to post info on your Sign Up Night.
  • Sports – the sidelines of any fall sports are a good spot to hand flyers directly to parents.
  • Give your current Cub Scouts invitations or business cards that they can hand to a friend

1 Weeks Before your Sign Up Night

  • Ask any early morning or after school childcare programs to send your flyer home.
  • Use shoe polish on cars. Instead of “Just Married” write “Cub Scouts  9/22” and park near morning drop off or afternoon pickup.


Online Resources- Membership

Council Level:

National Level:

Choose Your Adventure “2017 Fall Theme” – Table #3                      

2017 “Choose Your ADVENTURE” Recruitment Themes

Rocket Into Scouting Kit Details

STEM Into Scouting Kit Details

Promotion and Marketing – Table #4

Promotion and Marketing Check List

Social Media Guidelines

  • Details:
    • Include in all promotional messages:
      • Date, try to include the day of the week and check for conflicts with school
      • Location, confirm reservation
      • Time, be sure to leave yourselves set-up time
      • Leader contact, have one contact on all announcements. If you use a generic pack email, include a first and last name.
  • Ways to Get the Word Out:
    • School flyers (reprinted color flyers are free from council)
  • Electronic flyers can be created on the BSA Membership & Marketing Hub
  • Boy Talks and school presentations
    • See if your school will let a leader or someone from council come in during the school day to talk to boys in all grades.
    • During class, lunch, recess, table outside after school, etc.
  • Update pin
    • Many families are directed to this page to learn more about Scouting. Your information appears by zip code, so make sure it’s always up to date.
  • Social Media (someone is probably an expert in your pack already)
    • Have at least one social media account
    • Post events in town Facebook groups/pages
    • Ask your parents what pages they follow
    • Charter organization pages/PTA/PTO pages
    • School pages
    • Include pictures
    • Create a graphic with the time/date of your event (
      • Images are available at the BSA Membership & Marketing Hub
  • Local Print and Online Papers
    • com (Free)
    • com (Free)
    • Town Newsletter (usually free)
    • Renna Media
    • Our Town
    • Town Papers (Roxbury Register, Hanover Eagle)
  • Yard Signs & Stand Up Ethan
    • Signs to use as a reminder for an upcoming recruitment night
  • Community Events
    • Be active in the community events and fairs
    • Have recruitment info when selling popcorn
PPC Joining Events – Table #6

Each new family is welcome to attend a free membership event to learn what Cub Scouting is all about.  These events are free, for the whole family, and are for any newly registered Cub Scout or family who is on the fence about joining.

Free Membership Event Flyers Fall 2017 (PDF)