A Cub Scout program for kindergarten boys & girls.  Join a Cub Scout pack today!

What are Lions

  • Lion Scouts are kindergarten-age boys and girls.
  • Lions join with a parent or caring adult partner.
  • Lions form dens of six to eight Lion Scout pairs (youth and accompanying adult).
  • Lion dens are part of a Cub Scout pack.
  • Lions may wear a special Lion T-shirt to their activities.
  • Lions move to the next Cub Scout level (Tigers) at the end of kindergarten.

Have Fun, Make Friends, See New Things.

As a Lion, your kindergartner will make friends, laugh loud, gain confidence, discover nature, and most of all…have fun! He’ll experience the Scouting concepts of character development, leadership, citizenship, and personal fitness through engaging and exciting adventures!! Your kindergartener will have a blast exploring the world around him in ways that fuel his imagination and creativity. Together, you’ll take his first steps down the path to success. Adventure awaits.
Patriots’ Path Council has been participating in the Lion Pilot program since Fall 2016. The Kindergarten class of 2016/2017 have not only graduated from Kindergarten they have moved up to Tigers!
In this second year of the Lion Pilot there have been changes made based on feedback. They are as follows:
Pack meetings and activities—Now Lion families may individually decide to participate in more (than the 2-3 required meetings) as desired.  Packs should look for ways to actively involve the Lions and include them in program, skits, etc.  Lions want more Pack involvement.

Pinewood Derby—This is now a Pack decision, it can be open to Lions if the Pack chooses. Three options are recommended.

1) Integrate Lions into Pack with Cub Scouts as Pack decides.
2) Use the wedge car from the Scout Shop to eliminate cutting.
3) Have Lions do a Veggie Car Derby—information on website.

Fundraising—This is now a family option. Fundraising and mandatory levels are not required. Some parents do want to have the individual option to fundraise. If popcorn is sold by Lions then Show and Sell with older boys and parents would be the preference, door to door selling needs the parents at the Lions’ side. Spring Fundraising is the better selection.

Camping (not a change but clarification)- Lion dens should not participate in overnight Den specific camping but Pack and Family camping are ok.  Day camp and activities such as shooting sports are reserved for the older Cub Scouts.  Keep the Lion dens focused on their exciting (and age-appropriate) adventures and fun family outings. Family camping with the Pack is totally welcome and encouraged!


Patriots’ Path Council now participates in the Lion program. This program does not change any of the cumemLion Facerrent ranks and organization of other Scouting programs. It’s unique as it reaches out to a slightly younger group of boys and girls. Research shows that childhood development accelerates around ages 4 and 5, about the time youth begin formal education. That’s where Scouting comes in. Like many of the BSA’s programs which supplement the learning and growth boys and girls experience at home and in an educational environment at that age, the Boy Scouts of America has developed this program as a permanent new programmemLion-Adventure-Book


Den meetings and outings are facilitated by a Lion Guide and participating parents. The Lion Guide is an experienced Cub Scout Leader. He or she will lead the first den meeting of the year. The Lion Guide will help each adult partner lead one of the following meetings. The den meeting plans are provided in the Lion Parent and Leader Guidebook.
A Lion Guide is a registered to a unit

Adult Partner

The adult partner participates with the Lion in fun meetings and outings. He or she takes turns with other adult partners to lead a den meeting and/or outing.

Lion Guide

A Lion Guide is a volunteer leader who provides direct support to your Lion Den. A Lion Guide is a unit position so the Lion Guide will be registered in the pack. The position description for the Lion Guide is:

 Has previous successful experience as den leader
 Works directly with other den and pack leaders to ensure that the den is an active and successful part of the pack
 Plans and prepares for initial Lion den meeting and outings
 Mentors adult partners in the delivery of Lion den meetings
 Attends the pack leaders’ meeting
 Leads the den at the monthly outings and other pack activities
 Ensures the transition of Lion Scouts to Tigers at year-end
 Prepares the Lions for day camp at the end of the Lion year if appropriate
 Coordinates shared leadership among the Lion adult partners in the den
 Ensures that each Lion and his adult partner have the opportunity to be the host team, which plans and executes the den activities, and rotates responsibilities monthly


The Cubmaster serves as the master of ceremonies for the monthly pack meeting. The pack meeting is an event where all of the dens in a Cub Scout pack come together for fun activities and awards. For the Lions, each month one meeting will be a den meeting and one meeting will be a pack meeting or outing.


The Lion program is made up of 12 adventures. Each adventure is designed to help your son have fun and learn useful things. Earning the five required adventures leads to your son achieving the Lion badge. In addition to the five required adventures, there are seven elective adventures that the boys in the den may earn for further fun and enrichment. It is not expected that boys will complete all 12 adventures. BSA suggests that dens complete the Lion’s Honor adventure first, however there is no required order for the remaining adventures.

  • Lion’s Honor*
  • Fun on the Run*
  • Animal Kingdom*
  • Mountain Lion*
  • King of the Jungle*
  • I’ll Do It Myself
  • Pick My Path
  • Gizmos and Gadgets
  • On Your Mark
  • Build It Up, Knock It Down
  • Rumble in the Jungle
  • Ready, Set, Grow


The Lion pilot encourages boys and girls to learn and explore through hands-on, high-energy activities. Adult partners take turns leading a den meeting or outing during the year. Most meetings and outings are approximately 45 minutes in length.


Boys and girls are recognized for their accomplishments as they work toward the Lion badge. The Lion badge is earned by completing five adventures. Adventures are completed during the den meetings and outings. When an adventure is completed, the youth receives a sticker to put in his keepsake Lion Adventure Book.

Lion Cap


Lion Cap

Lion Cap


Resources available for the approved national pilot councils are:
Recruitment: Build an Adventure recruitment materials, this flier, FAQS Orientation and training: 
1) For parents, Lion guides, and Cubmasters
2) Specifically for Lion guides
People: Your local council, unit, and experienced Cub Scout leaders

Program Materials
from the council Scout shop:
Lion Badge:lionlogo
For completion of the five required adventures

Lion Recognition Stickers (.79 per set)

Liolionprogramkitn Package
( Available in Scout Shop)

  • Lion Parent and Leader Guidebook:
    12 den meeting plans and outing plans
  • Lion Adventure Book: Youth keepsake
    (This is all in one package not available separately.)

Lion Adult Men’s & Women’s polo shirts
(Available in the Scout Shop)


Lion Adult T-Shirts

Lion T-Shirts for youth
(larger sizes now available)

Lion Hats for Cubs
(larger sizes now available)


The uniform for Lions is a Lion T-shirt with an optional cap. These items are available from your council’s Scout shop for all approved pilot councils.memLION shirt and cap-r2-01 (003)

The Lion guide wears the same official adult uniform as other Cub Scout leaders in the pack. A Cub Scouting activity T-shirt is also appropriate.
Lion Uniform Flyer –kindergarten

Contact Us

For more information contact:

Al Thomas – membership executive for Black River, Fishawack, Sussex
or Javier Juarez membership executive foMunsee, Raritan Valley, Watchung Mountain

New Tool: Using Preschools to Recruit Lions 

Submitted By: Mary Comerford, Sussex District membership chair

Passing the word to “Scout Me In!” With the welcoming of kindergarten students and girls, we have so much new space to recruit from! Check out one-way Sussex District tapped into a new market. Sussex District hand-delivered a cover letter with a Lions flyer to each of the 44 preschools in 21 towns within the district.

These flyers are meant to spread the word that:

  • our Lions program is open to all kindergarteners
  • our Family Scouting program now allows girls to participate in the Cub Scout program.

Flyers are to be further distributed by the schools to the parents of all boys and girls entering kindergarten in the fall. These flyers are a follow-up to the letters sent out by Patriots’ Path Council earlier this year.  Our flyers were well received and responses were very positive.

Free flyers and recruitment materials/ support is provided by the dollars donated to the Friends of Scouting campaign. Take a look and order what’s provided to you at: