Membership Resources

Free Supplies Did you know the council membership committee has plenty of free supplies and materials to assist with your recruitment efforts? All of these materials are supplied by the many generous Friends of Scouting (FOS) donations families like you provide to Patriots’ Path Council.
We’ll make flyers for your unit at no cost for Lion, Scouting BSA, or traditional flyers in black and white. We have lawn signs, cardboard Scout cut-outs for flyer distribution, an inflatable Scout and more! You can also borrow a popcorn machine to give out free popcorn at your recruitment event. Need an activity do at your pack open house? We have fishing kits, and archery set up, rain gutter regatta, and a Pinewood derby track that can be borrowed to bring excitement to your recruitment.

Recruiting Materials

Use this form to get all your flyers, on boarding envelopes, yard signs, posters, etc.

Yard Signs

Print your info, write it with marker, tape to the sign, place on lawns, then repeat for your next recruiting event.

Stand-Up Scout

A helpful resource for recruiting drives. If you have limited access to distributing physical literature through schools, the literature distribution Cub Scout stand-up could enhance your recruiting potential. The stand-ups are about 4 feet high. Please contact your district executive reserve the stand-ups. Use  the online fillable Stand-up Scout Form to reserve a date.

Pop-up Canopy

PPC has a portable, pop-up canopy, complete with roof, sides and attractive Scouting graphics available for units and districts use to support Cub Scout and Scouts BSA recruitment events and other special public-facing promotional or educational events.

Giant Inflatable

The Dancing Scout BSA or Cub Scout is a great resource for recruiting drives and guaranteed to attract attention. View the Dancing Cub Scout in action.

Recruit More Youth With Halloween Cards

Just when you thought you could wrap up recruiting for the Fall, there’s one more way you could gain some more youth in your pack or troop. Think about attaching a “Join Cub Scout” card on each piece of candy you hand out on Halloween. Or attach the joining card to the candy you hand out at the local Trunk or Treat. You can print the cards as is or edit them with your specific pack or troop information. This is a really fun way of letting people know about your local Scouting program.

The best source of recruiting youth into Scouting are current Scouts and families.