Popcorn Sales

The Popcorn program enables your unit to do the things you want without running many fund raisers.  By selling popcorn in the fall, you can support an entire year of Scouting for your unit. This is an officially approved council-unit money-earning project that many packs, troops and crews participate in each year.

New This Year:


  • A unique popcorn that is naturally mauve in color and contains Antioxidants
  • A crispy and crunchy kernel that has virtually no hulls.
  • Great taste
  • No artificial anything
  • Fewer calories per cup
  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMO

Cinnamon Crunch Popcorn Tin

Lightly sweet popcorn with warm, savory cinnamon


Michael Beck Flyer – Back again only at the Tradeshow on June 6th.  Our packs and crews who attended in 2015 averaged a 14.9% growth in their sale!  Michael Beck Training at the Tradeshow of Scouting Registration Link

2016 Popcorn Training Flyer – Learn how to use the CAMPMASTERS system, what are the new products, take home a demo $750 Club prize.  20 Sessions – pick the one which is best for you.  Training Registration Link

Different Ways To Sell Popcorn:

Show and Sell – a booth type sale

Scouts sell popcorn they have at various locations,asking people to “…support them in their Scouting program.”  See separate tab for details and suggestions.  Sale goes from August 20th through October 30th.

Take Order – a door-to-door type sale

Scouts sell door-to-door with their order form.  All products including those containing chocolate can be ordered.  Visit neighbors, ask relatives, have mom and dad take an order form to work.  Sale goes from September 12th through October 30th with product delivery starting on November 19th.

Show and Deliver – a door-to-door type sale

Selling door-to-door with product in-hand allows Scouts to make the sale, deliver the product, and collect the money all in one visit. Show and Deliver occurs at the same time as Take Order selling – September 12th through October 30th.

Show and Deliver Information

Online Sales

Online sales allow your scouts to reach beyond their neighborhoods and sell across the country. Customers order online and CAMPMASTERS ships the popcorn directly to them. You do not have to handle any popcorn or money yourself. Online sales count toward prizes and commissions.

Online accounts are created at the Pack/Troop/Crew level. The username and password is given to each Scout by their Popcorn Kernel. Click on the link below to access Select “Patriots’ Path Council” and enter your user name and password.

CAMPMASTERS’ Online Sales Access Page

2016 Online Selling Brochure

Single Seller

If your pack, troop or crew does not sell popcorn; you still can.  You can earn between 30% to 40% commission and still qualify for prizes!  Register using the form and participate in any of the above sale types.

Popcorn Patrol – Single Seller Form

Scout Rewards & Prize Forms

All Scout sales between August 20th through October 30th count – Show & Sell, Take Order, Show & Deliver and Online.
  • Scout Incentives – a listing of everything that is available
  • Regular Prize Program –  Regular prize program.  Flyer in Scout’s order form.  Order through your Popcorn Kernel.
  • $750 Club Prize Form – Additional prizes for selling $750 worth of popcorn.  Submit form or register online.
  • Top 100 Seller Form – Additional prize for being one of the sellers in our council.  We take the top 100 sellers.  Submit form or register online.
  • Free Week At Camp Form – Additional prize for Cub Scouts sell $1,400 and Boy Scouts sell $1,600.  Earn a free week of camp!  Submit form or register online.
  • CAMPMASTERS High Achiever Form – Additional prize from CAMPMASTERS for those that sell $1,500 or more.  Submit form to your popcorn kernel.
  • Above and Beyond Form – Additional Prize for having $4,500 or more in total sales.  Yes it can be done – 4 Scouts did it in 2015!  Submit form or register online.

Pack / Troop / Crew Rewards & Incentives

  • 2016 Unit Incentives – Pack / Troop / Crew Incentives
  • 2016 Commission Levels – Commission starts at 30% of your totals sales and can go to 40%.
  • Kick Off Contest Form – 1 Contest with 2 chances to win.  Enter the CAMPMASTERS Kick-Off contest and you are automatically entered in the council kick-off contest.  The Patriots’ Path contest will only use submission to the CAMPMASTERS contest.
  • Door To Door Form – We make arrangements to deliver your Take Order popcorn directly to you, no early Saturday morning pick up.  If your total sales for Take Order and Online sales reach $15,000, just submit the form by October 31st.

Calculate Your Potential

Make Your Sale Easier

  • Remote CC Reader Form This credit card reader attaches to a smart phone or tablet.  Counters the response “I have no money”.
  • Remote CC Machine Form This credit card machine and printer is a hand held device.  Counters the response “I have no money”.
  • Banner Request Form Add this 3 x 5 foot banner to attract attention to your sale.
  • Popcorn Machine Request Form We supply the machine, popcorn and bags to put it in.  Use this to add to your kick-off or re-energize your Scouts.
  • Family Fact Sheet (PDF) 2016 Family Fact Sheet (Word) Give to families so they have all the information on one sheet.
  • UnitMasterRecord Take Order Sales Excel file which matches the Take Order sheet.  Has one line for each scouts’ totals.  Use as a den / patrol total sheet or for the whole pack / troop / crew.

Show and Sell – Order on Consignment

Get permission to sell near a store or other heavily trafficked area. You order full cases of popcorn, pick up your order on August 20th.  (The 50% payment on your order isn’t due until October 12th.) You provide a table, chairs, signs and cash for change.  You can also borrow a credit card machine or credit card reader.

Each Scout can count a portion of your sales toward their prizes.  All sales count toward your commission.

Any leftover popcorn can be used to fill your Take Order Sale needs.

Note: Chocolate Popcorn is not available for Show & Sell.

2016 Popcorn “VIP Club”

Congratulations to the following units whose total sales from 2015 distinguished them as the top 10% selling Cub Scout packs or Boy Scout troops in the entire Patriots’ Path Council. As recognition for their efforts, these units are guaranteed a minimum of a 34%* commission for the 2016 popcorn sale.  They can still earn 3% for Training, 3% for FOS and 4% for Sale Success.

Top 10% Cub Scout Packs Top 10% Boy Scout Troops
Black River: Pack 49, Pack 133, Pack 160, Pack 316 Black River: Troop 160
Fishawack: Pack 6, Pack 24, Pack 124, Pack 179 Fishawack: Troop 8, Troop 72, Troop 74
Munsee: Pack 103 Raritan Valley: Troop 14 (first year selling popcorn), Troop 46
Raritan Valley: Pack 12 Watchung Mountain: Troop 73, Troop 104
Watchung Mountain: Pack 4, Pack 56, Pack 673

*34% = 30% & 4% for your success in 2015.

TOP 100 as of March 2016 – Top 100 Elite Sellers from the 2015 Popcorn sale
$750 Club as of March 2016 – $750 Club Sellers from the 2015 Popcorn sale

Contact Us

Council Kernel
Alan Grossman
(732) 744-9548

Sales Manager
Mark Spaldo
(973) 765-9322 ext 251

Customer Service
Beth Miller-Porter
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Natalie Verdeflor
(973) 765-9322 ext. 261

Black River District
Kernel Kathleen Redling
(908) 766-4032
Executive Marc Maratea
(973) 765-9322 ext.240

Fishawack District
Kevin Wall
(973) 981-5313
Executive Al Thomas
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Munsee District
– Open
 Will Adams
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Raritan Valley District
Samuel Ollo
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Executive Matthew Hachey
(973) 765-9322 ext. 257

Sussex District
Katherine Smith
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Executive Bill Zinky
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Watchung Mt. District
Maureen Leitner
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Executive Charlean Mahon
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Links & Information

More Forms

2016 Registration Form

30 Line Order Form

Full Order Form

Family Fact Sheet (PDF)

Family Fact Sheet (Word File)