Eagle’s Nest Online

Work with experienced merit badge counselors on Eagle required merit badges. Featuring a flexible schedule, select only the badges that you want to work on. Continue your journey to Eagle, and get a jumpstart on badges like Citizenship in the Community, Family Life, or Personal Management.

Eagle’s Nest Workshop (In person learning)

Join us on Saturday, August 14th and Sunday, August 15th at Camp Somers- Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation for Eagle’s Nest Workshop.

Weekend Schedule

Emergency Preparedness will be offered from 9 am – 4 pm

Citizenship in the Nation will be offered from 9 am – 12 pm

Citizenship in the World will be offered from 12 pm – 4pm

-Please don’t register for the same class Saturday and Sunday as the class will repeat-


Please bring a lunch if you are planning to stay for one or more sessions.

Emergency Preparedness includes an hour lunch break. If you plan to stay for both Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the  World, please bring a lunch.

Eagle’s Nest Online Program

The merit badges that are required for the rank of Eagle are some of the most challenging that Scouting offers. Completing these requirements takes dedication and determination. Scouts that seek to scale the heights of the rank of Eagle know that working on these badges is not something to take lightly. The skills and learning that come along with these badges will be invaluable, even after your scouting career.

The Eagle’s Nest Online program will be available in one-week sessions, starting in early July. Badges will be scheduled for ninety minute courses, that will meet two or three times per week depending on the badge and requirements. Scouts will be able to participate in multiple merit badge courses each week. While we recognize no online experience can replicate or replace actually being at camp, we are excited to be able to help Scouts along their advancement journey.

Deadline To Submit Work:

The deadlines to turn in all work are listed below*. If you will not be able to complete all work by these dates, you must find another counselor to complete the merit badge(s) with. Your scoutmaster can assist you with locating a merit badge counselor in your area.

  • Session 1: July 5-9th — deadline: August 6
  • Session 2: July 12-16th — deadline: August 13
  • Session 3: July 19-23rd — deadline: August 20
  • Session 4: July 26-30th — deadline: August 27

*Specific requirements involving long term tracking will be accepted as noted on course registration.

Badges Offered Will Include*:

  • Citizenship in the Community
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Citizenship in the World
  • Communication
  • Family Life
  • Personal Fitness
  • Personal Management

*More badges may become available as schedule and staff allow

Statement of Expectation

Eagle’s Nest is a program that depends on the scouts to be personally responsible for their actions, effort, and results. Eagle’s Nest is strongly recommended for Scouts BSA at least 13 years old or First Class rank.

Participants are expected to behave in a manner that reflects the Scout Oath and Law and may be asked to leave the area at the Area Director’s discretion.

Participants are responsible for documenting their work. Requirements will only be approved if a participant can prove that the work they turn in is their own. Plagiarism is not a trustworthy act. Any requirement that states “with the approval of your counselor” must have approval from a counselor for that badge before any work may be completed or signed off. If a requirement is approved by another counselor, contact information for that counselor is required for verification before the requirement can be marked completed.

Eagle’s Nest Online Code of Conduct

Internet access is required for Scouts who take courses with Eagle’s Nest Online. Internet access offers valuable, diverse, and unique resources to both Scouts and Instructors. Instructors will utilize resources appropriate for the merit badge they are instructing. These include but are not limited to: websites, videos, audio clips, and pictures. Online access to Google Classroom and video conferencing software must be used in a responsible, safe, efficient, ethical, and legal manner. Scouts must have a microphone and camera capabilities on their device of choice. An important objective of the Eagle’s Nest Online is to provide a learning climate which assists Scouts in presenting themselves in a manner that promotes a positive and productive online environment, personal pride, and advancement success.

The following guidelines cover what is expected of Scouts in our online learning environment

Scouts are responsible for appropriate behavior while in the Eagle’s Nest Online courses, just as they are in the camp environment. Always use a computer in a way that shows consideration and respect. You are not to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language.

Integrity and authenticity of Scout work is something that we take very seriously at the Eagle’s Nest Online. Do not cut, copy, or plagiarize Internet content or the work of your peers. Instructors can utilize technologies that check for authenticity of Scout work. Copying the work of others, allowing others to knowingly copy your work, and/or misusing content from the Internet could result in your removal from our courses.

  • Scouts should be ON TIME for their course. Any work missed by the Scout due to tardiness is the Scouts responsibility to make up or arrange with the counselor.
  • It is encouraged that your Scout be set up in a location free of distractions.
  • A camera must be on, with the Scout’s face showing on screen. They also need to display their name (i.e. Michael Camp or Mike, not mcgamerman) on the screen while in a course. This also assists us in ensuring authenticity of Scout work.
  • Email communication with Instructors and peers need to be professional and appropriate in nature, and include the badge and session the Scout is in.
  • Scouts’ written and oral communications must be free of vulgar, belittling, or offensive language, or any other forms of bullying.
  • Scouts must abide by rules, policies, and procedures established by the course instructor.
  • Scouts and Parents are not permitted to record/screenshot/share courses. Instructors are not permitted to record courses.
  • The BSA Youth Protection policy requires an 18 year old or older Leader or parent be present on all telephone calls and emails. Please ensure a Scout abides by this rule before they contact their instructors or academy administrators.

In addition- parents are encouraged to remain off screen and not intrude on the course. Parents are welcome to listen in on courses if desired. If a parent has a question, please email the instructor or Camp Director at your convenience. Please keep in mind that although our instructors would enjoy interacting with parents, they often have a course they need to begin immediately following your Scout’s course.

Scouts who violate the virtual classroom rules of conduct will be:

  1. Warned by the instructor
  2. Parent will be contacted by the Camp Director and a warning will be issued in writing
  3. The Scout will be removed from the merit badge course completely

All participants, parents, instructors, and administrators are expected to abide by the Scout Oath and Law in all interactions with one another. By doing so, all incidents of misconduct can be avoided.