VERSION – April 6, 2022

Before starting the Eagle Service Project planning process

  1. You should meet with your Scoutmaster, Troop Advancement Coordinator, and Eagle Coach to review the actual concept of the proposed project. Your Eagle Coach may be your Scoutmaster, Troop Advancement Coordinator, or any registered adult assigned by your Scoutmaster.  Please follow the process of your Troop.  Feel free to contact the District Advancement Chairman for any clarifications.
  2. You should obtain the Patriots’ Path Council’s Trail to Eagle Packet online at the Council Web site.
    Select: Committees   Select: Advancement  Select: Trail to Eagle Resources
    This will take you to the Patriots Path Council’s current collection of resources to assist you on your Journey to Eagle.  This site will always contain the correct Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, Eagle application, and other information needed to complete Eagle Rank.
  3. Once the project is written up to the satisfaction of your Scoutmaster, Troop Advancement Coordinator, and Eagle Coach, then the Scoutmaster and Troop Committee will sign the Project Proposal section of the Eagle Workbook.  You should also have the signature of the sponsoring organization (beneficiary) at this time.  A signed letter written on the sponsor’s letterhead is also acceptable in lieu of them signing the Workbook.   The letter must contain a brief description of your project.  All signatures and approvals for the project plan must be in the Project Proposal before you come to the District Advancement Committee for your project approval.  All signatures must be original and not electronically created or reproduced.
  4. You, yourself, should email the District Eagle Coordinator to set up a meeting date for District Approval. Mrs. Deb Hopkins – [email protected] is the current District Eagle Coordinator. Remember to add a second adult to all correspondence to comply with YPT policy. The District Advancement Committee meets twice monthly at 7:00 pm.  Due to the current restrictions please contact Mrs. Hopkins for the meeting location.
  5. You may not begin work on your project (this includes fundraising) until the District Advancement Committee Member signs your Project Workbook.