Eagle Palm updates August 1, 2017

Article and FAQ in Bryan’s Blog here.

Procedure for Eagle palms earned by the date of the Eagle Board of Review

After successfully completing your Eagle Scout board of review and being validated as an Eagle Scout by the National Service Center, you will be entitled to receive an Eagle Palm for each additional 5 merit badges you have completed before your Eagle Scout board of review.  The unit is responsible for reporting Eagle Palms based on merit badges earned prior to the board of review. Those Palms the Scout is eligible for should be dated the same as the Eagle board of review date, but only after the Eagle credentials have been received by the council service center and validated by the National Service Center.

Eagle Palms may be reported by the unit leader submitting an Advancement Report No. 34403, or via Scoutbook . (NOTE: Internet Advancement DOES NOT AND WILL NOT support Eagle Palms awarded coincident with the Eagle Board of Review.) The Eagle Scout Palm Application, form # 58-709, was previously discontinued since it is not necessary for Eagle Palms to be processed or approved at the council level.

Eagle Board members do not need to know what or how many merit badges (over the 21 required for Eagle) since it is the unit’s responsibility to report them and apply for any Palms. The board members may advise the Eagle candidate that if he has more than the required merit badges for Eagle, he may request these Palms from his unit leadership. The unit leadership may printout an individual history for the Scout to determine if he has enough merit badges for one or more Palms. This report will also let them know if any merit badges have not yet been recorded. Again this is the unit’s responsibility.

Updated 5/8/2020.