2017 Eagle Application

The 2017 Eagle Scout Rank Application was posted over the weekend of April 23. A tweet went out advertising the release of the revised application. The content of the application is basically the same with a few minor edits, detailed below.

This new application should be used going forward…but if a scout has begun working with the older application, especially if he has obtained a signature dated before 4/23/17, then it will be accepted.

  1. In the upper right hand corner of the application, the ‘National No.’ was change to ‘Unit No.’ (council fills out this information)
  2. The grayed text box at the top of the application – the year was changed from 2013 to 2016
  3. Date became a Venture/Sea Scout was split into two separate entities
  4. AGE REQUIREMENT ELIGIBILITY – ‘may be earned’ was changed to may only be earned’. ‘Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts who ….’ Was made a separate paragraph.
  5. REQUIREMENT 3 changed to read ‘List the month, day, and year the merit badge was earned and the unit number it was earned in.’
  7. Last sentence at bottom of page 1 changed to read ‘You must attach the Application for Alternative Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges for those merit badges earned in place of the Eagle required badge(s).’
  8. REQUIREMENT 4: Split Venturing crew/ship as separate programs and added the correct positions of responsibility for each respective program.
  9. After REQUIREMENT 6, the Note, In preparation for … The text box outline was removed and the statement was moved after ‘CERITIFICATION BY APPLICATION’ and before the ‘Signature of applicant.’
  10. The print date at the bottom right of page 2 was changed to April 2017 Printing.

All of this would not fit in a tweet and was too late to put in the just released Advancement News for May – June. However, there will be an article in the next issue regarding these changes. It will also be explained that the 2016 version of the ESRA is still valid and a transition period is allowed. However, the 2016 ESRA is no longer available from the National or Council websites.