Eagle Advancement

Program Updates

January 22, 2021, form added 3/28/2021 Patriots’ Path Council procedure for Submitting Requests for Extension of Time to Earn the Eagle Scout Rank A Scout, parent or guardian, unit leader, or unit committee member may use this form to petition for an extension of time to earn the Eagle Rank.

December 21, 2020 Advancement Updates, Including Time Extensions
Effective Jan. 1, 2021, local councils will have the authority to grant limited extensions of time to complete Eagle, Quartermaster, or Summit requirements. These extensions are available only to youth members who qualify under the three tests listed in the attached advance copy of topics,,, and forms and from the 2021 edition of the Guide to Advancement (GTA), which will be published early in the year.  Advance copies of these topics and forms are also published at www.scouting.org/advancement.  (See also https://ppcbsa.org/wp-content/uploads/BSA-Extensions-
The three tests are laid out in topic The process for requesting and reviewing a time extension is outlined in topic appeal process has also been established if the council denies an extension. This process is outlined in topic
Though the updated GTA containing these three topics will not be published until after the new year, the authority outlined in topics,, and will take effect on Jan. 1, 2021.
Council Advancement Committees are advised that after Dec. 31, 2020, there is no plan to authorize COVID extensions as has been allowed during 2020. It is possible, however, that as of Jan. 1, 2021, COVID could become a circumstance that warrants an extension if it qualifies under the three tests listed in Note that existing COVID extensions granted between Oct. 1, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2020, will expire three months after they were granted.

October 12, 2020:
The National site for recording Eagle Service Project hours is no longer being supported.  Units are encouraged to report these hours along with any other community service activities to the Council here, but certificates are no longer requested to be submitted with Eagle paperwork.

August 29, 2020:
IMPORTANT ADVANCEMENT UPDATES distributed in this Scouts BSA COVID19 Updates pdf, eventually to be added to the National COVID-19 FAQ.  Includes temporary deferments on swimming requirements for ranks up to Life, camping requirements and an update to the Eagle extension process permitting an additional three month extension with Council approval.

June 25, 2020:

  • Extensions can be extended 3 months
    For any extension granted under this temporary authority on or before June 30, 2020, councils may grant an additional extension of up to 3 months upon receiving another request. Councils should remind Scouts/Venturers/Sea Scouts receiving extensions who need the time to complete their Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster Service Projects to consider making changes to the Projects, including possibly changing Projects, so they can be completed by the new deadline.
  • Scouts turning 18 must register as adults: Upon turning 18, the Scout must submit a completed adult application and successfully complete YPT; their participant code will now be UP for SBSA or VP for Venturing and Sea Scouting.

June 16, 2020:

  • Safety During Eagle Service Projects:
    Easing COVID-19 restrictions now permit in-person unit activities, under carefully monitored practices to ensure the safety of all participants.  It is important that adult unit leaders take care that Eagle Service Projects are carried out according to these same practices.  Eagle candidates should plan for and endeavor to execute all aspects of their project in a safe manner, but as with chain saws or other power tool use, the ultimate responsibility for safety rests with the supervising adults.

May 12, 2020:

  • Submitting Eagle Paperwork to Council
    With the Council Service Center closed, all submissions of Eagle paperwork will be done electronically.  Scans (pdf is best) should be sent to Cindy Van Carpels.
  • Virtual Eagle Boards of Review
    Eagle Boards of Review via teleconference require approval by the local Council.  In Patriots’ Path Council, such approvals are provided by the District Advancement Committee Once a Virtual Eagle Board is approved, Troops should look first to local resources to host the Board.  (Zoom, Google Hangout, Webex, etc.)  District Advancement Committees may have resources also.  Finally, Council has a few, but heavily subscribed Zoom accounts that can be scheduled for use.  Contact Andrew Joiner or your Unit Service Executive.  For guidelines on running a Virtual Board, see the March 20 issue of Bryan on Scouting.

APRIL 9, 2020: 

  • Details of Patriot’s Path Council process for Covid-19 related Eagle extensions.
    Per National guidelines, Council Scout Executive Marc Andreo has delegated approval of Covid-19 related Eagle extensions to the Council Advancement Committee, for up to 3 months beyond the Scout’s 18th birthday.  As a simplification to the standard Eagle extension process, an email that specifically mentions Covid-19 as the reason for the request should go to the District Advancement Chair (see below) who may have already had some interaction with the Scout if the Scout has made any inquiries about a project.  It does not matter specifically who sends that email as long as it mentions Covid-19 as the reason for the request.  Of course if a Scout sends the email, per BSA guidelines, he or she must copy at least one other adult (usually parent) on the message. To expedite matters, the email message should include the Scout’s date of birth.  The request will be reviewed at the district level, and a recommendation made to the Council Advancement Committee. Once approved, an email reply will go to whoever originally sent the request, with a copy to the Eagle Registrar Cindy Van Carpels.
    District Advancement Committee Chairs:
Black RiverDave Meehan[email protected]
FishawackBob Weber[email protected]
MunseePeter Glaser[email protected]
 Raritan ValleyDeb Hopkins[email protected]
SussexGeorge Lippencott[email protected]
Watchung MountainChristine O’Brien[email protected]

January 2019:

  • Initial policy and implementation for special Eagle extension requests for new scouts over 16 but not yet 18 years of age on February 1, 2019 . PDF

August 1, 2017:

A new Eagle Application was released in April 2017.  Details of update here.

Trail to Eagle

Unit Eagle Mentor and Coach Training

Traditionally, knowledgeable unit leaders often worked with Life Scouts as informal Eagle Mentors to encourage and advise Eagle candidates on their trail to Eagle. New Eagle advancement procedures encourage each Eagle candidate to work with a trained and approved Eagle Coach to support his Eagle Service Project. The Patriots’ Path Council Advancement Committee recommends that unit leaders review the attached Eagle Mentor Training material (powerpoint and pdf), as preparation for both the broader Eagle Mentor and project-focused Eagle Coach roles.

Community Service Reporting — Units are strongly encouraged to submit information about each Eagle Scout service project via the Community Service website.

Eagle Documents: Policy for submission.

Guide to Advancement: In order to stay current with National’s continuing improvements to forms and documentation, we refer you to their authoritative website, especially for the Guide to Advancement.

Our aim is to make pertinent forms and information available at this site for the Eagle Scout candidate.   Much of the content is related to the Eagle Scout service project.  We strongly encourage each Scout and his unit leaders to utilize this resource to better understand the process. Too often a candidate will wait too long to begin the process of developing and obtaining approval of a project proposal.   To increase the probability of successfully completing the service project requirement for the rank of Eagle Scout, we recommend that the Scout plan to have his project proposal approved at least 6 months before his 18th birthday. As we update the local processes, we will update the website. Please check back to the advancement committee pages on the council website.

The proposal must be approved before the Scout starts any fundraising or work on the project.

Health and Safety Considerations — All Eagle Scout service projects constitute official Scouting activity and thus are subject to Boy Scouts of America policies and procedures. Projects are considered part of a unit’s program and are treated as such with regard to policies, procedures, and requirements regarding Youth Protection, two-deep leadership, etc. The health and safety of those working on Eagle projects must be integrated into project execution. See more information at right.


  • All requirements for the Eagle Scout rank, except the board of review, must be completed prior to the Scout’s 18th birthday.
  • The board of review must be conducted within 3 months after the Scout’s 18th birthday. Although reasonable efforts are made to accommodate a candidate’s schedule, the Scout should be prepared to be available at times when the board can convene. Procedures for scheduling boards of review and checking references vary by district. The candidate should contact the district advancement committee for details.

Service Project Fundraising

An Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application must be used by the candidate to obtain prior approval for fundraising or securing donations of materials, supplies or tools for his Eagle Scout service project. For more specific information about what is required, see the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook for the “Procedures and Limitations on Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising” and the Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application form.

An application or approval is not necessary for contributions from the candidate, his parents or relatives, his unit or its chartered organization, parents or members of his unit, or the beneficiary. All donations left over, regardless of the source, must be given to the beneficiary.

All fundraising efforts, whether or not an application or approval is required, must be conducted in accordance with the standards specified in “Procedures and Limitations on Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising”.

The Patriots’ Path Council has delegated the Council’s approval of applications that meet the standards specified by the Boy Scouts of America as follows:

  • If the candidate expects to raise contributions of moneys, materials, supplies or tools that in the aggregate will not exceed $2,500.00, approval is delegated to the candidate’s Unit Committee or Unit Committee Chair, according to Unit policy.
  • If the candidate expects to raise contributions of moneys, materials, supplies or tools that in the aggregate will not exceed $10,000.00, approval is delegated to the District Advancement Committee or District Advancement Committee Chair, according to District policy.
  • If the candidate expects to raise contributions of moneys, materials, supplies or tools that in the aggregate will exceed $10,000.00, approval of the Council Finance Committee or Council Finance Committee Chair is required.

If an Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application is required, no solicitation of donations may occur until after the completed application is approved in writing by the beneficiary, the unit leader and the Council (as per the delegation of approval specified above).

The candidate’s approved Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application is required to be submitted to the Council with the candidate’s completed Eagle Scout application and completed Eagle Scout Service Workbook prior to the scheduling of the candidate’s Eagle Scout board of review.