Council Methods, Policies, Practices and Procedures

The Guide to Advancement is the official source for administering advancement in all Boy Scouts of America programs: Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, Venturing, and Sea Scouts. We follow BSA’s official source for administering advancement, the Guide to Advancement.  For situations not specifically covered in that document, we make decisions based on the aims and mission of the Boy Scouts of America, the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and common sense.

Questions and Suggestions

The Guide to Advancement is intended to provide clear procedures and guidelines for a mission-oriented delivery of advancement. Administration of it, however, largely takes place locally. Therefore, volunteer advancement administrators should always consult first with the district and council—the district advancement chair, district executive, council advancement chair, or the council’s professional staff adviser for advancement.     These officials can provide many answers and a certain level of interpretation. The national Advancement Team is available for recommendations or for questions that cannot be handled locally.

Suggestions for new merit badges should be directed to the BSA Innovation Team at [email protected].

Local Council Policies

Community Service Reporting for Eagle Scout Service Projects

Council Advancement Committee Membership and Meetings

Council Policy and Procedure on Limited Exceptions to Swimming Requirements

Delayed Eagle Boards of Review

Eagle Scout paperwork for Council and Boards of Review

Eagle Scout Service Project Funding Policy

Merit Badge Counselor Policy

Methods for Conducting Eagle Scout Boards of Review