As Commissioners our role is different from that of other Scouters. We are charged to provide units with meaningful service that delivers Scouting ideals to youth, brings about membership growth and ensures on-time charter renewal. Our mission is to help units succeed. Our service is friendly and personable and we are available to offer advice, provide program suggestions and support unit leaders. The insignia displays a wreath around Scouting’s trefoil, representing our commission to serve all of Scouting. This page is designed to support Commissioners in meeting their goals.

Unit Resources

Family Scouting


Program for Older Girl Update and FAQ (PDF)

Update on Program for Older Girls
The National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America has confirmed a scheduled
February 1, 2019 launch date for the program to serve girls, ages 11-17. This timing is intended
to align with the programmatic timeline so that girls who join Cub Scouts in 2018 and will have
earned their Arrow of Light are able to cross over to a troop to continue their Scouting journey.
The Board also approved the option of a linked troop structure that would allow existing boy
troops and future girl troops the opportunity to be linked through a shared COR and troop

Q. What program is available to girls that are older than Cub Scout age?
Using the same Scouting program offered to older boys, the organization will deliver a program
for older girls that is scheduled to launch in February 2019 through which girls will be able to
earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

Q: What ages would be eligible for the program?
Mirroring the ages served by the existing Boy Scout program, the program for girls would serve
girls who have completed the fifth grade and are at least 10 years old, or have earned the
Arrow of Light and are at least 10 years old, or are age 11 but have not reached age 18.

Q. Will you change the program to accommodate girls?
Our existing programs are relevant for both young men and women. After all, the values of
Scouting as outlined in the Scout Law – trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind,
obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent – are relevant and important values for
both young men and women. As such, the program for girls, ages 11 to 17 will be the same
curriculum offered in the Boy Scout program.

Q: Will the Scoutmaster position change in the program for girls?
No, the Scoutmaster is still responsible for training and guiding youth leaders in the operation
of the troop and for managing, training and supporting assistant scoutmasters in their role.

Q: Can a boy troop and a girl troop share the same Scoutmaster?
A: No. Chartered organizations should have separate Scoutmasters for their boy troop and girl

Q: Can both male troops and girl troops share the same committee?
A: A chartered organization can decide if they want the same or separate committee.

Q: Can a boy troop and girl troop meet at the same time?
Yes. Based on the preferences of the chartered organization, the boy troop and girl troop could
meet at the same time and place.

Q: If a chartered organization is not able to establish a new unit based on the required
number of same-gender youth needed, can boy patrols and girl patrols be combined to form
a troop?
No. A new unit must be started using the current youth and adult requirements; however,
chartered organizations can consider the linked troop model so that the newly-established girl
troop will have the same COR and can share the troop committee.

Q: Can a boy troop and girl troop meet as one big troop?
Opening and closing of the meetings can be together or separate, depending on space and
desire of the chartered organization and unit leadership. The other components of the Scout
meeting should be run separately.

Q: Can boy and girl patrols make up a troop?
No. Troops must be all male or all female youth members.

Q: Must the leaders of a boy troop be men and all the leaders of the girl troop be women?
No. Adult leadership may be men, women, or both men and women together. All youth
protection guidelines are to be in use no matter the make-up of the adult leadership.

Q: Can a boy troop and girl troop plan events together?
Yes, they can plan events together, as troops currently do.

Q: Can courts of honor be held jointly?
Yes, courts of honor can be held jointly if the chartered organization chooses.

Q: Can a council and district run camporees for boy troops and girl troops?
Yes, a council and district can run council and district events for both boy troops and girl troops
if they are following the Guide to Safe Scouting and all current youth protection guidelines.

Q: Will all current Boy Scout troops be required to offer a program for girls?
Chartered organizations can decide which programs best serve the needs of their community,
which means that the chartered organization can continue to offer Scouting for boys, or they
may choose to add a unit for older girls.


Download Letter (PDF)
Download Designation Form (PDF)

April 3, 2018

To: All Patriots’ Path Council Cub Scout Packs

Subject: Family Scouting and Cub Scout Pack Designation for the 2018/2019 Program Year

As you already know, the BSA’s Board of Directors recently approved a plan to invite girls and young women into all Scouting programs.  Requirements in Scouting programs will remain the same – regardless of gender.

Starting September 2018, you have the OPTION to have girls involved in your pack.  The decision to invite girls into a pack is completely voluntary and should be discussed with your chartered organization, pack committee and pack families.

Please fill out the attached Cub Scout Pack Designation Form to let us know how your pack and chartered organization intend to move forward for the 2018/2019 program year.

There are three options from which to choose:

  1. Remain an all-boy pack for the 2018/2019 program year
  2. Convert to a Family Scouting pack (serving Boys and Girls K-5)
    • Packs will have a combination of all-girl dens and all-boy dens
    • Both genders can be included in spring recruitment efforts
    • Both genders may start den-level activities as early as June 2018 –AND- attend Cub Scout day camp
  3. Start a new all-girl pack

NOTE: All activities involving girl Cub Scouts MUST have at least one Youth-Protection-trained female, age 21 years or older in attendance. It is not required for this female to be a registered Scout leader.

 Rules for BSA Family Packs

  1. BOTH the chartered organization and pack committee must agree to adopt the Family Scouting Pack model.
    • You will need to contact your chartered organization right away and assure they are in agreement that your pack becomes a “Family Scouting Pack” that serves both boys and girls.
    • If you need assistance with this, please contact us at [email protected]
  2. Interested packs submit a Cub Scout Pack Designation Form, confirming their interest in converting to a Family Scouting pack, to the Family Scouting committee.
  • Once your form is received, council will provide instructions for your pack on how to edit your BeAScout pin, and our membership committee will be updated so that they may refer girls to your pack
  • We can also extend help to you through our Family Scouting district champions

Thank you for considering being a Family Scouting pack.  Please contact us with any questions, at [email protected].

Mary Ruth Lareau – Vice President, Family Scouting

Charter Renewal


Check back for dates for our FREE Chartered Organization Representative training:

A well-trained and engaged Chartered Organization Representative can make all the difference in uniting an organization’s mission with that of Scouting. After all, our Scouts and all the youth in the organization deserve it. Please remember, each charter organization is allowed a single organization representative (no matter how many units it charters).

Who Should Attend? Those interested in becoming a Chartered Organization Rep New Chartered Organization Reps Institutional Heads All Interested Commissioners

What Will I Learn?

▪ An Overview of the BSA
▪ “Full Family of Scouting”
▪ What a charter is
▪ The job of the COR
▪ How to recruit new leaders
▪ Youth Protection (You get certified in this as part of the course as well)
▪ Council & District Function
▪ Unit charter renewal process

Seven Items to Submit to council office when finished recharting online

  1. New Roster with executive officer manual signature or digital approval. Roster must be printed after recharting.
  2. Adult applications with background check authorization forms for all new adult members.
  3. Youth Applications for all new youth members.
  4. All applicable fees paid by cash or check – use the 2020 Fee Calculator provided in the helpful links section.
    NOTE: the fees that show with your online recharting do not include all the fees.
    Please use the calculator or you will have underpaid and your charter can not be processed until all fees are paid.
    Please submit payments by cash or check. We cannot accept credit cards.
    Please make checks payable to Patriots’ Path Council, BSA.
  5. Youth Protection Certificates for all adults – The certificates must be dated after February 1, 2018 to be valid as all leaders must be current with the new training. An adult cannot be registered on your charter without current youth protection training.
  6.  Your 2020 JTE Scorecard
  7. Your Annual Unit Charter Agreement – it should display at the end of the rechartering process. If not, use this link, The Annual Unit Charter Agreement
  8. Thank you for completing rechartering for your unit!

All units have access to recharter. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Click here to login to the Internet Rechartering Website. You can also access this site by visiting our website,, and selecting Internet Rechartering from the Membership menu.
  2. Enter Access Information  Click Register  First Time User’. *** note unless you have registered for the 2019 recharter season, you are considered a first time user even if you have registered in past years.
    Subsequent times you can just Login.
    Enter your Access Code: ******* (provided by council)
    Select your Unit Type (Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship) from the drop down box.
    Enter your  4-digit Unit Number. If your unit number has less than 4 digits, add leading zeros.                                                             (example: Troop 4 should be written as Troop 0004).
  3. To continue after logging in, please refer to the Internet Rechartering: How to document to walk you through the step-by-step instructions.
  4. At the end you’ll have the option to have your Executive Officer or your Charter Representative digitally approve the charter by sending them your login credentials, or manually sign it after you’ve printed it. When you print the charter If you have had this electronically signed, there is no need to obtain more signatures. Otherwise, please have the appropriate people sign before bringing it to council.
  5. Once completed YOU MUST CLICK SUBMIT and print the Charter Renewal Application. If you opted for the digital approval by your Executive Officer or Charter Representative, there are no further unit signatures required. Otherwise, please have the appropriate people sign your charter.
  6. Gather up the paperwork mentioned in the highlighted section above and deliver them to council, or any of your drop off nights, located around your district, and at your roundtables.

We appreciate your assistance with rechartering your unit.

****Note: New youth and adult applications can be picked up at either scout shop location or printed from Please ensure you are using the most current version of the application to avoid any delays in processing. The adult application shows the numbers 1017 in the lower right corner of the cover page. The youth application shows the numbers 717 in the lower right corner of the cover page. All other versions are obsolete. Please discard them.

Contact your district commissioner or unit service executive if you have questions about rechartering:

Your District Team

Black River
District Commissioner – Tim Farrell, (H) 732-921-1175, [email protected]
Unit Service Executive: Marc Maratea, (W) 973-765-9322 ext. 240, [email protected]

District Commissioner – Tom O’Leary, (H) 973-432-2992, [email protected]
Unit Service Executive – Marc Maratea, (W) 973-765-9322 ext. 240, [email protected]

District Commissioner – Bob Petraitis, (M) 908-810-0452 [email protected]
Program Specialist – Ken Mayti, (M) 732-406-2301 [email protected]

Raritan Valley
District Commissioner – Hugh Gordon, (H) 732-452-0242, [email protected]
Program Specialist – Ken Mayti, (M) 732-406-2301 [email protected]

District Commissioner – Karen Rozek, (H) 973-786-0233 [email protected]
Unit Service Executive – Marc Maratea, (W) 973-765-9322 ext. 240, [email protected]

Watchung Mountain
District Commissioner – Judy Joshua, (H) 908-389-0527, [email protected]
Program Specialist – Ken Mayti, (M) 732-406-2301 [email protected]


Your District Team

Contact your district commissioner with rechartering questions.
Contact your unit service executive or program specialist with any other questions.

Black River
District Commissioner – Tim Farrell, (H) 732-921-1175, [email protected]
Unit Service Executive: Marc Maratea, (W) 973-765-9322 ext. 240, [email protected]

District Commissioner – Tom O’Leary, (H) 973-432-2992, [email protected]
Unit Service Executive – Marc Maratea, (W) 973-765-9322 ext. 240, [email protected]

District Commissioner – Bob Petraitis, (M) 908-810-0452 [email protected]
Program Specialist – Ken Mayti, (M) 732-406-2301 [email protected]

Raritan Valley
District Commissioner – Hugh Gordon, (H) 732-452-0242, [email protected]
Program Specialist – Ken Mayti, (M) 732-406-2301 [email protected]

District Commissioner – Karen Rozek, (H) 973-786-0233 [email protected]
Unit Service Executive – Marc Maratea, (W) 973-765-9322 ext. 240, [email protected]

Watchung Mountain
District Commissioner – Judy Joshua, (H) 908-389-0527, [email protected]
Program Specialist – Ken Mayti, (M) 732-406-2301 [email protected]



On Line Registration (PDF)

Online Registration for Units

The online registration system is designed to make it easy for families to join Scouting. They can find a unit or apply to the unit of their choice. The system walks them through the application and payment process. If there is an application or lead, the unit Key 3 will receive a notification once a day letting them know they have actions to take.

Key Features

Invitation Manager:

Collects information from potential new Scouts for your unit from BeAScout;

Helps you manage leads from joining nights and from individual referrals

Allows you to send invitations directly to interested families with a link to the application that is specific to your unit.

Digital Application:

Electronic application that collects all the data needed to register in a unit;

Includes an online credit card payment option or a cash/check option.

The Application Manager:

Collects applications from new youth and adults;

Allows the unit leader/Key 3 to review the youth application and either accept the application or send the application to the district so that they can place the youth in a different unit;

Allows the committee chair to review the adult application and make recommendations for adult positions; and

Allows the chartered organization representative (CR) to review and accept or reject the adult application, or refer the application to the district for placement in a different unit.



Chartered organization representative (CR)*

Review and accept or reject unit’s adult leader applications. This is the only role that can accept or reject adult applications.

Reviews and accepts or rejects unit’s Venturing adult participant applications. Can review and accept or reject unit’s youth applications (shared unit Key 3 role.)

*Must have an active email account.  The institutional head / chartered organization executive officer (IH) can also perform the same duties.

Unit committee chair (CC)

Can review unit’s adult applications and make position recommendations to the CR.

Can review and accept or reject unit’s youth applications (shared unit Key 3 role.)

Unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Skipper, COACH)

Reviews and accepts or rejects unit’s youth applications (shared unit Key 3 role – primary)

 Responding to Applications

Be sure that your Key 3’s email is maintained in the system so that they can be alerted to new applications.

Check email daily and respond within 24 hours.

Applications must be completely processed within 30 days or they will time out and be removed from unit lists.


Getting Started

Updating your My.Scouting profile is an essential step to ensuring that you receive the notifications from Invitation Manager or Application Manager showing what actions you must take.

Update your profile

Make sure your address, phone number, email address and other information is correct. You can also update your password and security questions.

Setup your unit Beascout Pin

The transition to online registration will begin on May 15th.   You can begin to accept online applications on June 6th. On May 15th, your BeAScout pin will be reset to Council Mode.  You will need to go in to set your pin back to unit mode.  This process will help serve to proof all the information and allow you to confirm your unit’s acceptance of online applications. 

Change your Unit Pin Mode to Unit so that applications or requests for information will come directly to your unit Invitation Manager or Application Manager.

Change your Pin Status to Active so that your unit location shows on BeAScout.

Set your Apply Status to Active so that the “Apply Now” button displays on your units BeAScout pin.

Update Unit Information

Check and enter your unit’s web address, your unit’s primary contact information, and your unit’s meeting address


Payment options – Select between credit and/or cash. If credit is selected the system will collect the national registration and Boys’ Life fees only. The unit still would need to collect local dues independently.

Committee chair recommendation for adult positions – If selected, the committee chair can provide input to the charter representative on adult applications.  The charter representative needs to approve or reject regardless of this setting.

Adult application availability – Enable system to collect adult applications.  Since adult applications are approved by your charter organization rep, you need to ensure that person has the computer resources and checks email before turning on this option.

Unit Fee Message – Provides users with a message about the unit dues.  These dues are not collected by the system.

Automated Welcome Email – Allows unit to add a welcome message to the automated email.

To Learn More

Visit one of our information sessions at the Tradeshow of Scouting on June 5th.

The national Boy Scout organization has created detailed step by step instructions on how to use these new tools. This document contains excerpts from the “Online Registration Unit Guidebook” it is recommended as your starting point to learn more.

Look for “Scouting Online Registration” in your favorite search engine or follow the links below:

Training videos are also available on the site.

Directing users to Registration

URL’s and QR codes provide links and can be generated to be specific to each unit. These can be used on handouts, fliers, and unit emails that are not sent through invitation manager.

Users can also find your unit’s registration by searching for your unit in


For additional information please contact Art Lobdell at [email protected]

Commissioner Resources

JTE & Unit Assessments

Unit Simple/Detailed Assessments

Link to BSA National Homepage for Commissioners

Monthly News


Commissioner Rolls

Commissioner Recruitment

Commissioner College

Saturday 05-22-2021 7:15 AM ET to 4:30 PM ET


Awards & Honors

The Arrowhead Honor is bestowed on Roundtable Commissioners, Unit Commissioners, District-level Commissioners, and Council-level Commissioners as an intermediate recognition on their progress toward the Commissioner’s Key.  The Arrowhead is worn on the commissioner’s left sleeve under the position badge as an indication of advanced training.  It is usually the first honor earned by a commissioner.  To access the award requirements and progress records, click HERE.

The Commissioner Key (in reality, a Scouter’s Key with a commissioner device added) reflects a higher level of training and requires three years of service along with other training and performance objectives.  To access the award requirements and progress records, click HERE.

The most recent recognition for commissioners – the Award of Excellence in Unit Service – was added in 2011 and was developed as a nationwide effort to encourage Scouting volunteers and professional Scouters to work together by focusing on unit retention.  Any registered commissioner who is providing direct unit service is eligible to earn the Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service.  To access the award requirements and progress records, click HERE.

The Commissioner Certificate of Commendation is for use by the local council to recognize a commissioner who has performed in a commendable manner, but such performance in itself does not rise to the level expected for the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award.  To access the award requirements and progress records, click HERE.

Starting in the late 1980s commissioners could earn a higher level of recognition as a Distinguished Commissioner after five years of service and additional performance criteria.The Distinguished Commissioner Service Award is represented by a common square knot, but features different presentation plaques and bolo ties for Unit (bronze), District (gold), and Council (silver) Commissioners. These awards recognize commissioners who provide upgraded and quality commissioner service and help units succeed. To access the award requirements and progress records, click HERE.

In 2008 the Boy Scouts of America introduced the Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award.  It is awarded to individuals who have served at least five years and have earned degrees through the doctorate level at a council College of Commissioner Science.  Completion of this highest degree requires the commissioner to complete a thesis or project.  To access the award requirements and progress records, click HERE.

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