Winnebago Scout Reservation Year-Round Facilities

Winnebago Scout Reservation is situated on nearly 450 acres in the heart of the Copperas Mountains. The reservation is surrounded by a natural preserve of more than 200 acres, all of which is available for weekend hiking and camping. Winnebago Scout Reservation has activities for your unit to have an enjoyable weekend. Winnebago Scout Reservation is within traveling distance to major ski resorts, a tube park, and other area travel attractions.

There are many tent sites and cabins for rent. The bath and shower house is open year round. Year-round water is available at both the north and south ends of camp. All cabins and lean-tos have bunks with mattresses for the stated sleeping capacity.

Things To Do Around Camp

  • Take a canoe trip to the Splitrock Reservoir. Bring your own canoes, or rent them from Winnebago.
  • Try out the Winnebago Geocache course – See your Campmaster for GPS/Info
  • Call for scheduling our Rifle or Archery Range.
  • Hike the Cubscout Historic Trail.
  • Hike around Winnebago/Splitrock Reservoir.
  • Beaver Day in April – All day event for units and individual volunteers to work on camp improvement projects.
  • Be sure to join us for the Robert Tunnell Memorial Fishing Tournament in May.

Hiking Trails

Winnebago Scout Reservation
102 Timberbrook Road • Rockaway, NJ 07866
Camp Office/Cindy Haak: 973-983-9075

Camping Services: Richard Hawkins • (973) 765-9322 x225

Camp Director: Curt Haak • (973) 765-9322 x415


Winter Cabin

Sleeps: 24
Contains: Central dining/activity area, wood stove, dining table, two sleeping areas, kitchen area, electric 4-burner stove, refrigerator, electricity, running water from April 15 – October 15.

Kiwanis Cabin

Sleeps: 18
Contains: Wood stove, electric cooking stove, stainless sink & counter, refrigerator, table and benches, electricity, running water from April 15 – October 15.

Winnebago Cabin

Sleeps: 12
Contains: Wood stove, table and chairs, electricity

Little Mahee Cabin

Sleeps: 10
Contains: Wood stove, table with benches, electricity
2 adjacent lean-tos are available separately

Wink Dousa Cabin

Sleeps: 20
Wood stove, table and benches, electricity

Leni Lenape Site

Sleeps: 24
Contains: Six Lean-tos and Pavillion

Onondage Site

Sleeps: 24
Contains: Six Lean-tos and Pavillion

Shawnee Site

Sleeps: 16
Four Lean-tos


Corwin Training Center

Sleeps: 40
Contains: Gas heat, tables and chairs, separate kitchen area with large gas range, refrigeration, electricity, year-round water and restrooms. Additional propane fees may apply.

Lewis Cabin

Sleeps: 12
Contains: Wood stove, tables and chairs, electricity.

Craig Cabin

Sleeps: 16 in main room + 4 inside room
Contains: Propane heat (fee), tables and chairs, electricity

Garrity Cabin

Sleeps: 12
Contains: Propane heat (fee), tables and chairs, electricity

Searing Cabin

Cabin Sleeps: 4
Lean-to Sleeps: 4

Contains: Wood stove, tables and chairs, electricity, one lean-to


North End Camp Sites
  • Algonquin *
  • Cayuga *
  • Cherokee *
  • Cheyenne *
  • Chippewa *
  • Comanche
  • Delaware *
  • Iroquois *
  • Leni-Lenape * – 6 lean-tos
  • Little Mahee – 2 lean-tos
  • Onondaga * – 6 lean-tos
  • Shawnee – 4 lean-tos
  • Wacabuc *
  • Witauchsundin *

* Campsite has a covered pavilion

South End Camp Sites
  • CJ Helen
  • Craig Field – large open group site

* — site includes permanent covered shelter.

Frontier Camp Sites

These are primitive sites on east side of Durham Pond

  • Jim Bowie
  • Kit Carson