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COPE • Climb • Zip Line
Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation, Stanhope, NJ
Winnebago Scout Reservation, Rockaway, NJ

Patriots’ Path Council is proud to offer COPE, climbing and zip line challenges for individuals and groups. You don’t need to be a Scout to enjoy our outstanding programs! We offer activities at Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation in Stanhope, NJ and Winnebago Scout Reservation in Rockaway, NJ. Both camps are accredited by the Boy Scouts of America.

Nestled between Mount Allamuchy State Park and Stephens State Park, Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation is one of very few Scout camps on the east coast that has natural rock climbing. With almost a thousand acres of property, there are climbing areas to meet any groups’ ability level. The camp boasts one of the most extensive COPE courses in the region.

Winnebago Scout Reservation is one of the finest and longest running Boy Scout camps in the USA. Winnebago is located in the heart of the Copperas Mountains in Rockaway NJ and has two 1,000 foot zip lines that cross Durham pond.


Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE) is an exciting outdoor program that strives to develop teamwork, communication, trust, self-esteem, problem-solving, decision making and fun in a group setting. This is the perfect opportunity to get youth leaders together and develop great troop teamwork.

Initiative games, low-course challenges, and high-course experiences await all participants. Our course includes a climbing and rappelling tower as well as a zip line and 25 low-course events. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump, rappel and think of solutions to a variety of activities. Most participants do much more than they thought they were capable of doing. Unit leaders are encouraged to participate.

Project COPE is an activity that attracts and holds the interest of older boys in Scouting. It is perfect for Venturing crews and Explorer posts. It offers a variety of stimulating activities designed to meet the needs of today’s youth who are seeking greater challenges to their physical and mental abilities. The underlying goals of a project COPE course are consistent with the methods of Scouting. Group activities help promote personal growth. Other Scouting methods are incorporated into the program. COPE provides an opportunity for every participant to achieve success as an individual member of their patrol or team.

COPE Schedule
COPE sessions are normally available on weekends from September through June – weather permitting. Please contact us as far in advance as possible to check availability. COPE programs are conducted at other times with advance reservations based on the availability of COPE facilitators.  Please contact us as far in advance as possible. The minimum group size is six participants. A minimum fee applies for groups smaller than ten.

COPE Participation
Our COPE program is open to Scout and non-Scout youth groups as well as corporate and community organizations. Please provide a roster of participants when you arrive at the COPE facilities. Out-of-council Boy Scout groups must provide a valid tour plan. Non-Boy Scout groups must comply with our Group Usage policy.

Participants in the full COPE program must be 13 years old as of January 1st of the year of participation or have completed the seventh grade. We can provide age appropriate programs for groups as young as fifth grade.

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Climbing offers the chance to expand personal boundaries, problem solve and test yourself. Before the end of the day, climbers find out just what they can do. Quite often, it’s more than they ever dreamed possible. Climbing can foster self-esteem, teamwork, communication and adventure.

Scouts can go rock climbing through council-run programs or unit-run outings. Council-run programs include summer camp, council and district events, or PPC’s climbing sessions.  Bring your Scouts to Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation (MASR) where we provide instructors, gear and training for you to learn how to climb and rappel, work on the Climbing merit badge, or just have fun climbing!  Unit-run outings include going to climbing gyms, hiring guides, or running your own climbing outing.  For all unit-run climbing outings, units need to follow the 8 points of Climb On Safely.  That includes having Qualified Supervision (a Climb On Safely trained leader) to run the outing, and having Qualified Instruction (gym staff, climbing guides, or a BSA Level II Climbing Instructor) to run the climbing.

The Patriots’ Path Council offers BSA Climbing Instruction training. A Level II Climbing Instructor is qualified to join paid Council Climbing and COPE program staff, and help run outdoor top-roped rock climbing and rappelling programs. CIs can supervise and teach Scouts basic climbing fun in Ground School, to select and rig a rock climbing site, and to take Scouts climbing and rappelling on rock crags. PPC Level II CIs are also allowed to run their unit climbing activities at Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation (MASR). Topics include gear inspection and management, ground school, site selection, bolted and natural anchor system rigging and emergency procedures.

Climb on Safely Training - on-line at

Designed for unit climbing/rappelling, Climb On Safely, No. 430-099, is the BSA’s recommended procedure for organizing and managing climbing and rappelling activities at all levels of the Scouting program: Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouting, Webelos Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing. It offers guidance for climbing and rappelling at natural sites and at specifically designed facilities, including climbing towers and fixed and portable walls.

Climb On Safely is for the unit leader(s) who will supervise climbing at a natural site or at a specifically designed facility, such as an indoor or outdoor climbing wall or tower. This training is also required for indoor climbing.

Climb On Safely is not designed to prepare leaders to instruct BSA youth in the skills of climbing or rappelling. Teaching climbing or rappelling requires a trained climbing instructor who meets the criteria defined in Climb On Safely.

BSA guidelines require Climb on Safely training for all unit-level climbing and rappelling activities. One way to keep older youth in our programs is to get them out climbing. This class will show you how to keep it safe while they experience the fun.

Refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting for the 8 Points of COS as your safe climbing outing checklist, and read this recommended supplement to On-Line COS training: COS for Climbing Gyms.

Scout Leader Introduction to Climbing (SLIC) - MASR

Scout Leader Introduction to Climbing (SLIC) is offered at Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation (MASR) one Sunday a month between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. rain or shine, indoors or out, all year long!   Adults and leaders of all climbing backgrounds are welcome to participate.   Each adult may bring one Scout-aged son or daughter.

See what BSA top-roped rock climbing is all about! Have fun and learn something about belaying, climbing and rappelling. Work on prerequisites for our Climbing Instructor (CI) training. If you’ve already taken CI training, come help run SLIC and brush up on your CI skills, or use SLIC as a workshop for more advanced climbing skills.

Sessions are held rain or shine at the COPE pavilion, at the Kent Center, or on the rocks, depending on the weather. Contact Larry Borshard by e-mail ([email protected]) to register at least four days in advance. Please include your choice of date from the list below, your mobile phone number, and the names and ages of anyone you’d like to bring.  You’ll get a reply confirming your sign-up.

Limited openings! First-come, first served! *FREE*

2017 SLIC Dates:
March 5, 2017
April 2, 2017
May 7, 2017
June 4, 2017
July 9, 2017
August 6, 2017
September 10, 2017
October 15, 2017
November 5, 2017
December 3, 2017

ZIP LINE - Winnebago Scout Reservation

Come to Winnebago Scout Reservation for an experience of a lifetime! Ride the 1,000 foot zip line across Durham pond and back for a truly exhilarating experience!


Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation
750 Waterloo Road
Stanhope, NJ 07874
(973) 347-2240 (in season)

Lori Dlugosz
973-765-9322 x414

Winnebago Scout Reservation
102 Timberbrook Road
Rockaway, NJ 07866
Camp Office: (973) 983-9075
Contact: Cindy Haak