Hiking Treks

Hiking Treks

Adirondack Treks

Adirondack Treks



For everyone who planned to attend Philmont this summer, please know Patriots’ Path Council has incredible camp experiences for you! Register today for one of our hiking treks in the Adirondack Mountains. Our experienced voyagers at Sabattis Treks will be running canoe treks through the month of July, and if necessary, will stay on-hand into August.


We also have some unique programs at Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation in Stanhope, NJ the week of August 12 – 18. Spend an entire week immersed in one of these specialty programs: Aquatics, Backwoods Engineering, Climbing, Cross Training, Eagles Nest, or Shooting Sports. Pick one, bring a friend, and have an unforgettable experience.



At the Patriots’ Path Council Service Center
in Cedar Knolls, NJ
on Saturday May 12, 2018
from Noon to 3 PM
no registration necessary

Camp Employment

Join Camp Staff and make summer
memories that will last a lifetime!

Long Lake, NY
5 week sessions July 1, 2018 ~ August 4, 2018

FORMS & RESOURCES Sabattis Treks

BEFORE CAMP  medical record, guides, online roster (troops/crews), Youth Protection Training.
DURING CAMP: directions, camp map, dining hall menu, merit badges.
AFTER CAMP: replacement blue cards, child care camp receipts.

Adirondack Treks

Sabattis offers a full-service trek program. All of our treks are approved under the strict regulations of the New York State Health Department, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Boy Scouts of America. We follow the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace to ensure a trek that will be both educational and fun.

Sabattis Adventure Camp provides your group with food, permits, transportation from starting and finishing points, Kevlar canoes, paddles, most group equipment, and a hot shower at the end of your trek! A Sabattis trek is less than quarter of the cost of a Philmont or Northern Tier trek.

Full base camp for pre and post trek needs. Trekkers are welcome to take part in Sunday and Friday camp activities including opening and closing campfires, Sunday barbecue, Friday afternoon field day or water carnival, and shooting programs when you return from your trek (14+). (Programs are not available during week 5 treks when summer camp is closed. Instead, enjoy the quiet solitude of the Adirondacks.)

Base camp includes patrol box, wall tents with platforms, dining fly, cots and cooking gear. Let us know in advance if you need base camp cooking gear. We also have a shower house and laundry facilities.

Provisional Treks

Sabattis Adirondack Treks are a truly unique experience. Patriots’ Path Council wants to give scouts the opportunity to participate in a trek program, even if their own troop is not going on a trek this summer.

Beginning on July 8th and returning on July 14th, PPC will provide all necessary leadership for scouts who want to experience the beauty and splendor of the Adirondack Lakes and streams. Participants will get to meet in June to get to know the rest of the crew, pick their Trek, and plan their adventure.

To sign up as an individual for the Provisional Crew, e-mail or call Richard Hawkins at (973)765-9322 x225.

Trek Highlights


  • 6 million+ acres of wilderness to explore in New York’s Adirondack Park.
  • 46 Mountains, 1,500+ miles of hiking trails and 1,000+ miles of canoes routes.
  • Wenonah Kevlar canoes are included at no extra charge on all canoeing treks. They are lighter, faster and more responsive than aluminum canoes.
  • An Adirondack Voyageur accompanies all treks.
  • Top-notch group equipment and food.
  • Base at Sabattis Adventure Camp in the heart of it all.
  • Motor coach service available from Northern N.J.
  • Crews of 7 to 10 people.
  • We handle the planning and logistics to make it easy for adult leaders.
  • All this, when combined with the Adirondack experience, will make this a trip to remember.




Troops usually participate in the trekking program in one of several ways.

  • FULL TROOP FOR TWO WEEKS – Older Scouts take a trek one week and the rest of the troop joins them at Sabattis Adventure Camp for a second week of resident camp.
  • FULL TROOP FOR ONE WEEK – Older Scouts take a trek and the remainder of the troop has fun at Sabattis Adventure Camp while they are on the trek.
  • SPLIT TROOP – Older Scouts take a trek, and the remainder of the troop attends a local summer camp such as Camp Somers or Winnebago Scout Reservation. Some troops with a lot of first year Scouts like this option.
  • PHILMONT STYLE – Use the trek as a high adventure opportunity instead of attending a regular summer camp. This option is often used by Venturing crews and provisional crews from towns, districts or councils. This is an excellent way of providing older and more experienced Scouts with a special program suited to their age and skill level.
  • WATCHU SABATTIS ADIRONDACK TREKS – Take a Sabattis Adirondack trek this summer and take a Philmont trek the following summer. This is a great way to get started on preparation for a Philmont adventure. Come with your troop and enjoy a great week at camp. Participate in all our great programs, work on merit badges and have some fun at camp.
Trek Size / Leadership

State and BSA regulations limit the group size. Regulations vary depending on where you will be camping during your trek. Check the trek guide for details. You must provide at least one adult 21 years of age or older. A trained Adirondack Voyageur accompanies all treks. The Voyageur can serve as a second adult to meet BSA’s two deep leadership requirements.

  • Many canoeing treks can have up to 10 participants, plus the Voyageur. Some camping areas have lower limits. See the trek guide for details.
  • Hiking treks can accommodate up to 10 participants plus the Voyageur, though some trails have group size limits that are lower such as the High Peaks trails.
  • Our standard fishing treks can have up to 7 participants plus the Voyageur. Contact the trek director if you are interested in a fishing trek with a larger group.
  • Wilderness canoeing treks can have up to 7 participants plus the Voyageur.

Here are New York’s Backcountry Hiking and Camping Rules.

Sabattis 2X4 Challenge

The “Sabattis ‘2×4’ Challenge” is designed to put your teamwork to the test. Your crew (7 people) will be joined by a trained BSA Voyageur for the trek. Complete a 50-mile trek in our Ultralight Kevlar 4 seat 24 foot canoes! At the end of the week we will award you with our unique trek program patch. Additionally, we will add your unit number and year of completion on our wall of fame as a mini “2×4” under the “2×4 Challenge” board in our trek center!

Training and Preparation

Scouts going on a canoe trek should have their Canoeing merit badge or equivalent canoe experience. Trekkers (Scouts and adults) planning to head into the High Peaks should be in excellent physical condition. Even carrying just your day pack, climbing any one of the top ten High Peaks can be trying. Attempting to do several in a few days can be a strenuous experience.

Check out Fundamentals of Trek Preparation which includes some great tips.

AGE REQUIREMENT: Participants must be at least 13 years old.

SWIMMING PROFICIENCY: All Scouts and adults, without exception, who participate in treks that include canoes must pass the BSA swimmer test.

EQUIPMENT: We supply Kevlar canoes, PFDs, paddles, food, cooking stoves, maps, first aid kit, cooking gear, bear bags and lines, water jugs, dining fly and other reasonable group equipment. Crews must supply their own personal gear including tents, sleeping bags and packs. See the Trek Guide for more details.

TRANSPORTATION: Units arrange their own transportation to Sabattis Adventure Camp. Please arrive on Saturday afternoon and plan to leave the Saturday after your trek. Late arrivals and early departures are possible, but require advance planning. Motor coach service is available from Northern NJ. Please contact the council camping office at 973-765-9322 x238 for more information. We also provide transportation between base camp and the drop-off and pick-up sites.

WEATHER: The weather at Sabattis Adventure camp can range to clear and sunny in the 80s to clear and cool at night with lows sometimes in the 40s. Please check the weather for Long Lake, NY 12847 prior to coming to camp.

Types of Treks

TRAILBLAZER TREK – CANOEING – for younger first-timers
Charley Daniels: [Map] Sabattis and Stony Creek Ponds to Tupper Lake – easy

Paul Smith: [Map] Lake Kushaqua to Follensby Clear Pond – easy to moderate
Clarence Petty: [Map] Hoel Pond to Tupper Lakes- easy to moderate
John Tirrell: [Map] Wakely Pond to Stony Creek Ponds – moderate to difficult

Mitchell Sabattis: [Map] Long Lake to Bog River Falls – easy to moderate
Adirondack Murray: [Map] Blue Mountain Lake to Stony Creek Ponds – moderate to difficult
Alvah Dunning: [Map]Old Forge to Tupper Lake – difficult
WW Durant: [Map] Long Lake to Paul Smith’s – difficult
Nessmuk: [Map] Old Forge to Paul Smith’s – difficult to strenuous
ADK 90 Miler Classic: [Map] Old Forge to Saranac Lake – difficult to strenuous(3 adult minimum; requires campsite reservations in Lower Saranac Lake; 6 people per site)

WILDERNESS TREKS – CANOEING if not specified (7 person max)
Augustus Low: [Map]Hitchins Lower Dam to Lows Lake/Bog Lake – moderate(canoeing and hiking)
Henry Rushton: [Map]Little Clear Pond to Paul Smith’s College – strenuous
Nehasane: [Map]Lake Lila to Hitchens Lower Dam – strenuous
Bob Marshall: [Map]Little Clear Pond to Long Pond – strenuous
William C Whitney: [Map]Little Tupper Lake to Bog River Flow – strenuous

FISHING TREKS (7 person max)
Dan Emmett: [Map] Little Clear Pond to Follensby Clear Pond – easy
Edward L Trudeau: [Map] Hoel Pond to Follensby Clear Pond – easy to moderate(options to climb mountain peaks or add more canoeing or fishing)

Noah John Rondeau Northville-Placid Trail from Long Lake to Averyville – moderate
Verplanck Colvin Long Lake to ADK LOJ – moderate
Seneca Ray Stoddard Skirt the High Peaks – moderate
Theodore Roosevelt High Peaks and Passes – strenuous
Orson Schofield Phelps High Peaks and a Ridge Walk – extreme

Sabattis Adventure Camp
1745 Sabattis Road
Long Lake, NY 12847
(518)554-4030 (in season)

Camping Director Keith Dlugosz (201)923-2392

Camping Services Richard Hawkins • (973)765-9322 x225

Trek Director Ian Craig

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE The Warren Wheeler Adventureship is available to help families who need help covering the camp costs.


Take an Adirondack trek the year before you do Philmont. Watchu Canoe Treks are an excellent crew preparation for Philmont with team-building and leadership development while building excitement for high adventure.

  • Bypass the Watchu Philmont Crew Selection Process and guarantee your spot at Philmont.
  • Receive priority travel date selection for your Philmont trek.