2023 National Jamboree
Summit Bechtel Reserve

(For Scouts 12-20)

Save on the National Fee!  National is raising their fee by $215 but you can avoid that by completing Step 1 and Step 2 by October 31st!  If National charges a higher rate due to the missed deadline or for any technical difficulties that cannot be sorted out prior to the deadline, we have no choice but to pass along the appropriate fee. 

After the registration is completed, an email will be sent for the event disclaimer.  Please click on the link and follow the instructions.  If an email is not received, please check junk/spam for the email listed on the account and review my.scouting.org to verify the correct email address. If your email address is correct and you still have not received the disclaimer email, please contact [email protected] for assistance.


Are you in Cub Scouting? You are eligible to attend as long as you at least 12 years of age prior to the start of the Jamboree.

Patriots’ Path Council is pleased to offer contingents for the 2023 National Jamboree:

The National Jamboree dates physically at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve are July 19-28, 2023, with an overnight at Concord University on July 18, 2023.

Pricing based on current transportation fares is set at $2,315 after October 31, 2022.*
(*Price may increase because of fuel cost or other factors.)

Upon registration, a $445 deposit ($100 is non-refundable) is required to secure the spot.  Initial deposit can be made directly online, by check mailed to the council service center, or by visiting one of the Scout shops.  Completion of the online registration is required regardless of payment method.

There is an additional 3% charge for all credit card payments, which is the council’s cost.  The 3% credit card processing fee is the same regardless of paying directly online or through the council office and Scout shops.  Payments by cash or check will not incur a 3% processing fee.

Subsequent payments are due per the payment schedule below – either online or directly to Patriots’ Path Council:

Payment Schedule:

At registration: $445 deposit
$445 before June 15, 2022
$445 before Sept. 15, 2022
$445 before Jan. 15, 2023
$320 before March 15, 2023
$TBD before May 15, 2023 (additional payment if needed due to fuel cost or other factors)

Travel dates:
Early July 18, 2023 – Late July 28, 2023, via coach buses

Trip Insurance:
Patriots’ Path Council does not provide trip insurance for its National Jamboree participants as it is less expensive for individuals to purchase trip insurance for themselves than it is for the council to purchase a group policy.  The council strongly recommends that each family consider purchasing trip insurance that may best meet their needs.

Council Refund Policy:
Please refer to the Council Refund Policy for more information. The High Adventure and Jamboree Refund Policy is in effect.

Other Important Information:

All participants must adhere to The Code of Conduct and Physical Fitness requirements set forth by the National Office.

You must register on this site and the National Registration system: https://events.scouting.org/.

Registrations on this website will hold your place in line for 10 business days until both payments are received and registration on the National Registration system is completed.

For more information, please contact Staff Advisor [email protected].

Give the Gift of Adventure

Interested in a holiday gift for a Scout?  Take the opportunity to purchase a $200 gift certificate which can be applied to the National Jamboree when registration opens.


  • MUST have a current BSA membership.
  • MUST be at least 12 years of age by the first day of the Jamboree but has not reached their 18th
    birthday by the last day of the Jamboree.
  • Be approved by the unit leader and local council.
  • MUST have appropriate parent/guardian to complete the online parental consent. (An email will be sent to the parent/guardian during the application process.)
  • Participate in pre-Jamboree training experience with local council and unit leader.
  • Submitted BSA Annual Health & Medical Record using the on-line Jamboree submission process. The AHMR must be dated on or after July 1, 2020.
  • Submit all registrations fees per the local council’s payment schedule.

Be Prepared! Face The Challenge With Physical Fitness

2021 National Scout Jamboree Policy

Participation in the National Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is a physically demanding experience. The layout, grade and elevation of the site requires substantial walking as part of everyone’s daily schedule. A number of activities require more stamina and fitness too—think climbing, rappelling, rafting, mountain biking, and skateboarding. It is essential that all participants and staff are prepared for the physical demands of the Summit prior to arrival. Facing the Challenge at the ’21 Jamboree will require one to be physically fit!

Obesity and being overweight have been shown to increase the likelihood of certain diseases and other health problems: hypertension, heart attack, dyslipidemia, and stroke. Anyone who is obese and has multiple risk factors for heart and lung disease would be at much greater risk of an acute health event imposed on them by the environmental stresses of The Summit. Our goal is to prevent any serious health-related event from occurring and ensuring that all our participants and staff are “physically strong.”

There are multiple ”co-morbidities” which should be taken into account as decisions are made about an individual’s inclusion in the jamboree. Individuals with a history of any of the conditions listed below should consult their healthcare provider to see whether participating in the Jamboree could exacerbate their condition. These applicants may also be requested to provide further documentation, including cardiac testing, pulmonary testing, or further information from their physician to ensure the applicant’s ability to participate.

  • Obesity
  • Tobacco Use
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Prior heart attack
  • Coronary angioplasty/stent
  • Coronary artery surgery
  • Family history of premature (before age 55) heart disease
  • COPD
  • Sleep apnea requiring CPAP or BiPAP
  • Prior stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)

Accordingly, it is the policy of the 2021 National Scout Jamboree that all individuals:

  1. Provide their healthcare provider with the Summit High-Adventure Risk Advisory to Health-Care Providers and Parents.
  2. Submit a completed BSA AHMR signed by their healthcare provider.

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs

The current Guide to Safe Scouting states:

“An important way adult leaders can model healthy living is by following the policies on alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Leaders should support the attitude that they, as well as youths, are better off without tobacco in any form and may not allow the use of tobacco products at any BSA activity involving youth participants. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, or electronic nicotine delivery systems that simulate tobacco smoking.

All Scouting functions, meetings, and activities should be conducted on a smoke-free basis, with smoking areas located away from all participants.”

Reference: Troop Leader Guidebook, Volume 1, No. 33009 Reference: Guide to Safe Scoutingwww.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss

Accordingly, it is the policy of the 2021 National Scout Jamboree that:

  1. The use of tobacco products, including smoking, smokeless tobacco, or electronic nicotine delivery systems (including vaping), is prohibited in all jamboree buildings, tents, and vehicles.
  2. While in uniform and/or on duty, smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco is not permitted.
  3. The use of tobacco by visitors or off-duty non-uniformed staff or leaders 18 years of age and older will be restricted to designated areas.”

“As outlined in the Scouter Code of Conduct,

Scouting activities are not a place to possess, distribute, transport, consume, or use any of the following items prohibited by law or in violation of any Scouting rules, regulations, and policies: alcoholic beverages or controlled substances, including marijuana.

In addition, the Code of Conduct specifies that if you are taking prescription medications with the potential of impairing any functioning or judgment, you will not engage in activities that would put youth at risk, including driving or operating equipment.”

Reference: Scouter Code of Conduct Reference: Guide to Safe Scoutingwww.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss

Accordingly, it is the policy of the 2021 National Scout Jamboree that:

  1. The use, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances (other than medications, by the person to whom, prescribed by a physician),
  2. Marijuana and other illegal substances are strictly prohibited at the Jamboree.


Acknowledgement of Code of Conduct

2021 National Scout Jamboree Policy

  • I promise to obey the Scout oath and law
  • I will be Scout-like in how we act and treat others
  • I will set a good example by keeping myself neatly dressed and presentable. I will attend all scheduled programs and participate as required in cooperation with other unit members and leaders.
  • In consideration of other unit participants, I agree to follow the bedtime and sleep schedule of the unit.
  • I will be responsible for keeping my tent and personal gear clean and neat and labeling all personal gear.
  • I will adhere to all recycling policies and regulations. I will not litter.
  • I understand that the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited at The Summit.
  • I understand that serious and/or repetitive behavior violations, including cheating, stealing, dishonesty, fighting, and cursing, may result in expulsion from The Summit or serious disciplinary action and loss of privileges.
  • I understand that gambling of any form is prohibited.
  • I understand that possession of lasers of any type and possession or detonation of fireworks is prohibited.
  • I will demonstrate respect for The Summit and unit property and be personally responsible for any loss, breakage, or vandalism of property as a result of my actions.
  • Neither the unit leaders nor the Boy Scouts of America will be responsible for loss, breakage, or theft of personal items. I will label all my personal items and check items of value at the direction of unit leaders. Theft will be grounds for expulsion.
  • I will obey the safety rules and instructions of all supervisors and staff members.
  • I understand that hazing has no place in Scouting; nor do running the gauntlet, belt lines, and similar acts of physical punishment.
  • I understand that participants may only bring items specified on the equipment list provided.
  • I understand that I can be sent home for bullying, horseplay, fighting, stealing, off-color jokes, remarks or conduct, harassment of any kind-sexual, religious, race, cultural, national origin, disability, etc., being a “peeping tom”, being in an off-limits area and/or repeated failure to follow instructions.
  • Violation of this Code of Conduct, or any other conduct deemed to be inconsistent with the values of Scouting, may result in expulsion from The Summit at the participant’s own expense and could result in revocation of BSA membership.