2021 Re-charter Information

By the end of September every committee chairperson and unit leader should have received an email from us which includes the unit’s unique access code to allow you to start your annual renewal.

Access Code and Re-Charter Portal
Before you begin, each unit should select a re-charter processor. This processor will gain access to the re-charter portal, using the access code emailed to the committee chairperson and the unit leader. The portal only allows one user per unit.  As of October 1st, you may begin the renewal of your charter by clicking this link: Internet Re-charter Portal.

The access code is unique to your unit and changes every year. Using this year’s code you will log in as a ‘FIRST TIME USER: THIS YEAR’.

It is very important to remember, if you as the processor will be working on multiple charters, you must create a different log-in for each units’ charter. You will click ‘First Time User: This Year’ for each unit.

Membership Fee
There was a membership fee increase which took effect August 1, 2020. The national membership fee increased by $6.00 for all members, in addition to a new member joining fee of $25.00 for all new youth. This joining fee is for youth new to the BSA. If they’ve been in scouting before anytime in the past and can prove it, they will not be charged the new member joining fee.

Traditional Unit (Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships)
2021 Traditional Unit’s Fee Calculator click here
Renewing youth pays $96.00

Renewing adult pays $72.00
New youth pays $121.00
Boys Life $12.00

Learning for Life (Explorer Posts)
2021 Exploring Post Fee Calculator click here
Renewing youth pays $54.00
Renewing adult pays $54.00
Charter Fee $75.00

Youth Protection Training
Youth Protection Training Aging Report click here
This will help you determine which of your adult members have expired or are about to expire. This is a simple report to run and should be done regularly throughout the year. Keep in mind, YP expires every 2 years. Back in 2018 the national office revised their youth protection training course and required all adults to retake the course before the end of 2018. This is resulting in many of us expiring before the end of this year. Anyone needing to take the training can do so by logging into My.Scouting.org.

Who needs to take YPT?
Anyone 18 and older must have an updated youth protection training on file. This includes all adults, unit participants, college scouter reserves, venture participants, and explorer participants. If any of your members are updating their training to be renewed for 2021 please include their certificates when turning in your charter renewal paperwork. Anyone who’s youth protection has expired will be temporarily dropped for us to post the charter. If that person happens to be a member of your key 3, your charter will be put on hold until we receive their YPT certificate.

Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization Form click here
In the Fall of 2019, the national office updated their Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization form. Anyone 18 and older must have a current form on file. This includes all adults, and all unit participants, college scouter reserves, venture participants, and explorer participants. If they were registered in 2020 in those positions, we should have one on record. If we find that we missed any, someone will reach out to you and we will not register that person until we receive their form.

2021 Re-Charter
Although your charter is processed online, it must still be printed and brought to council for review by your district executive. A few things are required when doing this.

Your New Roster.
This is the roster that you’ll print after you’ve submitted your charter electronically. It must have the digital or manual approval. If you select the manual approval option, a signature is required from both your executive officer or your charter representative AND your unit leader. These are the only people allowed to approve a charter.

Note: As you progress through the re-charter portal you will have the option to review and print the roster. Keep in mind, this is only a draft and is not acceptable as the finished charter roster. We cannot process your charter if you submit the draft version.

Note: Throughout Stage 2, you’ll see an ‘UPDATE UNIT ROSTER’ button. If, after you have started renewing your charter, you submit new applications, whether on paper or through the online application portal, you must click that ‘Update Unit Roster‘ button. This is the only way to get those new members to appear on your recharter roster for renewal.

The Annual Unit Charter Agreement for traditional units found here: The Annual Unit Charter Agreement. This must be signed by both the charter representative and the executive officer.

Explorer Post Memorandum of Understanding is found here: Explorer Post Annual Memorandum of Understanding. This must be signed by your executive officer and your explorer advisor.

Your 2020 JTE Scorecard found here: 2020 JTE Scorecards

Adult applications for anyone 18 years or older not listed on the current roster. The only exception to this rule is when the unit is adding an adult from its sister unit under the same organization.
Click here: Traditional
Adult Application and Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization.

Note: Position changes during a recharter do not require an adult application.

Explorer Post adult applications for anyone 18 years of age and older not listed on your current roster.
Click here
Explorer Post Adult Application

Youth applications for any youth not listed on your current roster. The only exception to this rule is when a Troop is promoting a youth from the Pack under the same organization.
Click here:
Youth Application

Explorer youth applications for all youth not listed on your current roster.
lick here: Explorer Post Youth Application

Step-by-step pdf to help you process your online re-charter is currently being updated by national. We’ll have it posted here once it’s available.

FAQ’s This is a great source to solve some common mistakes or problems.
Internet Rechartering FAQ’s

Who to call if you have any questions?

Your district is the best resource to reach out to if you have any questions, or feel ready to submit your charter.


District Executive

Marc Maratea

District Commissioner
Tim Farrell


District Executive

Al Thomas

District Commissioner
Tom O’Leary


District Executive

Rich Peterson

District Commissioner
Bob Petraitis


District Executive

Javier Juarez

District Commissioner
Hugh Gordon


District Executive

Mike Loughman

District Commissioner
Gerard Serpico


District Executive

Jeff Miller

District Commissioner
Judy Joshua