Adventure Bingo


As we Zoom through these unusual days in our lives, we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to earn what we hope will be a once in a lifetime patch.

This is a BSA temporary patch so you will be able to wear it on your Scout shirts, on the back of your merit badge sash and/or keep in your Scout memorabilia.

The requirements that follow are all good Scouting and family activities, so get your families involved in the fun also.

All requirements should be recorded in the attached worksheet and completed by June 30, 2020.

Requirements :

  1. Attend at least 5 Virtual Troop meetings by  the end of June 2020
  2. Get at least one BINGO on Adventure Bingo- see pg 2 – Keep pictures to share with your patro.l   Our Troop meetings will also cover many of the Bingo requirements so those should be easy to sign off! Prize for the Scout that completes the most squares!.
  3. Participate in a Troop Service project   – we will have two Troop Service projects to choose from.
  4. Complete 3 hikes in your neighborhood or an accessible park / trail. These can be as short as 1 mile hikes but at least one should be at least 3 miles.
  5. Cook outdoors  with your family at least once  where the you are the lead chef, not the observer.
  6. Complete at least one  activity to advance in your current rank or on a merit badge.
  7. Learn and demonstrate one lashing knot or advanced knot that you did not already know.


Reminder – All requirements should be recorded in the attached worksheet and completed by June 30, 2020

Note from Troop 53 Advancement Coordinator, MG:

I wanted to share the attached which I created for our Scouts in Troop 53 , Munsee

I did  also purchase the patch that I include in the requirements – $1.69 pp

We do weekly zoom meetings with the Troop and have 20  plus scouts each week – we use  the bingo squares items in the attached often as the basis for the  meeting agenda  and use Kahoots to confirm understanding

Hope this is helpful to others.