Scouting From Home

Community Service Ideas from the Samurai Patrol of Troop 84  

Artwork for Seniors
The Scouts are doing crafts by, coloring on preprinted coloring pages, making bookmarks, cards and letters from home. We have reached out to Nursing Homes & Senior Apartment Complexes and they are allowing an adult to drop off the crafts, cards, letters and packaged food in a box in their interior doors and the employees are then delivering the goods to the residents to cheer them up.
We work with the below organization to find preprinted coloring pages:
Skype Sessions with Seniors
The nursing homes also have Skype sessions to spend 30 minutes on Skype with senior citizens talking to them or teaching something to them. We have reached out to the Nursing Homes in our area to access the web page to schedule Skype sessions. My Son and the Scouts have been scheduling Skype sessions with the Senior Citizens to talk to them, tell them stories, listen to their stories, teach them something new, etc.  This has been a great experience for the Senior Citizens and the Scouts.
Items for the Food Bank
We have reached out to the Local Food banks we work with when we do “Scouting for Food” and find out what items are in need. When we go shopping, we pick up items and drop them off at the local food banks.