Fun was had at the 2020 Munsee District Klondike Challenge!

There was Klondike cold and wind, but sadly, no snow.

25 patrols from 13 units participated.

See the results below:

1st T-168 Duct Tape
2nd T-145 Sled 1
3rd T-083 Lizard Wizard
4th. T-83 Atomic Turtles
5th. T-83 The Rooters
6th. T-56 Panther
7th. T- Saber Tooth Tiger
8th. T-009 Daniel Boone
9th. T-53 Flaming Arrows
10th. T-68 Patawans
11th. T-73 Paw Patrol
12th. T-83 Duck Squad
13th. T-56 Thunder Bears
14th. T-49 Polar Bear
15th. T-101 Spartans
16th. T-68 Copperhead
17th. T-101 Athens
18th. T-47 Shield Maidens
19th. T-145 Sled 3
20th. T-63 Black Beans & Rice
21th. T-145 Sled 2
22th. T-53 Outlaws
23th. T-75 Supersled
24th. T-63 Mashed Potatoes
25th. not present

Patch Design Winner for 2020

is Grant Garcia (2019 Eagle Scout) from T-145 in Clark.