Fun was had at the 2019 Munsee District Klondike Challenge!

There was Klondike cold and wind, but sadly, no snow.

See the results below:

1st T-83 Minute Men
2nd T-68 Rebel Alliance
3rd T-145 Rangers
4th. T-73- Frozones Vikings
5th. T-56 Panther
5th T-83 Black Hawks
6th. T-101 Sonies
7th. T-83 Silver Foxes
8th. T-68 Viper
9th. T-129 Moonman
10th. T-83 Road Runners
10th. T-56 Saber Tooth Tiger
11th T-53 Flaming Arrows
12th T-101 Unknowns
13th. T 63 Goatz
14th T-145 Sled 2
15th. T-23 Wolverines
15th. T-75 Panthers
15th. T-145 Sled 3
16th T-23 Screaming Eagles
16th T-63 Boatz
17th T-53 Frontiers Men

21 Patrols participated in the 2019 Klondike Challenge

The Greenhorn Patrol award went to T-83 Road Runners