February 09, 2019

Town 1 – Test your Senses
Run by: Drew Baumann
Volunteers from T- 68: Alex Rivera, Robert O’Flaherty, Manual Nolau, Robert Ramos

Town 2 – Compass Bearing
Run by: John Barsnica
Volunteers from T-83: Steve Viad, Bret Musser,

Town 3 – Mystery Station
Run by: Brian Lewis
Volunteers from T-53: Brian O’Halloran, Paul Goetz, John Sullivan

Town 4 – Knot Tying Relay
Run by:
Volunteers from T-145: 3 volunteers and no names were given.

Town 5 – Cooking Town
Run by: Olin Jackson
Volunteers are: Patrick Lewis, Tim Little, Mike Durish and Steve

Town 6 – Radioactive Isotope Pickup
Run by: Carlos Nunes
Volunteers from T-63: Ernie Costeira, and T- 56, Donald Chin, Percy La Rosa, Percy Brown.

Town 7 – Gadget or Structure Building
Run by: Bob Petraitis and Dan Bernier
Volunteers from T-23: Tom Bernier, Dennis Cassidy, Valdez-Cagua, Ryan Agostinho

Town 8 – Splint and Transport
Run by: Rick Locke
Volunteers from T-73: 4 volunteers and no names were given.

Town 9 – Fire and Ice
Run by: John Livres
Volunteers from T-101: Jose Merendeiro, T-75, Orest Hrycak

Volunteers not assigned to any Town (could be used for the Lt. Governor’s. staff)
Ms. Lazarz Rovira