The UPDATED Fall 2018 Camporee Guide is now available HERE.

It promises to be another exciting camporee with catapult building and competitions!!!  And some crazy adult machines too!    Have your unit thought about preparing and starting meetings with knots / lashing and leading up to practicing building their catapults?

Please share this information with your youth leaders.

Attached is the updated camporee handbook (added the home made Stew criteria and fixed the dates on the schedule).

A few things:

  • Units are to bring all supplies needed to the camporee grounds – for both the youth and adult camporee.  The only thing that will be supplied is your pumpkin.
  • You may want to consider using lumber (wood) for youth to build catapults.  See camporee guidebook for criteria.
  • Practice building your catapult BEFORE the camporee!
  • The KING will be watching with the knights….  Nothing destroys Scouts spirit than seeing adults build youth catapults or helping or designing it. ☹
  • There are many designs in the handbook or you can search online for catapult instructions!
  • Have you invited your Webelos AOL to come to join your unit for the day or an overnight?