The votes are in!  After consulting with their units, Senior Patrol Leaders from Munsee District units turned in their votes for the events to be used in the 2019 Munsee District Klondike Challenge.  SPLs met with the unit leaders and Klondike Challenge Governor at the Munsee District Roundtable on May 1.

The 2019 Munsee District Klondike Challenge will incorporate the following events:

The scouts unanimously selected “Compass Bearing” for the 2019 Compass event. “Splint and Transport” was selected as the First Aid event. A new event “Fire and Ice” was selected as the 2019 Fire Building challenge.  That vote was also unanimous.  “Knot Tying Relay” was chosen in the Pioneering section. “Paintball” was the selection from the Shooting and Throwing area.  “Radioactive Pickup” was voted in for Team Building Skills.  So with the Governor and Lt. Governor’s choices of “Test Your Senses” and the Mystery Station, those are the eight stations expected in the 2019 Klondike Challenge.

But wait!  There’s more!

It was also announced at the May 1 Roundtable that the scout cooking competition will be reinstituted at the 2019 Klondike Challenge.  Patrols will cook, using propane stoves, for a lunch time event that will count as a 9th station.

The Klondike Committee is expecting another successful, safe and fun challenge for 2019!  We hope to see you participate!