The council’s new district staffing structure will increase the number of professional staff, and significantly change the organization and roles of our professional Scouters.  It will also change who our volunteers go to for support, depending on the function.

Currently, one district executive supports ALL the functions in a district (for example: activities, training, membership drives, new unit organization, FOS, popcorn, roundtable, DOC and commissioner meetings.)  This model gives our district executives 24 major job responsibilities, and requires them to be a jack of all trades.  Juggling so many assignments at the same time makes it extremely difficult for them to adequately support our units and volunteers.

Under our new structure, our executives will specialize in a smaller set of job skills, but will provide those services for 3 districts in the service area.  So instead of going to one staff person for all subjects, you will have four staff members with specialized skills and training to help you, depending on the subject. Here’s how it will work:

We are NOT merging districts; we are simply putting them into 2 service areas.  This will provide each district with four executives to address its needs. Each executive will have a different specialty, and each executive will provide their specialty to all districts in their service area.  The 4 major “specialties” cover: membership, unit service, program, and development.  In addition, each service area will be led by an experienced field director who will provide guidance, training, and support to the specialty executives.  The field director for each service area will also have responsibilities to the district chairman and district commissioner in each of their 3 districts.

I am pleased to announce the following staff assignments.  Please see the organization chart below for a brief description of each position in the district.

Black River, Fishawack, Sussex

  • Field Director – Bill SanFilippo
    • Unit Service Executive – Marc Maratea
    • Program Executive – Michael Loughman
    • Membership Executive – Al Thomas
    • Development Executive – Maria Yosco

Munsee, Raritan Valley, Watchung Mountain

  • Field Director – Arthur Lobdell
    • Unit Service Executive – Charlean Mahon
    • Program Executive – Will Adams
    • Membership Executive – Javier Jaurez
    • Development Executive – Ryan Page

If you have any questions, please email Mark Spaldo at [email protected]